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Corrected entry: When the guy who plays the tuba is trying to get some donations for the homeless from the jocks, why doesn't anyone make a big deal with him going up the tower, yet when Dizzy walks him up there, everyone is in shock?

AzN InVasian

Correction: The reason people are shocked is because they are not accustomed to seeing the "cool" kids help, or even acknowledge, the losers, with the exception of bullying.

Corrected entry: When Gil leaves the party, the bike he came on was broken and his friends came to the rescue by tying it up with a rope attached to the car. This wouldn't work, the front tire would be pulled up into the air causing him to fly back.


Correction: He does fall back. But he grabs the handle bars to prevent himself from falling off.


Corrected entry: When Eliza is trying on bikinis and dancing at the mall, you can see people walking past the store window. Now really, if a woman as lovely as her was really doing that in front of a large plate glass window, don't you think the window would be full of watching men (and perhaps a few ladies.).

Correction: No. People in genereal are self absorbed and rarely notice things outside their immediate sphere of personal space. I have seen pedestrians hit by cars, and no one paid attention. That's a little more unusual than a woman in a bikini.

Corrected entry: At the end of the scene where the crowd beats up the opposing school football player to save Gil, the new school bully holds out his hand to help the football player sit up. But the football player's face is covered by his shirt, how did he know to reach up and grab the outstretched hand?

Correction: The bully taps the football player on the leg to indicate that he wants to give him a hand.

Corrected entry: At the football game, when Dizzy first arrives he looks out at the field and it shows a black guy lying on the ground flexing his muscles. His jersey number is 72. When Dizzy is giving his pep talk he says that we didn't give up when Pearl Harbor was bombed. A white guy steps forward and says that he thought that the movie made money. He is wearing jersey number 72. Does that mean that the Highlanders have two jerseys numbered 72? (00:54:53)

Correction: It is very possible for a school football team to have more than one jersey with a certain number. I have seen it before at my school and on other sports teams.

Corrected entry: At the final game, the Highlanders show up in a scene similar to that of Braveheart. They introduce Rocky Creek and the players run through the huge thing of paper. After this, they notice that there are no fans and no opposing team. It is highly unlikely that the announcer would start the game without the opposing team present.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: Game starts at a certain time, so the announcer starts whether the teams are there or not.

Corrected entry: After Dizzy gets expelled he goes to the prison to go from bitch to bull. When he enters the prison he has a leopard type orange shirt, a green button up jacket, dark khaki pants and a visitors pass clipped on. The next shot you see Dizzy in he has a bright blue t-shirt, an orange button up jacket and black pants.

Correction: These shot were intentionally put out of order, watch again and you'll see even more outfits. This sequence would not have been as affective had it been shown in order, and they wanted to imply it took more than a day for Dizzy to learn all that.

Correction: I'm from Texas and the exaggerated accents seen in the movies are actually very rare.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Although Kid Rock's albums are labelled rock, some of his singles, eg Only God Knows Why, were played on country stations and performed well on those charts as well as the pop/rock. A record store may have filed those singles under country with another Kid Rock label in the pop/rock section.

Continuity mistake: During the football game between Rocky Creek and Highland, when Rocky Creek hikes the ball and pinches it back, he is distracted and doesn't catch it. A player from Highland picks it up and runs for the touchdown. When one highland player is hitting a rocky creek player, in the bottom left corner of the screen, you see the ball mysteriously rolling on the ground. Then the next shot shows the same guy who picked up the ball making a touchdown. Two balls for one football game? (01:10:00)

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Eddie Griffin: You know, high school's a lot like prison. Bad food, high fences. The sex you want you ain't gettin', and the sex you getting you don't want.

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Trivia: Dizzy/Gil (Qualls) is taken to the new school by the police in the van. This scene is identical to the scene in Con-Air when Garland (Steve Buscemi) is taken to the plane.

Joel Gordon

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Question: What was the song being played during the montage showing Highland winning the football games and Gil dancing in jail with Eddie Griffin?

Answer: That's SR-71 covering Gap Band's "Let It Whip."

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