Other mistake: Rey pilots Luke's X-wing to Exegol from Ahch-to. However, the door to Luke's hut on Ahch-to was seen in TLJ to be an X-wing wing. It is even referenced as such in The Last Jedi visual guide which specifically states it's a wing from Luke's fighter. No way to fly it if it's missing a wing, and when it's lifted out of the water we see it has all its wings intact.

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Suggested correction: The novelization explains that Rey repairs the X Wing, saying, "It was old tech, and it had taken some fast thinking and even faster fingers to get it flight worthy - the wing patched with the door to Luke's hut, shield panels scavenged from the TIE wreckage, and a hefty amount of rewiring."

The novelisation fixes the mistake but it remains a mistake in the movies as we see them.

Not everything has to be shown on-screen, Rey and Luke easily could have repaired the X wing.

It was never stated in The Last Jedi that the door was from Luke's X-wing, though... Not once. Nor did the door look like it came from the X-wing, and the X-wing looked intact during the brief shot where we saw it submerged in TLJ. If you need a secondary source to know about the error, it does not qualify as a mistake in The Rise of Skywalker. If anything, it's a mistake in the guide book (that the novelization of TROS tried to fix), not the movie.

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Corrected entry: In the Emperor's rewritten dialogue for the special edition in the holographic scene with Darth Vader, he tells Vader that "the young Jedi who destroyed the Death Star is the son of Anakin Skywalker," which draws disbelief from Vader - but earlier in the film Darth Vader said, "The rebels are there, and Skywalker is with them." In other words, he already knew who Luke is.

Correction: Vader has learned, courtesy of Imperial Intelligence, that the pilot who destroyed the Death Star is called Skywalker, a surname that, for all we know, may be a common one on Tatooine. It's quite a big leap between knowing the name and realising that this is actually his own son, as he believes that his child died with his mother before he could be born. Some disbelief on his part is entirely justifiable.

Also, according to issue 6 of the canon Marvel comic series "Star Wars: Darth Vader" from 2015, Vader learns the Rebel pilot's name shortly after the events of the first Star Wars film. He immediately realises that Luke is his son and vows to recruit him and claim the Empire for his own. He keeps Luke's identity a secret from the Emperor, who does not find out until much later (this is revealed in the 2020 short story collection "From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back").

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Revealing mistake: After the Rebels break into the bunker, a Rebel in the background punches an officer. But if you watch closely or play it in slow motion, the Rebel's hand never comes into contact with the officer's face. (01:33:25)

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Suggested correction: If you have to use slow motion to see something, it's not a mistake.

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It says "if you watch closely OR play it in slow motion." It is perfectly visible at normal speed.

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Corrected entry: Drax is supposed to be a completely literal character. It is explicitly mentioned and played for laughs several times, he also tried to make a metaphor supposedly for the first time and it is called out. However, he speaks metaphorically twice: once when he refers to his enemies as "paper people" and when he refers to Gamora as a whore. The people he is fighting are not actually made of paper, and I doubt he believes Gamora is accepting money for sexual favors.

Correction: Using the word "like" or "as" would make something a simile, not a metaphor. For it to be a metaphor, Drax would have said something like "Their skin was paper." You know their skin isn't actually paper. And as for the Gamora/whore comment, Drax literally sees her as a whore. That wasn't a metaphor for anything at all.


The reason why Drax refers to Gamora as a whore, is that the prisoners were calling her a "green whore" when she first entered the prison yard earlier in the film. Drax, being the kind of person that he is, does not realise that they were using it as an insult, but mistakenly believes that is what she actually is.

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24th Oct 2019

Common mistakes

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Suggested correction: Generally, people aren't thinking too forwardly or rationally when someone they're pursuing is about to get away. Their lizard-brain just thinks "getting away -> chase," not considering how unlikely (though not impossible) it is for them to either catch up with the car before it fully accelerates or when it makes a turn, then either pull the driver out of the car or jump on the car.

The person acts on instinct. Many people would do the same in real life.

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24th Nov 2008

Dracula (1992)

Continuity mistake: When Prince Vlad enters the chapel to find Elisabeta dead, as the camera pans toward her, the floor in front of the baptismal font is clean, but in the high angle shot where Vlad cries out and tilts the basin, two small pools of Elisabeta's blood can be seen on the floor (the same blood that is washed across the floor by the holy water in the following close-up of the font hitting the floor). (00:03:10 - 00:04:10)


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Suggested correction: Elisabeta drowned; the only blood we see is by her mouth. The red patch on the floor is just a shadow - this becomes apparent when it follows the priest as he moves.

No, the mistake is correct, you are confusing the blood stains by the baptismal font (sitting at her feet) with the shadow above her head: As Vlad enters the chapel, the camera slowly pans toward Elisabeta and the floor in front of the font is clean. In the high angle shot where Vlad cries out and gets up, we see two small pools of Elisabeta's blood in front of the font. In the following close-up of the font falling, we see a pool of blood at the bottom of the shot which is then washed across the floor by the holy water.

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