Police Academy 3: Back in Training

Audio problem: In the yacht club, Jones is fighting the bad guys. As Nogata jumps is to help, you hear him yell "BANZAI!" His mouth doesn't match the yell.

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Audio problem: When Hightower is driving and does the U-turn, you hear tires squealing in a take off, but as the camera is in a close up on Hightower, you can see the car is already at cruising speed.

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Revealing mistake: When a baddie in a red jacket repeatedly punches Hightower, who's in the water, the fist always stops about 15 cm from his face.

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Capt. Proctor: Mahoney must think he's as dumb as we are.

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Trivia: The priest you see in the police line-up is the film's director, Jerry Paris.

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