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Corrected entry: The Caretaker suggests Johnny Blaze not leave the cemetery, saying he's safe as long as he's there, since the demons pursuing him can't come onto hallowed ground. However, Blackheart later confronts a priest in a church, which, presumably, is also hallowed ground. (The final confrontation between Ghost Rider and Blackheart also occurs in a church, but it could be argued that this ground has long since become unconsecrated.).

Correction: The caretaker was correct. The demons pursuing Blaze could not come onto hallowed ground. Which is why they waited outside the church while Blackheart spoke to the priest. Blackheart is a son of the devil, and the devil has been known to stand in the very presence of God Himself. So, it seems a fair enough assumption that the devil's offspring could enter mere hallowed ground while lesser demons could not.

Phixius Premium member

But then why wouldn't Blackheart just go to the caretaker himself to get the contract?

He tried to, but Caretaker wouldn't give up its location, so Blackheart decided to force Johnny to convince Caretaker to give him the contract by kidnapping Roxanne.

Phaneron Premium member

Correction: Blackheart had no idea where the contract was, so kidnapping Roxanne was the only way to get it.

Corrected entry: In the interstate scene where Johnny stops his bike in front of the news van, he gets off his bike and leaves it parked in front of the van. However, he doesn't have a chance to move his bike before the van starts to drive off. Did the van run over his bike?


Correction: When he stops his bike in front of the van and talks to the girl, the driver does in fact drive around the bike. He backs up first.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, Cage's skull turns into blue flame to signify it going out, but blue flames are hotter.


Correction: Stifle a candle or match, and the last remaining flames are blue. It's lack of fuel, not low temperature that causes the flame to go out. In the case of the candle or match that fuel is Oxygen. In Ghost Rider's case that fuel is darkness and being in the presence of evil.

Phixius Premium member

Correction: You've got a problem with that but you're fine with the fact that the Rider can talk? It's mystical - just go with it.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Approx. 7 minutes into the movie, Johnny is talking to the devil getting ready to make his deal. The devil says, "The thing about cancer is the time it takes, the toll on the loved ones." Immediately after that, it goes to a shot of the devil walking left to right across the screen with the circus tent serving as background. Lightning flashes and you see the demonic shadow of the devil in vivid detail on the circus tent backdrop. For it to happen like that, the lightning would have to literally flash inside the tent. Lightning outside will not enhance the shadow inside the tent.

Correction: Mephistopholes used his demonic power to do that. It'll do what he wants it to do.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ghost Rider, is riding his bike into town towards at the end of the movie he's shown riding through some sort of swamp like water (possibly because of the 'water' demon). After he defeats the water demon he climbs out of the water to his bike which is now sitting on dry land.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: The bike can and does ride/drive itself. As evident when the Ghost Rider is breaking out of jail and the bike rides through the garage jumping over the cop making his rounds.


Corrected entry: In one scene, Johnny Blaze gets his left shoulder stitched up by the cemetery caretaker, but in the following scene, Johnny is shown shirtless and the stitches are gone.

Correction: While he is the Ghost Rider, he is on fire, but shows no signs of burns during the day, so we can assume he heals very quickly. Part of the invincibility and super powers obviously.

Corrected entry: When Johnny Blaze is sitting watching TV in his warehouse apartment eating the red and yellow jelly beans, the mix of jelly bean colors in the glass keeps changing from shot to shot. Sometimes more red ones and sometimes more yellow ones on top even though the level does not drop.

Correction: During this scene we see he swirls the jelly beans around in the glass, so the level may not drop, but the colors will change as he swirls the beans.

Corrected entry: Roxanne is a local reporter, as evidenced by the fact that she's covering the destruction of the Ghost Rider's first night, her familiarity with the police chief, and her riding in a van wih the cameraman. So why is she staying in a hotel as if she's in town for a few days? And where is she going next?

Correction: Maybe she is only in town for a few days. Maybe her house or apartment is being renovated, or funigated, maybe she used to live in town, and has recently moved, so her home is somewhere else, maybe her home is a suburb of the city, and too inconvenient to commute every day. I have a friend in Brazil who lives in one city, but works in another 3 hours away. She travels to the work city Sunday night, stays in a hotel all week, and comes to her home on Fridays.

Corrected entry: After Johnny completes the helicopter stunt he chases the van down the highway. There is very little or no traffic behind them but as soon as he stops the van there is a very long queue behind them.

Correction: The traffic isn't backed up as soon as he stops the van. You don't see any backed up traffic until he's getting ready to leave. A car that was a half a mile behind the van would take less than 30 seconds to get to the van (traveling at highway speeds). It's entirely believeable that the traffic would have backed up in that amount of time.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, it's said that every generation 1 person is picked to be the ghost rider, replacing the pre-existing one. In this case the older Rider disobeyed the devil and ran, which means Johnny Blaze shouldn't have been allowed to receive those powers, since they can only go to 1 person at a time and the cemetery guy was the other rider.

Correction: It does not say this. The narrator/caretaker says "every generation has one." Since two generations co-exist, it stands to reason there would be two riders. Either way, the film certainly never states that only one person can have the power at a time.

Phixius Premium member

Correction: The Ghost Rider is still learning new tricks and techniques and could easily learn how to regenerate himself after an attack.

Correction: The guy is not dead. Ghost Rider burned his soul. In other words subjected him to all the sins he had committed in his life all at once to feel the pain. This didn't kill the guy but rather left him in a more catatonic state, his eyes glazed over. But very much alive to wallow in his own pain as punishment.

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Corrected entry: After Johnny (in Ghost Rider form) breaks out of prison and causes havoc, the police are all after him. It would make sense that this would be a big case and he would be one of the most wanted. However, later he goes back to his home to find his girl, there are no police anywhere. The first place the police would search for him would be his home.


Correction: The police didn't actually see him transform into Ghost Rider, so they would have no idea that Johnny is the same creature they faced. They would assume he simply escaped his cell the previous night when the flaming skeleton tore up the police station. They aren't there at his apartment waiting to arrest him again because, as you say, Ghost Rider's rampage is a pretty big deal and the authorities are tied up with that.

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When Johnny goes to see Caretaker, he says that everybody knows who he is. When Caretaker asked who, Johnny's response was, "Everybody. Don't you watch television?" This would imply that even the police know.

Revealing mistake: In the day following the Rider's first ride, Cage shows up at the street that has been burned down the center. A person very close to the beginning of that scene walks on the broken up rocks and it moves as if it were a pad or a sponge. It wasn't a rock moving because the street moves with the rock. It happens a couple of times during that scene.

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Grisselle: Have mercy.
Ghost Rider: Sorry. All out of mercy.

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Trivia: When Johnny Blaze is on the roof as the Ghost Rider, he throws the chain at the helicopter, and pulls it towards him in a straight line. When he does this, he says "Come're pissing me off." This is a reference to the character Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat game. Scorpion throws a harpoon the same way in the game, and says "get over here" when he does so. Also, Scorpion's finishing move in the game shows him removing his mask to reveal a flaming skull head, just like Ghost Rider.


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Answer: The movie doesn't show how long the effects of the Penance Stare last. I have Morbius #1, in which Ghost Rider uses his Penance Stare on Morbius, who recovers from it relatively quickly. I don't know definitively because I haven't read very many Ghost Rider comics, but the duration of the effects could vary depending on how much remorse the person already felt for their past sins, or how much their own super powers allow them to recover from it. From what I understand, the Penance Stare doesn't work on the Punisher, as he feels no remorse for the people he's killed. It also had no effect on Deadpool, as his greatest victim is himself and it actually caused Ghost Rider to revert to his human form when he tried it on Deadpool.

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Answer: It depends on the person. The penance stare is used to torture the victim into reliving every bit of mean and sinful behaviour in their life time. So if the victim is older and committed more sinful acts, it will last longer than say a 20 year old who hasn't committed that many acts.

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