Big Trouble in Little China
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Continuity mistake: When Jack Burton and the rest of the gang escape from the Wing Kong Trade Centre the first time, the guards fire at the left side of the bus breaking the windows and making holes in the bodywork. When we see the bus a few seconds later as it is driving away, it appears undamaged.


Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the film, when the creature captures Gracie, he jumps through a hole in the floor with her on his back. As he falls through the hole, his feet fall out in front of him and he is shown almost prone. Yet when the shot changes he lands firmly on his feet.

Continuity mistake: During the escape from Wing Kong Trading, Jack climbs up from the sewer to figure out the escape route. He runs to the door and almost immediately behind him, everyone has managed to climb up from the sewer much faster than would be possible.


Revealing mistake: When Egg Shen helps the others escape by using a crossbow-and-winch device, he fires the bolt into a stone. When the bolt digs in, the stone shudders slightly (since its made of wood or plastic, and no fixed part of the floor).

Revealing mistake: During the fight between the two rival Chinese gangs, several of the men wearing black are thrown to the ground in separate shots at differing times. However, each time they land, the asphalt surface beneath them shakes visibly.

Continuity mistake: During the escape from Wing Kong Trading, they all jump into a pool and swim through a pipe which is not big enough for people to pass each other. Despite the fact that Margo and Jack are in the water before Gracie, she manages to come up for air before both of them.


Big Trouble in Little China mistake picture

Revealing mistake: After Lo Pan jumps over the truck, the dead soldier on the ground is replaced by a very obvious doll.

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Continuity mistake: When Jack runs Lo Pan over with the truck, he signals Jack to drive towards him. A shot later when the truck hits him, his hand is lowered.

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Continuity mistake: When Wang is playing cards, the position and movement of his hands is not continuous between shots. (00:05:44)

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Continuity mistake: The bed the girl is tied to has six posts by her head, her hands are tied to the second and fifth posts, switch to the third and fourth posts when Lightning enters the room and go back to the second and fifth posts when he cuts her free.

Revealing mistake: When Lightning makes his appearance in the street fight scene, at the point where his 'lightning rod' impacts, we can see a badly covered explosive charge and ignition cable on the asphalt.

Continuity mistake: When Lo Pan is questioning Jack & Wang while they are in the wheelchairs, the security monitors on the wall change from 2 to 4 then back to 2 again.


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Suggested correction: We are seeing 2 different sets of monitors. When Lo-Pan first comes in, he is next to the 2 monitor set. You can tell that Jack and Wang are looking to their right. Then, Lo Pan moves closer, right in front of them. After a little conversation, Lo Pan backs up straight, still in front of Jack and Wang, to a different set of monitors, with 4 screens. He then leaves, out the same door he came in, to Jack and Wang's right, passing the 2 monitor set on his way out. The monitors stay consistent.


Other mistake: After Jack climbs up the ladder and through the floor he then runs right to the locked door, all this takes about ten seconds. Somehow in those few seconds Wang, Gracie, and the rest of the girls have all made it up the same ladder and coming around the corner when he gives him the signal to come to the door when there's no way they couldn't have all done it that quickly.


Big Trouble in Little China mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the flying soldiers appear, there's a wide shot and Jack and Wang disappear from inside the truck.

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Continuity mistake: Jack asks "is this going to get ugly now?" and extends his arms. From the opposite angle they're lowered. (00:07:01)

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Other mistake: Early in the film, Jack says Lopan had "light coming out of his mouth" but Jack was already blinded and couldn't have seen that.

Jack Burton: Ok, you people! Sit tight, hold the fort and keep the home fires burning. And if we're not back by dawn... Call the president.

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Trivia: Kim Cattrall was surprised when she got to the set for the prison scene one morning, as no one told her she would be hogtied for the entire scene (in the story, it was due to a deleted scene when she made trouble for her guards). She endured it like a professional, occasionally having her gag removed so she could drink water. When asked by John Carpenter whether or not she was uncomfortable, she simply replied 'I've been in tighter situations than this!'

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Question: When Lightning is crushed by the statue at the end of the movie, he sends out dozens of bolts of energy before he dies. The final wisp of electricity forms a Chinese character. Does anyone know what it means?

Answer: It's the symbol for "carpenter" after the director John Carpenter.

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