Most comedy movie mistakes of 1986

1Ferris Bueller's Day Off pictureFerris Bueller's Day Off (1986)67
2Short Circuit pictureShort Circuit (1986)38
3Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home pictureStar Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)32
4Jumping Jack Flash pictureJumping Jack Flash (1986)25
5Heartbreak Ridge pictureHeartbreak Ridge (1986)21
6House pictureHouse (1986)19
7Police Academy 3: Back in Training picturePolice Academy 3: Back in Training (1986)15
8Down by Law pictureDown by Law (1986)15
9The Money Pit pictureThe Money Pit (1986)13
10Pretty in Pink picturePretty in Pink (1986)11
11Little Shop of Horrors pictureLittle Shop of Horrors (1986)10
12Big Trouble in Little China pictureBig Trouble in Little China (1986)10
13Back to School pictureBack to School (1986)9
14Three Amigos pictureThree Amigos (1986)9
15A Fine Mess pictureA Fine Mess (1986)8
16The Golden Child pictureThe Golden Child (1986)8
17Wildcats pictureWildcats (1986)8
18One Crazy Summer pictureOne Crazy Summer (1986)7
19Peggy Sue Got Married picturePeggy Sue Got Married (1986)7
20Chopping Mall pictureChopping Mall (1986)7
21Clockwise pictureClockwise (1986)6
22Armour of God pictureArmour of God (1986)6
23Armed and Dangerous pictureArmed and Dangerous (1986)6
24Crocodile Dundee pictureCrocodile Dundee (1986)6
25About Last Night... pictureAbout Last Night... (1986)5
26Critters pictureCritters (1986)5
27Ruthless People pictureRuthless People (1986)4
28Lucas pictureLucas (1986)4
29The Manhattan Project pictureThe Manhattan Project (1986)3
30Howard the Duck pictureHoward the Duck (1986)3
31Vamp pictureVamp (1986)3
32Night of the Creeps pictureNight of the Creeps (1986)2
33Nothing in Common pictureNothing in Common (1986)2
34The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 pictureThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)2
35Gung Ho pictureGung Ho (1986)1
36Down and Out in Beverly Hills pictureDown and Out in Beverly Hills (1986)1
37Firewalker pictureFirewalker (1986)1
38My Chauffeur pictureMy Chauffeur (1986)1
39Odd Jobs pictureOdd Jobs (1986)1
40Brighton Beach Memoirs pictureBrighton Beach Memoirs (1986)1
41Something Wild pictureSomething Wild (1986)1
42Heartburn pictureHeartburn (1986)1
43Legal Eagles pictureLegal Eagles (1986)1



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