Josh Appelbaum

5th Jan 2004

The Mask (1994)

Corrected entry: When Ipkiss escapes from jail, he handcuffs himself to the cop. While he is driving to the club, you can see that they are no longer handcuffed. It's a pretty big mistake considering that the cop says "get these handcuffs off of me" when you can see that they aren't on him.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: It is probably because he handcuffed him to part of the car, not to himself.

2nd Jan 2004

Bad Santa (2003)

Corrected entry: Willie kicks the "fire-bags" that light up the neighborhood and then talks to the kid. When he is done talking, he moves back to the bags and the remnants of the bag he kicked are no longer there. You can notice a big gap between the other bags.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: Actually if you watch after he kicks and stomps on the luminaria, it's still burning. When they show the "gap" in the row of bags, the remains of the luminaria is on the ground, a burnt, blackened cinder is all that remains.

12th Jan 2004

The Mask (1994)

Corrected entry: The first time Jim Carrey becomes the Mask, he approaches some thugs. Ipkiss then honks a guy's nose and pulls his underwear over his head. Then the Mask runs away and the thugs follow him. As they reach Ipkiss, the man no longer has the underwear over his head - I doubt he could put it back in 2-3 seconds.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: His real underwear couldn't do that either. When the mask does something like that, it wears off after he leaves. It's magic.

Corrected entry: In the first Dodgeball game, Peter La Fleur does not get out first however when his teammate catches a ball, he came back in the game before anyone else. According to Dodgeball rules, if a ball is caught, the person who got out first begins playing again.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: According to the rules of dodgeball by the IDBF, a player returning is an OPTION. In the movie it never states that the first player must return, it only indicates that A PLAYER may return to play. In dodgeball, headshots are not allowed and in the event of a headshot the player is not removed from the game but as we see in the movie this is not the case.


11th Jul 2004

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Corrected entry: The first time Aunt May and Peter see each other after May nearly dies at the expense of Doc Ock, she does not even mention anything about her near-death experience to him. Because as far as she knows, Peter is not Spiderman. Don't you think if you fell from a very tall building to your near death twice you would tell your closest relative?

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: I took this to be one of the 'clues' that Aunt May actually knows who Spider-Man is... perhaps even worked it out for sure during her rescue. Her speech to him later, when she is packing up her belongings, would further indicate this. If nothing else, he was at the bank as Peter, so she'd expect he saw what happened.

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12th Jan 2004

The New Guy (2002)

Corrected entry: At the final game, the Highlanders show up in a scene similar to that of Braveheart. They introduce Rocky Creek and the players run through the huge thing of paper. After this, they notice that there are no fans and no opposing team. It is highly unlikely that the announcer would start the game without the opposing team present.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: Game starts at a certain time, so the announcer starts whether the teams are there or not.

29th Dec 2003

Mr. Deeds (2002)

Corrected entry: After Deeds says his speech at his great uncle's funeral, he opens up the casket. First of all, he wouldn't be still frozen. Secondly, he would be dressed in a suit.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: He wouldn't necessarily be dressed in a suit. When you die you usually can be dressed in anything that you want. I agree that he wouldn't have been still frozen.

18th Dec 2003

Finding Nemo (2003)

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie when Nemo goes on his first day of school, the teacher gives them a tour of the ocean. He tells all the fish to get on his back and they all do. But when the teacher starts moving and turning, the fish aren't holding on to him (there is a clear gap between the fish and the teacher). How, then, could they miraculously keep pace with the teacher.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: The fish are swimming with Mr. Ray.

Corrected entry: After Austin and Vanessa arrive in Las Vegas, they check into some hotel and unpack. Vanessa and Austin then take out their guns from their luggage. Surely guns aren't allowed on a plane flight, even though it's his own private jet?

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: You can travel with guns in checked luggage, as long as the airline is properly informed, the guns are secured, and you have all the relevant permits needed for your destination.

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