Big Trouble in Little China

Corrected entry: As we see later in the film Lo Pan passes through objects when in his "young form" as he has no physical body. However, in the scene where Jack first encounters him by running "through" him with his truck, we see the truck actually hit Lo Pan and he falls under it. Then when Jack gets out of the truck, Lo Pan is behind it. Lo Pan should have passed through the truck rather than have been run over by it.

Jason Hoffman

Correction: He clearly wasn't run over by the truck. The fact that he appeared to be hit by the truck isn't a mistake, just a piece of amusement on his part.


Corrected entry: When Jack and Wang are questioned by Rain before they meet Lo-Pan, Rain blows rubber balls at Jack with punching force. As you look as he casts the second, Kurt Russel doubles over before the (inserted) ball actually hits.

Correction: No he doesn't and even if the submitters perception is different, it would be quite normal to start to double over when you know a ball is about to hit you.


Corrected entry: In the street fight scene, Chang Sing and Wing Kong fight each other with swords, and Wing Kong wins. But as he stabs his adversary, the blade goes somewhere past the hip (play in slow-mo).

Correction: Not a mistake if slow motion is needed, it looks ok at normal movie speed.


Corrected entry: When Thunder brings Eddie into the chamber where Jack and Wang are, he looks right at Wang who is supposed to be tied to the chair. Since Jack cut Wang free, Thunder should have noticed the ropes were not around his wrists anymore.

Correction: So Thunder isn't very perceptive. How is that a movie mistake?

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