The Rockford Files
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This Case Is Closed - S1-E7

Visible crew/equipment: The mysterious person who was chasing Rockford apparently loses him in the parking lot. As he drives away, on the sidewalk there's filming equipment by the entrance of the lot, and it cuts to an angle that is exactly what they were filming. (00:06:50)

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The Kirkoff Case - S1-E2

Audio problem: Jim has been beaten up in front of the Sierra and dragged back into his own car. When they drag him out inside of some warehouse, he says "Take it easy! I'm not struggling, am I?", but James Garner's lips are not moving and the line is obviously dubbed in. (00:24:30)

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Dennis Becker: Step back Jim. This is information is for police department personnel only.
Jim Rockford: Boy, mention the Nazis around you and it rubs off.

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Suggested correction: There are plenty of fifteen year old fathers in the world.

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