Police Academy 3: Back in Training

Revealing mistake: When a baddie in a red jacket repeatedly punches Hightower, who's in the water, the fist always stops about 15 cm from his face.


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Continuity mistake: At the Policeperson's Dance, Copeland spills punch over the Commissioner's wife's white dress. As the camera view switches, her dress is already stained before she is splashed.

Continuity mistake: When the wimpy police officer and his wife are arguing about her joining the police academy, she backs his police car out of their driveway and a hubcap falls off. Later on, though, it mysteriously reappears in later scenes. (00:12:15 - 00:13:30)

Police Academy 3: Back in Training mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the rich character, Hedges, is driving along the highway, he is in a limo with an oval window behind the door. However, the shot of the inside of the limo has a square window at the back and an angled door window. (00:13:30)

Factual error: During the speedboat chase scene, the Toronto skyline is visible, including the CN Tower. This movie is supposed to take place in an American city.

Continuity mistake: When Proctor leaves the hotel room while waiting for Mahoney's "aerobics instructor" to get ready, he's supposed to be naked. However, if you look closely in the shots leading up to his getting into the elevator, you can see he's wearing a pair of light flesh-coloured briefs.

Continuity mistake: When the new recruits come off the bus at the beginning, Mahoney is talking to them through his megaphone. Towards the end of his speech, the camera angle changes and we see Mahoney standing with his arms down beside Hooks, yet we can still hear him speaking through the megaphone. How did he achieve that?


Revealing mistake: In the party scene, Jones is playing a bass guitar with the 6 strings towards his body. He is essentially playing the back of the guitar.

Continuity mistake: When Jones' water ski is about to be run over, he calls "DIVE! DIVE!" and goes underwater. After it's safe, he comes back up, starts out again. When he comes up, water is flooding off his head. The next second, it's dry.

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning, Tackleberry jumps out of a sand trap and his face and body are covered in sand. When he starts the attack a couple of seconds later, there's much less sand on him.


Visible crew/equipment: McCoy is replaced by an obvious stunt in the wide shots of him standing inside the basket of the crane. (01:09:56)


Continuity mistake: When Commandant Lassard is talking to the group in his off the first time, there's one shot out the window of a line of jogging cadets led by a person in red and they pass a group of cadets standing. The next shot out the window and the jogging cadets are in the previous position passing the standing cadets. The line is too long and there's not enough time to be a 2nd group or for them to jog around the circle driveway. (00:09:00)


Audio problem: In the yacht club, Jones is fighting the bad guys. As Nogata jumps is to help, you hear him yell "BANZAI!" His mouth doesn't match the yell.

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Audio problem: When Hightower is driving and does the U-turn, you hear tires squealing in a take off, but as the camera is in a close up on Hightower, you can see the car is already at cruising speed.

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Continuity mistake: When Hightower is demonstrating dog commanding, one rips the cadet's sleeve off. Hightower tosses it back, and the cadet catches it. The next second, it is suddenly on his arm, his bare shoulder exposed.

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Capt. Proctor: Mahoney must think he's as dumb as we are.

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Trivia: The priest you see in the police line-up is the film's director, Jerry Paris.

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Question: If Mrs Fackler is married to Mr Fackler, the nerdy cop, why does she want to share rooms with Kirkland?

Answer: The way I see it is that Kirkland and her are cadets, Mr. Fackler is not a cadet and wouldn't sleep in same dorm.


Answer: Because Kirkland is a fit and handsome young man.

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