Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Corrected entry: Watch how long it takes Austin to get from the bed to the sofa to get the message from Basil Exposition on his laptop - he appears to transport instantaneously without the trouble of actually crossing the room.

Correction: We know neither how far away the sofa is, nor how much time elapsed between shots, the fact that it cuts from him kneeling next to the bed to sitting on the couch implies that he took the trouble of crossing the room with the laptop. Every second need not be shown onscreen.

Corrected entry: When Vanessa and Austin go into the bathroom to steal the lab coats of the vitrucon employees on the tour, Vanessa steals a really big lab coat but comes out in a obviously tight one. (00:59:30)

Correction: That's the joke. Elizabeth Hurley is a slim woman and Mike Myers is a relatively short man, so it's obvious that those lab coats wouldn't fit them, the fact that they get coats that fit is part of this movie being a farce.

Corrected entry: It's already mentioned that the waitress' hat comes off, then comes back on. Look at the scene again; Austin punches the waitress and her hat comes off, then, when it's back on, Austin pulls the hat and a fake wig off altogether, so how could the hat fall off without pulling the wig off in the first place?

Correction: Probably they're not actually attached to each other and the second time he just managed to grab both of them.


Corrected entry: When Austin is picking up his personal effects, one of the items is a credit card receipt for the Swedish-made-penis-enlarger. We know the minimum year this could of happened is 1967. While credit cards were used in the 50's, they could only be used in restaurants, and not for buying items from shops - credit cards like the one Austin would of used did not appear until the 70's, with the widespread use of magnetic strips.

Correction: Since Austin had been initially frozen in 1967 - not the 50's, it's quite possible that he bought the pump at some time right beforehand. Plus, being a prized member of British intelligence, it's likely he had privileges the general public didn't, i.e. credit card usage.

Corrected entry: When Austin & Vanessa arrive in Las Vegas at the hotel it is night time, but when they get to the room and start unpacking their bags you can clearly see through the net curtains that is is bright sunshine outside.

Correction: It's not day time. It's the neon lights of the hotels and casino's that make it look like bright sunshine outside.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil is unfrozen he says he will try to break up Prince Charles' marriage. If he was frozen in the 60's he would not have known about their wedding in the first place. And he can't have learned about it from a quick history lesson, otherwise he would also have learned that they'd broken up.

Correction: When Dr. Evil was frozen in 1967 Prince Charles was just a teenager and single. Dr. Evil knew that as the heir to the throne Charles would have certainly been married thirty years later as his primary task as heir would have been to get married and produce his heir. It would not have been unreasonable for Dr. Evil to presume that in 1997 when Prince Charles was approaching 50 that he would have been married by then. In 1967 no one in the Royal Family was divorced so he would have been surprised by Charles' divorce.

Corrected entry: At the end when Doctor Evil is freezing himself for the second time, Austin is holding a machine gun. The shot cuts out and then back in as Austin shoots at Doctor Evil as he climbs into the metal egg thingy, but Austin is firing with a pistol. After the big boy has taken off again, it shows Austin again with a machine gun. (01:19:45)

Correction: First Austin has a machine gun which No. 2 takes from him. He then picks up a pistol from the table and fires. In the next shot you can see him pick up the machine gun (probably after putting down the pistol in the meantime).


Corrected entry: In the bathroom scene, when Austin is strangling the Irish assassin. The assassin had opened a hole in the wall to strangle Austin. After Austin drowns him in the toilet and Tom Arnold says something to Austin, you can see the opening in the wall in the stall next to the one the Irish man is stuck in. (00:33:15)

Correction: After watching this sequence frame by frame I must say that I haven't been able to spot the hole in the next stall. That the hole in the stall with the assassin had disappeared could just mean that Austin closed the hole with the same sliding door with which it was opened.


Corrected entry: In a scene near the start Austin goes through a "warm liquid goo phase" in a big metal container. When he come out it has vanished.

Correction: The reason is that the warm liquid goo has been 'evacuated', you might say, through large holes in the bottom of the big metal container.

Corrected entry: When Random Task throws the shoe on the closeup if you pause the tape you can see the shoe suspended by a string or wire.

Correction: This is a deliberate mistake to poke fun at the cheesy James Bond effects of the 60s.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the blackjack table, as Austin approaches the table, you hear the dealer at the table say "Changing $1,000." Later, the dealer says "Blackjack's the game, gentlemen. $10,000 minimum bet." Why would someone change a $1,000 chip when the minimum bet is $10,000?

Correction: Some one may change a $1,000 chip to tip the dealer. When I go gambling, I sit at a $10 minimum table, but change $10 chips for the dealer to tip when I win a hand.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: When Austin is fighting Random Task, Vanessa smashes a bottle of champagne over his head. In the next shot, when RT is lying unconscious on the floor not only are the pieces of glass too thin and fragile for a champagne bottle but there is not a drop of champagne to be seen.

Correction: It could have been already been all drunk from when Austin and Vanessa made love.

Corrected entry: After Austin and Vanessa arrive in Las Vegas, they check into some hotel and unpack. Vanessa and Austin then take out their guns from their luggage. Surely guns aren't allowed on a plane flight, even though it's his own private jet?

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: You can travel with guns in checked luggage, as long as the airline is properly informed, the guns are secured, and you have all the relevant permits needed for your destination.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin is looking back on all of his deceased "friends", he mentioned Jimi Hendrix. Jimi wasnt really famous until '68 or so, so I doubt Austin really recognized Jimi Hendrix in his time.

Correction: He may well have recognized him. "Purple Haze" was his first hit in the US, in 1967. In the UK, Jimi was more popular than in the US, especially in this part of his career.

Corrected entry: In the casino, Number 2 uses his X-ray eye-patch to see the next card is a 4 of something, but it should be mirrored.

Correction: It is mirrored - it may not look like it, because the 4 is on its side.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Vanessa Kensington is talking to her Mum, right at the beginning, you can see a man in the room to the left of where Austin is sleeping naked. He quickly opens the door and leaves.

Correction: He's the waiter who's just brought their food.

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Revealing mistake: During the honeymoon sequence at the end of the film, if you look at the right top of the flowers in the vase during the "flowers covering nipples" bit, you can see a bit of red duct tape covering Liz Hurley's nipple from behind the flowers. (01:22:20)

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Frau Farbissina: Remember when we froze your semen? You said that if it looked like you weren't coming back we should try to make you a son so that a part of you could live forever?
Dr. Evil: Oh, sure.
Frau Farbissina: Well, after a couple of years, we got a little impatient. Dr. Evil, I want you to meet your son.
Dr. Evil: My son?
Frau Farbissina: Ja. SCOTT!

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Trivia: When the mutated sea-bass eats the guard's head, Mike Myers forgot his lines and made up the "head" jokes. It was so funny, they decided to leave it like that.


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Question: Towards the end of the film, Dr. Evil kills number 2 yet number 2 is alive in the next two films. Why? I've been told there's an alternative ending on the DVD that changes this. Is that true?

Answer: Number 2 doesn't get killed. It is obvious from the attempt to kill Mustapha that the fire/chair thing is faulty, this is demonstrated in the second film by the fact that number 2 has a large burn scar on his face to show that he wasn't killed, just burned.


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