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The One With Joey's Fridge - S6-E19

Corrected entry: When Rachel refuses the two guys she is offered, when she is about to storm out then asks the guy about his hair, the shot changes. Between these shots, Phoebe simply disappears from beside Monica and Chandler. (00:18:10)

Correction: When the scene is cut to Monica and Chandler you can see Phoebe move over, and when you see Rachel come back, you can see Phoebe's hand on the left of the screen.

The One With Joey's Fridge - S6-E19

Corrected entry: In Season 2 Episode 1 'TOW Ross' New Girlfriend' Joey is talking about how his tailor did his first pants when he was either 15 or 16. He wasn't sure and said 'When was 1990?' Indicating that he was 15 or 16 in 1990. In Season 6 Episode 19 'TOW Joey's Fridge' It was revealed that in 1981 Joey was 13. Which means that Joey was born in 1968. If Joey was born in 1968, then in 1990 he was 22.


Correction: He never says that in 1990 he was 16. He was asking when was 1990 to have a time reference, and then calculate when the event happened in relation to that.

Dr. James

The One With Joey's Fridge - S6-E19

Corrected entry: In this episode The One with Joey's Fridge, Rachel's hair is just a few inches past her shoulders and in the very next episode, The One with Mac and C. H. E. E. S. E. Rachel's hair has magically grown down to her waist. No one else's hair has changed, and no mention of it in these episodes either. I guess they were just hoping no one would notice it.

Correction: She could have had hair extensions put in, and since we don't see every second of their lives on camera, we could assume her friends already knew about it and did not mention it.


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Joanna: What are you doing?
Chandler: I'm getting dressed.
Joanna: Why?
Chandler: Because when I go outside naked, people throw garbage at me.



When Rachel finds out that Ross and Julie are getting a cat, watch Rachel's neck. When she says "together?" she's not wearing a necklace; cut to Ross and Julie for a fraction of a second, then when it cuts back to Rachel saying "both of you?" she's suddenly wearing a necklace. It then disappears again when she says "isn't that just lovely?" hanging off the side of the tray she's holding.



Matthew Perry's wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.