Big Trouble in Little China

Lo Pan marries Miao Yin and Gracie Law. Jack (Kurt Russell), Egg Shen, Wang Chi and the others save the day. Jack kills Lo Pan by throwing a knife at his head and Pan dies since he is now mortal. Jack & co. escape Lo Pan's place. Wang is reunited with Miao Yin. The good guys have a small celebration. Egg decides it's time for a vacation. Jack leaves and one of Lo Pan's minions is stowaway on Jack's truck...

Chang Sing

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Jack Burton: Hey, I'm a reasonable guy. But I've just experienced some very unreasonable things.



When Jack Burton and the rest of the gang escape from the Wing Kong Trade Centre the first time, the guards fire at the left side of the bus breaking the windows and making holes in the bodywork. When we see the bus a few seconds later as it is driving away, it appears undamaged.



Kim Cattrall was surprised when she got to the set for the prison scene one morning, as no one told her she would be hogtied for the entire scene (in the story, it was due to a deleted scene when she made trouble for her guards). She endured it like a professional, occasionally having her gag removed so she could drink water. When asked by John Carpenter whether or not she was uncomfortable, she simply replied 'I've been in tighter situations than this!'