Police Academy 3: Back in Training

Corrected entry: Right after Proctor goes into the elevator they begin to play for the "new" people on the academy. But when they play you see Jones playing the guitar but he is playing on the backside of it.

Correction: Normally a mistake, but remember Jones (Michael Winslow) has a rubber larynx and can imitate any sound - it's possible that it was in the script.

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Corrected entry: In the chase scene at the end, Mahoney jumps from his jet ski onto the guy in the red jacket who is driving the speedboat, the camara then jumps to a far away shot and shows Mahoney throwing the guy in the water, but the guy is now wearing a white jacket.

Correction: There are actually 2 guys on the boat that Mahoney jumps onto-the guy in the red shirt and then another guy in a white shirt. The guy in the white shirt is the one who he throws off, not the guy in the red.

Continuity mistake: When the wimpy police officer and his wife are arguing about her joining the police academy, she backs his police car out of their driveway and a hubcap falls off. Later on, though, it mysteriously reappears in later scenes. (00:12:15 - 00:13:30)

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Commandant Lassard: With our new recruits and your help, I'm sure we can survive the competition. There can only be one winner. But also, only one loser, which works out nicely. I certainly hope we win.

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Trivia: The priest you see in the police line-up is the film's director, Jerry Paris.

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Question: If Mrs Fackler is married to Mr Fackler, the nerdy cop, why does she want to share rooms with Kirkland?

Answer: The way I see it is that Kirkland and her are cadets, Mr. Fackler is not a cadet and wouldn't sleep in same dorm.


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