Three Amigos

Three Amigos (1986)

9 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: In one scene, Steve Martin is shot in the arm and bleeds, but when the trio return after the riot the wound has disappeared.

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Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where the girl is in the airplane with Martin Short, the plane is flying past some mountains. When the plane turns to the side, you can see the strings.


Continuity mistake: When the Amigos are deciding to "be the three amigos for real", Dusty is the last one to agree. Before approaching the other two, he grabs for his gun and it discharges, hitting the ground with the shot. Glass is then heard shattering in the distance. At this point, Dusty had not decided to be a "real Amigo", so his gun would either be loaded with blanks or unloaded, not loaded with live rounds yet.

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Continuity mistake: When the villagers of Santa Poco are making the Amigo outfits, the sewing machines are not threaded because no thread is seen in the cloth as it passes through the sewing machine needles.

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Other mistake: During the final showdown with El Guapo, three horsemen ride towards some fake Amigos and fall into a concealed ditch, throwing up their arms and falling off their horses. Unfortunately, they throw up their arms just before the horses even start to fall.

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Deliberate mistake: In the final battle where El Guapo's men are fighting the townspeople, look closely to see that they are really just fighting Lucky, Dusty, and Ned. When the towns people appear, their outfits are very different from the real Amigos.

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Factual error: The movie is set in 1914 and the German said he learned the "quick draw" from watching Ned's movies. The quick draw was not invented until 1950s TV westerns came along.

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Revealing mistake: During their first confrontation with El Guapo, the Amigos start riding around and firing their guns in the air. Look at the difference in speed between the wider shots (with stunt doubles) and the closer ones, which show the actors themselves. Not only are they suddenly moving much slower in these closer shots, but it so very obvious that they are on mechanical horses by the movement.

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David Mercier

Continuity mistake: When the 3 stop to drink from their canteens, Ned gets sand and some mud on his face. When he looks at Dusty, there's now a darker mud stain on his right cheek that wasn't there before. And in the close up, the stain is gone but he has a lot more sand on his face, including all of his nose.

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