Three Amigos

Continuity mistake: When the Amigos are deciding to "be the three amigos for real", Dusty is the last one to agree. Before approaching the other two, he grabs for his gun and it discharges, hitting the ground with the shot. Glass is then heard shattering in the distance. At this point, Dusty had not decided to be a "real Amigo", so his gun would either be loaded with blanks or unloaded, not loaded with live rounds yet.

Continuity mistake: When Lucky has El Guapo at gun point with the "Man's Gun" and the Amigos are making their escape, his ivory handled Colt is missing from his holster because it was confiscated by the bandits. Later at Santa Poco in the final battle Lucky has it back.

Continuity mistake: When the 3 stop to drink from their canteens, Ned gets sand and some mud on his face. When he looks at Dusty, there's now a darker mud stain on his right cheek that wasn't there before. And in the close up, the stain is gone but he has a lot more sand on his face, including all of his nose.


Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where the girl is in the airplane with Martin Short, the plane is flying past some mountains. When the plane turns to the side, you can see the strings. (01:27:48)

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Mexican girl: Which one do you like?
Carmen: I like the one that's not so smart.
Mexican girl: Which one is that?

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