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Other mistake: When Nick and Sue go to the outback with Wally they go by car then by boat (the only way to get to where Mick was bitten, apparently). Once they are there the poachers from the pub appear on their jeeps to hunt kangaroos. So there was a direct way by car to the spot.

Deliberate mistake: This film contains the most stupid scene ever filmed. Linda Koslowski dips her canteen in a creek and a full grown crocodile grabs it and tries to drag her into the water - and she holds it off in a tug of war until our hero Mick arrives and kills it. Nonsense. A slightly built woman has a much chance of holding her own against a 1200kg croc as I have of flying to the moon. She'd be croc food before he even heard the splash - a croc that big could take a 1000kg buffalo without pausing for breath, never mind a small woman.

Audio problem: In the scene where Mick returns from the corroboree and Sue asks if he is telepathic, in the US version of the film, he responds with "You're a woman and a reporter, that makes you the biggest busy body on earth". In the Australian version, instead of "busy body", it is "sticky beak" which means nosy in Australian speak. In the US version, you can see him mouth the words "sticky beak", but it is dubbed with "busy body" for American consumption.

Factual error: Not only do we have to question why the croc doesn't just pull the woman into the water, which is covered by another mistake. But, why does the strap on the canteen not break during this scene as well - it's probably got about 1500 pounds pulling on it.

David Mercier

Audio problem: When Mick first meets the two hookers outside the bar, their pimp walks up. He then makes the comment to Mick, "You gonna talk all night, or you gonna screw one of 'em?" Watch the pimp's mouth. He very obviously starts to say something other than "screw" as he mouths an "f" sound. But the camera clicks away to Mick's face and you hear the word "screw". Later in the movie the "f" word is used by the pimp. Must have been a post production edit to keep the PG-13 rating from becoming an R rating.

Continuity mistake: When Dundee enters his NY hotel for the first time, he is smoking and puts the ashes on top of his hat because he cannot find anywhere else to put them. In the next shot, the ashes are no longer there.


Continuity mistake: When Sue, Mick and Richard are in the restaurant, first Sue is holding her menu, the next shot she is holding Richard's hand, the next shot she is holding the menu again.


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Continuity mistake: At the beginning when the helicopter lands, the helicopter's shadow goes out toward the rear right of it (from the pilot's perspective), but when Sue grabs her bags and walks to Walter, the shadow is now cast to the front right. Since Sue got out and was standing next to it, the helicopter did not move in the meantime. (00:03:15)


Visible crew/equipment: During the opening credits, when Sue steps down from the helicopter, the filming crew is reflected on the cockpit glass.

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Continuity mistake: As Mick gets up after Nevil leaves, he has a white tin cup in his hand. A second later, after the angle change, it's suddenly gone.

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Street Thug: You got a light, buddy?
Mick Dundee: Yeah, sure, kid. There you go.
Street Thug: [Opens a switchblade] And your wallet.
Sue Charlton: Mick, give him your wallet.
Mick: What for?
Sue: He's got a knife.
Mick. Ha ha ha. That's not a knife. [Pulls out his 16" Bowie knife]. That's a knife.


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Trivia: The precis for Croc Dundee is a New Yorker travels to Australia, finds an Australian man, takes him back to New York, falls in love with him, drops her current beau and marries him. This mirrors reality. Linda Kozlowski married Paul Hogan after meeting on this film. He left his wife for her. In the sequel the characters return to Australia for protection, loved it and stayed. Likewise the real life stars moved back to Australia and lived in Byron Bay for 17 years or so.


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Question: During the scene with "live it up" playing in the background, what was it and where were they? With Simone being there it is obviously full of hookers but was it a party, and if so, whose and why? The whole scene just feels weird.


Answer: It is a party thrown by one of Sue's socialite friends, presumably the husky-voiced woman whose crotch Mick grabs. The party is not "full of hookers", Simone is there as the hired escort of the old man she is dancing with, who Mick naively believes to be her father. We can assume the old man paid for Simone to be his date to the party and likely for some time alone with her afterwards. There is no stated reason for why the party is being thrown.


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