Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Corrected entry: The scene where Austin is doing the modes of transportation (the canoe, the escalator, etc.) he uses the word elevator. Now if Austin and Vanessa are both English, why didn't he use the English 'lift'?

Correction: I am English and I use the word 'elevator', as other English do use the term elevator and not lift.

Correction: This is a common film-making convention to keep the movie accessible to the widest possible English-speaking audience. Also, as the pair expect to possibly need to go "undercover" in Las Vegas, they would want to practice their "Americanisms" beforehand in order to fit in better.

Corrected entry: After Austin and Vanessa escape the tank with the evil attack fish. They're driving away on a golf cart-type thing and Austin sends Vanessa off. He's trying to turn the golf cart around, and he keeps getting stuck, banging into the walls. At first, it's the same cart they'd been riding in. Then they cut away to another scene... when they come back to Austin, he's got the cart wedged between two walls... but it's a totally different cart. Much, much longer. (The other one was shorter and wouldn't have reached both walls at the same time!)

Correction: This is incorrect. It's the same golf cart, it might appear longer to you because of the angle (slanted vs horizontal). But in both shots the carts have the front and rear bench seat and bed, the second shot doesn't have an extended bed or cab or extra row of seats, etc.


Corrected entry: When Austin gets out cigarettes for the fembots they are black when they are in his mouth, but when he flings them into the bots' mouths they are white and tan without a speck of black.

Correction: It's the same cigarettes. They're not black, but all you see us the underside shadowed by the overhead lighting.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: The Austin Powers movies are a spoof of the James Bond movies and there are references to said franchise. The movie is set in Las Vegas, so was "Diamonds are Forever". Austin's card game like the one in "Thunder ball". The scene where he is being lowered into the sea bass tank is from "Live and Let Die" and Dr Evil is a spoof of both Blofeld (scar, main bad guy) and Dr No (being a doctor, plus his outfit in the first movie at least).

Correction: This information is common knowledge and the point of the three movies existing in the first place and therefore not trivia.

Corrected entry: In the sequence where Dr. Evil is telling Scott to be quiet, he gives him the "web address" However, he only says *two* 'w's, not three. Saying it aloud with him reveals the difference.

Correction: Since Dr. Evil has been frozen for 30 years and has only just learned of the internet, isn't it possible that he could forget the number of w's?

Corrected entry: Why would Austin be ashamed to admit has has a Swedish made penis enlarger pump, considering he wrote a book on them?

Correction: Because he has a crush on Vanessa and doesn't want her to know his genitalia is small.


Corrected entry: When Austin goes into the room where the fembots are, he enters by forcing himself through double-sliding doors, but by the time Austin is using his mojo against the fembots the door has changed to one small single door that slides upward, and is a completely different door.

Correction: It is a separate door on another wall.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when the doorbell rings on Austin and Vanessa's honeymoon, they are both naked and their bathrobes are nowhere in sight. However, a split second later he answers the door with his bathrobe on. Vanessa also seemed to put hers on in a split second too.

Correction: Watch the scene again, their robes are in plain sight on the couch. And it's hardly a split second as we watch a Random Task wheel in the cart, and Vanessa is finishing tying up her robe.


Corrected entry: When Austin tries to leave the chamber where the fembots are, two of them swing inwards to block the door. When he's dancing, these fembots are never seen again - they're not visible behind him and they don't blow up. (01:13:35)


Correction: Watch the scene again. There's 7 Fembots when he comes in. And when Austin starts dancing, we see the 2 blocking the door move away from the door and with the others. When Austin lights the cigarettes, he counts 7 Fembots. So they are definitely seen again and blown up.


Corrected entry: When Austin and Vanessa are flying over to the states on the cool plane, there is a scene where Vanessa and Austin are talking, if you concentrate on Vanessa she has her glasses on, then in the next scene they are off, then they are back on again, how can she do this this in the space of seconds?

Correction: In the scene you're describing, we see her take the glasses off. She has them off till Austin says "can I show you something", but Vanessa isn't on camera and would have had time to put them on.


Corrected entry: Austin says the line "Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day", to stop himself from getting aroused, but he was frozen in the 60's, when she was barely on the public radar.


Correction: There is a scene were Austin is catching up on thirty years of history on video, including the moon landing and Britain's first female prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Corrected entry: When Austin and Vanessa are spying on Dr. Evil in Las Vegas, Austin picks up his camera and it has a huge lens on the front. When Dr. Evil's car leaves and Austin looks at Vanessa, he starts taking pictures of her with his camera, which suddenly has no huge lens on the front; there wasn't enough time for him to have taken it off between the shot of the car leaving and him turning around to look at Vanessa.

Correction: I've watched this, and they're two different cameras.

Corrected entry: When Austin is drowning the Irish assassin in the Las Vegas bathroom, he pulls him out of the wall, in front of himself, and into the toilet. How did Austin manage to walk OVER the drowned, upside down dead guy to get out of the stall?

Correction: By lifting one leg to the other side, and going around.

Corrected entry: In Austin Powers 1, in the scene where Clint Howard is monitoring his radar screen, He calls his superior and reports the Big Boy on his screen. He refers to himself by his last name, which is "Ritter". Its even printed on his uniform, in which the military uses only last names. But in Austin Powers 2, In the scene at the end when all the different people see the big penis shaped spaceship, There he is again, monitoring his radar, but this time his superior calls him presumably by his last name, which is now "Johnson".

Correction: The sequence from the first movie takes place in 1997, while the second takes place in 1969. It's supposed to be two different people portrayed by the same actor.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are going through Las Vegas on the top of the bus there are several times when Austin stops walking and Vanessa does not.

Correction: How is this a mistake?

Corrected entry: When we are first introduced to Vanessa, Basil says that she is one of their top agents. Near the end of the movie, she is excited that the mission has gone well, so that she will now be promoted to a 'full' agent. The presumption being that she was on a kind of apprenticeship or learner's program.

Correction: Basil wouldn't have told Austin that she was just a "trainee". He lied when he called her a top agent.

Corrected entry: When Dr Evil says "We're not so different, you and I" watch Austin and you will see that Mike Myers was replaced by another actor.

Correction: That's the whole point. One of the comic aspects of 'Austin Powers' is the sending up of the poor selection of lookalikes used when an actor plays two roles in a film - Dr Evil's body double is much taller than Myers and sticks out like a sore thumb. Same with Austin's 'double' when Dr Evil is in shot.

Corrected entry: After Austin has destroyed the fembots he is found by Vanessa and two soldiers. From the berets and insignia they are members of the parachute regiment. Why do they both salute differently, both wrong? One uses a Royal Naval salute (that is palm face in) and one like the US armed forces (palm face down), while the British Army (which the paras are a regiment of) and the RAF salute an officer with the palm facing out.

Correction: People in the military salute wrong every single day out of stupidity, nerves, or any of a number of reasons.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin and Vanessa are unpacking in the hotel room and he suggests that they shag, she reminds him that they are only sharing a room on the "context" of being husband and wife. The word she means is "pretext."

Correction: Human error. Vanessa made a easy mistake in saying the wrong word that any human could make.


Corrected entry: During the milk jugs scene, if you watch Austin pouring the milk into the cups, you can see he's missing the cup on the right side, probably to stay in line to cover up Liz. You can see the milk pouring onto the saucer. (01:22:30)

Correction: He's pouring the milk into the cup, just pouring it at a steep angle so there's milk spilling over the side (not coming out the lip) and that's what's spilling onto the saucer.

Revealing mistake: When Austin enters the bathroom at the casino, keep your eyes on the door during the scene - it opens by itself before closing. (00:31:10)

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Dr. Evil: Throw me a frickin' bone here!

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Question: It was mentioned that Austin's chest hair resembled a shape. Can anyone tell me what the shape is? I don't have the movie.


Chosen answer: It's supposed to resemble an upside-down version of, ahem, wedding tackle.


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