Continuity mistake: When the First Order council is gathered, in the wide shot where Kylo Ren says, "We have a spy in our ranks...", he walks behind the council members, and General Pryde is nowhere to be seen. In the next shot, he appears out of nowhere, sitting opposite General Hux and glaring at the latter as Ren walks by him. In fact, in the first shot, a completely different officer is sitting in Pryde's chair, between a man with grey hair and General Quinn, the man that Ren slams into the ceiling. However, when Quinn says, "These allies on Exegol...", Pryde can be seen sitting in the chair instead. The previous occupant is much younger than Pryde and his face has a different shape. Plus after Reb says, "I sense unease about my appearance, General Hux", in the next shot, a completely different woman is sitting next to the man. The first one is an older woman with grey hair, while the second woman is middle-aged, with brown hair. As General Quinn says, "What is it, a gift?", the older woman is back. In addition, when the younger woman appears, the person sitting on her right can be partially seen, and it is a different person than earlier (a Caucasian person, as opposed to the black man that appeared next to the older woman earlier in the scene). (00:20:15)

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