Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Trivia: When the mutated sea-bass eats the guard's head, Mike Myers forgot his lines and made up the "head" jokes. It was so funny, they decided to leave it like that.


Trivia: Austin doesn't just have "bad" and "good" teeth - there were three sets of teeth that they interchanged to give different effects. In the romantic scenes they used the nicest ones so as not to gross-out all the females in the audience.

Trivia: All of Frau Farbissina's lines about the "Lucky Charms" commercials were ad-libbed by Mindy Sterling.

Trivia: When Austin and Ms Kensington arrive at the big party at his flat, Austin says "It's my happening and it's freaking me out" while the song "Incense and Peppermints" plays. This line, with that song playing, is taken directly from Russ Meyer's film "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls."

Trivia: When Austin is listing off his deceased friend/celebrities and how they died, he says, "Mama Cass - ham sandwich." Most people (including, apparently, Austin Powers) believe that is how she died. However, the autopsy revealed the true cause of death to be heart failure. See this website for more info:

Trivia: The man who answers the phone at the stag party is played by Rob Lowe, who also plays a young No. 2 in the second and third films.

Trivia: Austin Powers is evidently to blame for the more grounded and grim approach of the Daniel Craig Bond films. Craig once quipped in an interview that while he was a fan of creator Mike Myers and the character, the Austin Powers series "f**ked" the Bond franchise with its heavy satire. As a result, he and the producers had to rebuild the franchise, feeling that modern audiences would no longer accept the classic Bond tropes and cliches that Myers had lampooned with the three Austin Powers films.


Trivia: When Austin says "I never forget a pussy... cat": According to the DVD commentary, there was initially a longer pause between the 2 words, but the ratings board was going to give the movie an R rating. So they instead altered the scene to the final product we see now, thus being granted the PG-13 rating.


Trivia: Mike Myers was inspired to create the character while driving home one night. The song "The Look of Love" by Burt Bacharach came on the radio, and he mused to himself "Where have all the swingers gone?" This planted the idea of a 60's swinger struggling in the 90's in Myers head, and this idea for a character eventually became Austin Powers. Myers was also loosely inspired by one night when he jokingly flirted with his wife using an over-the-top fake British accent.


Revealing mistake: When Austin enters the bathroom at the casino, keep your eyes on the door during the scene - it opens by itself before closing. (00:31:10)

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Dr. Evil: Throw me a frickin' bone here!

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Question: What's the song playing when Austin is blowing up the Fembots?

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