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The One With The Flashback - S3-E6

Corrected entry: In the flashback episode, Chandler and Monica are in the bar (which is soon to become Central Perk) and Rachel is in the same bar with her friends before she is due to marry Barry. When Chandler overhears Rachel - a complete stranger - say she wants one last fling, he tries to flirt with her, but she dismisses him. Monica then says "I know her" and talks to Rachel briefly with Chandler present.In fact, as revealed in later episodes, Chandler and Rachel knew each other when he was in college with Ross and Rachel was in high school with Monica - in fact they even made out at a college party.

Correction: Then the mistake is in subsequent episodes, not this one. In any case, Chandler simply didn't recognize Rachel.

JC Fernandez

The One With The Flashback - S3-E6

Corrected entry: The English subtitles on the DVD state the last name of Barry is "Barber" - "Farber" is correct. (00:06:45)

Correction: That's a mistake made by the British subtitlers, not by the producers of the show.

The One With The Flashback - S3-E6

Corrected entry: Just before Monica invites Joey in for lemonade, she says,"It's the heat. And the humidity." When she says this, if you look between the doorframe and the edge of the door, there is a crew member behind the door moving around. (00:11:00)

Correction: They live in a building with several apartments. The person in the hallway could have been another resident, a visitor to someone living there, a janitor or any number of people with a legitimate reason to wander around inside the building.


The One With The Flashback - S3-E6

Corrected entry: This episode takes place one year before the pilot (Rachel was supposed to get married in one year in the flashback and the pilot started on the day of her wedding). But in this episode, Ross finds out that Carol is a lesbian. However, not until the 2nd or 3rd episode does he find out she's pregnant. For this to make sense, either she had a really long pregnancy or else they continued sleeping together for a year after she came out (not likely).

Correction: In a later episode ("The One With the Boob Job" I believe) Ross mentions that he and Carol slept together after she had come out of the closet. That's probably when Ben was conceived.

The One With The Flashback - S3-E6

Corrected entry: Mr. Heckles knocks on the door of Monica's apartment. Phoebe goes to answer the door, and you can see that the apartment numbers are 19 and 20. Wouldn't these still be 4 and 5, if the flashback is set 3 years before series 1?

Correction: No because the number change was never acknowledged within the series. Monica and Rachel never moved apartments and the change of number has been explained elsewhere.


The One With The Flashback - S3-E6

Corrected entry: In 'The One With The Flashback' (episode 6, third series) Rachel appears to meet Chandler for the first time while celebrating her engagement to Barry, in the bar which was later to become the coffee house. In 'The One With The Thanksgivings' (episode 8, fifth series) it is apparent that she has already met Chandler twice at Ross and Monica's parents' house, once at Thanksgiving 1987 and once in Thanksgiving 1988.

Correction: True, although given the "old Rachel" wasn't good enough friends with Monica to invite her to the wedding, it seems unlikely she'd have given Ross much thought, and even less likely she'd recognise a friend of his she met twice, very briefly, many years earlier.

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