18th Jan 2021

Jurassic Park (1993)

Corrected entry: In order to open a park like that to the public (and obviously it's close to the opening date) Hammond would have to convince more people than just his investors. In reality, the park would have to pass a security review, and those auditors would definitely ask questions like "What happens in case of a catastrophic computer failure?" Something tells me the answer "All the fences turn off and you have to run across the compound to turn them back on manually" wouldn't sit too well with them.

Doc Premium member

Correction: We don't know that Hammond is not going to do that. Having to convince the investors is just the first step. Without financing, nothing else matters because the park will never open.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

The park is all but finished. You convince investors at the beginning, inspectors at the end. Convincing investors after the fact is just not how it works. Thinking about what the security inspectors will ask at the end is equally bad practice, although I have seen it done that way, if not quite at that scale.

Doc Premium member

The whole manual reboot had to be done because Dennis Nedry locked them out of the system, so they had to do a hard reboot. Dennis Nedry's virus and meddling also shut the fences down intentionally. In practice the reboot would be done with more time on their hands and someone at the compound ready to reboot quickly enough that all fences go back online in time. In this situation however, they didn't have those luxuries. No system can be fully made failsafe from industrial sabotage or hacking.


4th Jan 2019

The Mummy (1999)

Corrected entry: As Benny drags his bags of loot out of the temple, there's suddenly a bunch of camels chained up outside. O'Connell and the crew flew in on a plane, Evie and Benny came by sandstorm, so who brought the camels?

Doc Premium member

Correction: As the other correction states, this entry was already submitted and corrected. But to briefly elaborate, those are camels from the earlier expedition, which were abandoned at the city. Remember, quite a few people died, and they were forced to flee quickly, so they obviously didn't take all the camels with them. Simple as that.


Correction: There's already an entry about this in the Corrections section.

Phaneron Premium member

20th Feb 2017

M*A*S*H (1972)

Show generally

Corrected entry: Between season 2 and season 3, the interior decoration of the officers' club changes radically. Up to season 2, it's furnished with wicker chairs and tables and has a picture of General MacArthur at the wall, from season 3 on, it has the familiar look with the tables made from tires and the unit insignia on the wall.

Doc Premium member

Correction: As you say, it happens in-between seasons. Given the 4077th's successful track record, the higher-ups may reward them with better equipment for the Officers' Club. (At one point, they save the life of an officer's son, and he gives them an upgrade to the club as well. Who's to say that hasn't happened more than once?).

Captain Defenestrator

Actually, it isn't so much an UPgrade as a DOWNgrade. In the 2nd season, it had nice wicker chairs and tables and even local bartenders. In the 3rd season and on, both the decoration and the furniture have a much more home-brew/scrounged air to them. I think it's more likely the producers or production designers noticed the officers' club was out of whack with the rest of the production design and adjusted it.

Doc Premium member

Again, the officer gave them the upgrade, he'd get to pick the decor and they'd just have to learn to like it. What you call an upgrade and what he calls an upgrade might be two separate things.

Captain Defenestrator

The basic problem with what you say is always the same however: There is exactly nothing in the dialog to support any of your theories.

Doc Premium member

There's also nothing but your own personal flair for design to say that the officer's idea of "That's what I call an upgrade" was, in fact, a downgrade. The taste of the officer who's giving them the upgrade is what decides if it is or isn't, and if his "upgrade" sucks, there's not a lot that the 4077th can do but say "Gee... thanks... sir..." and learn to like it.

Captain Defenestrator

"In reward for your dedicated service, I decided to replace your barkeeper with no barkeeper. You also won't have to look at the ugly mug of MacArthur any more, I've found you some nice random unit insignia instead! What's not to love, eh?"

Doc Premium member

Corrected entry: As Red October enters the river, a large sonar dispenser pod can be seen on the rudder. Typhoon class subs don't have those. The large tear-shaped towed array dispensers are present on Sierra II and Akula-class submarines, but not Typhoons.

Doc Premium member

Correction: The Red October is a brand new design, not a typical Typhoon class. She has many new features, such as the caterpillar drive, so it's entirely possible that she has such a sonar array.


21st Oct 2014

Ghost Rider (2007)

Correction: The guy is not dead. Ghost Rider burned his soul. In other words subjected him to all the sins he had committed in his life all at once to feel the pain. This didn't kill the guy but rather left him in a more catatonic state, his eyes glazed over. But very much alive to wallow in his own pain as punishment.

Quantom X Premium member

19th Feb 2013

M*A*S*H (1972)

Heroes - S10-E18

Corrected entry: When the champ comes in, several soldiers are lying in the post-op ward, and some of them don't look likely to get out soon. After the champ suffers his stroke, the ward is empty and Cavanaugh is the only patient there. Hawkeye even says "Afraid you're going to lose your private room, Champ?" What happened to the other wounded? (00:05:00 - 00:18:45)

Doc Premium member

Correction: Patients get transferred out all the time. If they knew that they were going to get more wounded in, they would transfer as many as could be feasibly moved. Obviously all could be safely moved.


No mention is made in the dialog of moving wounded out to make room, as it is in many other episodes. The wounded are just suddenly gone. While none is explicitly mentioned as being critical or unable to be transferred (transferring wounded just isn't touched upon at all in this episode), as detailed in the original mistake, some wounded look quite heavily injured, e.g. the guy in the body cast the champ talks to. In other episodes, the doctors show quite a lot of reluctance in moving patients with similar looking injuries.

Doc Premium member

Correction: They do things all the time without specifically mentioning it. The job of a mash unit is to fix up those in critical need and get them to a recovery/evacuation or their unit as soon as possible.

26th Nov 2011

M*A*S*H (1972)

Peace On Us - S7-E2

Corrected entry: During the "red party", Col. Potter can be seen holding a glass containing tomato juice or a mixture thereof. From the episode "The Price of Tomato Juice," we know Potter is allergic to it. Having so recently been reminded of the fact, why would he drink more? (00:42:30)

Doc Premium member

Correction: Just because it's red doesn't mean it's tomato juice. It could be anything, especially given it's a "red party".


Agreed. It would be something highly alcoholic, not tomato juice. Unless it was a Bloody Mary, which really isn't a military drink.


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