Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Continuity mistake: After the speeder chase, everyone lands in quicksand. In one shot, 3PO is buried headfirst. In the next, he has flipped and his upper body is visible.

Continuity mistake: When Rey enters the Emperor's vault on the Death Star she is wearing her satchel, slung across her body. When she falls out backwards after seeing Dark Rey she is still wearing it, when she stands to confront Ren, it's gone.

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Continuity mistake: When Rey is shown for the first time while undergoing training in the forest she falls to the ground face-down. When she gets up her clothes are soiled with dirt as expected, but in all shots after that, in the same forest sequence, her clothes are perfectly clean again.

Continuity mistake: When Rey receives the talisman from the young alien who asks her who she is, the chain sits on the collar of her vest differently between shots.

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Continuity mistake: Despite Rey having several struggles with the storm troopers and going through quicksand, when she gets to the cave her outfit is very clean.


Continuity mistake: When the First Order council is gathered, in the wide shot where Kylo Ren says, "We have a spy in our ranks...", he walks behind the council members, and General Pryde is nowhere to be seen. In the next shot, he appears out of nowhere, sitting opposite General Hux and glaring at the latter as Ren walks by him. In fact, in the first shot, a completely different officer is sitting in Pryde's chair, between a man with grey hair and General Quinn, the man that Ren slams into the ceiling. However, when Quinn says, "These allies on Exegol...", Pryde can be seen sitting in the chair instead. The previous occupant is much younger than Pryde and his face has a different shape. Plus after Reb says, "I sense unease about my appearance, General Hux", in the next shot, a completely different woman is sitting next to the man. The first one is an older woman with grey hair, while the second woman is middle-aged, with brown hair. As General Quinn says, "What is it, a gift?", the older woman is back. In addition, when the younger woman appears, the person sitting on her right can be partially seen, and it is a different person than earlier (a Caucasian person, as opposed to the black man that appeared next to the older woman earlier in the scene). (00:20:15)

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Other mistake: When Kylo/Ben leaves the Endor system to go to Exogol, he takes an old Imperial TIE Fighter he supposedly found in the Death Star remains. However, it is established in the previous films that that TIE fighters are short range fighters that are not equipped with a hyperdrive.

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Suggested correction: A TIE fighter would never survive the death star crash. Kylo/Ben probably called for a TIE and took that.

But it's an old Imperial TIE, not a new First Order one.

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Good point.

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Question: If Palpatine wanted Rey alive, as he says to her on Exegol, why did he repeatedly order Kylo to kill her earlier in the movie?

Answer: Palpatine has been manipulating Rey and Kylo Ren from the very start, bringing the pair together and instigating fights between them. He is trying to make Rey stronger so that when he takes over her body, she will be powerful. Palpatine can partially see the future and knows that Kylo will not be successful in actually killing Rey, but that their constant fights will cause the two to grow more powerful. Because he can see part of the future, he knows that eventually Rey will triumph over Kylo and "kill" him, and then come to confront him directly. He doesn't count on Ben Solo coming back to face him which winds up being his undoing.


Answer: Not just earlier in the movie, but in the trilogy itself since he is technically also behind Snoke. Yeah I wondered the same. For that matter, why does he not clue her in of his whereabouts but just hopes (what a very Jedi thing to do!) she'll just find the thing that leads it to him? Feels like a plot hole but I didn't bother sending it because I am sure some answer for it will come in the expanded universe or whatever. Of course one could just say it's the Sith way and if Kylo managed to kill her it would completely erase the very last Jedi and erase anything good remaining in Kylo, making the victory of the Dark Side complete. And likewise, if Rey kills him (which she does, in a way!) that will make the Dark Side in her stronger. Curious enough, notice how Kylo wants them both to go to Palpatine, to kill him, instead, so Palpatine's order is meant to make him do something he does not want to.

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Answer: Emperor Palpatine is a lying bastard. Earlier he wanted her dead because he feared her power. Now that she's actually showed up in the flesh he's trying to flatter her to convince her to join with him (literally in this case). The Emperor is the Star Wars version of Satan/Lucifer; his word is worth less than nothing.


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