The Mummy

Corrected entry: One of the Americans gets his tongue cut off and his eyes cut out. It is impossible to stay alive when someone cuts your eyes out.

Correction: Really, because I have seen many people who have lost eyes in wars or diseases or other reasons and have lived. Simply because his eyes were cut out does not mean he won't live.

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Corrected entry: Ardeth and his men are supposed to be the descendants of the warriors who buried Imhotep at the beginning of the film. They claim to have sworn to keep Imhotep from ever arising from the dead, so why is the key to the book and Imhotep's sarcophagus just lying around for Rick to magically find as he claimed? Shouldn't this very important key have been in the possession of Ardeth's people all along, or even destroyed?


Correction: Simple, they didn't know it was there, only the sarcophagus. Even though they have protecting the site for generations it's not impossible to think only the protection of the site remains as their objective after thousand of years of protecting it. This whilst the location of the key and book got lost in time. All they know is they need to keep people away from the mummy.


Corrected entry: The Pharaoh accuses Anck Su Namun of cheating on him as soon as he sees the smudged body paint on her arm - but she could have just smudged the paint herself by scratching. As a system of checking whether she had cheated on the Pharaoh, perfect body paint would constantly fail, whenever she bumped into or leaned on anything or scratched.

Correction: She would have been trained not to smudge the paint, because smudging it would mean the death penalty. The Pharaoh is a very unreasonable man, making his wife wear body paint to make sure she isn't cheating. I don't think he cares why the paint would be smudged, he won't believe any other explanation.


Correction: It wasn't that the paint was just smudged; as another correction points out that could happen in any one of a number of ways. It was that it was smudged with fingermarks. Nobody was allowed to touch Anck Su Namun, and someone had.

Corrected entry: When Imhotep is speaking to Evy in the scene where they are surrounded by the plagued people, Imhotep is speaking Ancient Egyptian as usual. However, Evy only seems to understand the "Take my hand, and I will spare your friends" line once Beni translates it.

Correction: Simple. Evie is a scholar of the ancient Egyptian language, but here's the thing - we know how how it was written (thanks to the Rosetta Stone) but can't be sure, especially at that time, how it was spoken. Evie can read and write the language of ancient Egyptian, but that doesn't mean she can speak it or understand it when spoken.

Correction: Evy corrects Beni when he incorrectly translates Imhotep: "Come with me my princess, it is time to make you mine forever." Evy replies "for all eternity" idiot. Beni probably doesn't know she understands Ancient Egyptian. Also, it's possible he's translating for the rest of the group.

Corrected entry: Imhotep was mummified (i.e. he had his arms wrapped tightly to his body) and would thus be unable to scratch the inside of his sarcophagus, let alone engrave a message.

Correction: The scarabs poured into his coffin ate away enough of the wrapping to free his arms.

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Corrected entry: At the start of the film Imhotep has his tongue cut out, so therefore he should still have no tongue when he is resurrected. Shouldn't this mean he is unable to talk, even in Ancient Egyptian?

Correction: He takes the tongue from the first man he attacks.

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Corrected entry: Imhotep takes the short sighted American's eyes and tongue. Wouldn't he suffer from the man's poor eyesight as well?

Correction: Taking the American's body parts caused his own to be regenerated. He didn't have the American's eyes and tongue.


Correction: Actually he did take Burns' eyes, that's why he mistakes Evy for Anck-Su-Namun. It probably took until after he completed his regeneration that he got his eyesight back. Why would he keep kissing Evy then since she looks nothing like Anck-Su-Namun.

Corrected entry: Even on sand horses can still run a lot faster than camels. The Americans would have won the race to get to the city by a long shot.

Correction: Those horses had traveled a lot more than the camels. They must have been very tired during the race.

Corrected entry: When Imhotep is all wrapped up and being placed in his sarcophagus (at the beginning of the movie), we see two holes in his wrappings for the actor inside to breathe.

Correction: The Pharoah's guards wouldn't want Imhotep to suffocate and die before they could finish the curse.

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Corrected entry: When the city of the dead is sinking into the sand at the end of the movie, Beni becomes trapped in the treasure room. As the ceiling comes down it crushes the reflective mirror Rick shot earlier, meaning there has to be a light source coming from above to reflect on the mirror to begin with. So even if the mirror was damaged, there still should have been adequate light in the room instead of being completely dark.


Correction: The room Beni was in was closing up, walls were coming down all around. The moment the mirror got destroyed the walls blocked the last light source, wherever it was.


Corrected entry: In the final return to The City of the Dead, O'Connell and company return in the RAF plane, Imhotep, Evelyn, and Beni fly in on a sand storm. But after Benny discovers the treasure vault, he runs outside to get a camel from the huge herd waiting there... now where did that herd come from?

Correction: Those are leftover camels from the earlier expedition that were abandoned. Remember, when they were first exploring the city, quite a few people were killed both by Imhotop and by the invading Magi. When they fled, they simply left the camels belonging to the deceased party-members behind.

Correction: This "herd" is from the first trip to Hamunaptra with Rick, Evie, Beni, and Americans. Now it's not clear exactly how everyone who survived got back to Cairo but it's reasonable they used the horses and camels to get back. But given that the Americans brought more then 3 dozen workers with all the equipment they'd need, it's quite likely at least a few camels got left there. Which all makes sense as Rick and Co arrive the second time via the airplane and Imhotep, Evie, and Beni arrive via Imhotep's sand tornado thing. Neither of those groups having camels with them. So when Beni starts loading gold/treasure onto a camel near the end, it must be from the first visit they all made especially since the camels are all ready strapped up and ready for riding anyway. So after defeating the mummy, when Rick, Evie and Johnathan are seen leaving on camels, one of them being the camel Beni loaded, these are the camels left from that first visit. If you think not because they must have been away for days at least, if not longer, between the two trips... Well... Camels can last months without water and such in the typical Egyptian weather. So it's entirely plausible and realistic for those camels to be the ones from the first visit to Hamunaptra after the boats destruction.

Corrected entry: When O'Connell and the others are escaping Imhotep's crazed followers they crash the yellow car and abandon it. The next morning they are seen arriving at the old RAF pilot's camp in the same car which shows no sign of damage. Were all of the cars in Egypt yellow and the same model or did they sneak back to retrieve that one taking it to an all night Egyptian body and fender shop before setting off to rescue Evie? (01:27:20 - 01:30:00)

Correction: They snuck back and got it later. Hours and hours have passed between the scenes. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Rick throws a stick of dynamite into a niche in the wall. As Rick and Jonathan escape through the hole, flames are seen on the right hand side. Nothing should be burning as there is only sand and stone.

Correction: You forgot about the mummies that are coming after them and get blown up when the explosion happens. They're made of dried flesh, bone and bandage - all things that easily burn. You can even see flaming pieces of mummy raining down. (Heck, earlier in the film, one of the Americans even jokingly suggests Imhotep could be used for firewood).

Corrected entry: The teeth on the star key suggest that the mummy sarcophagus uses some sort of tumbler system. A closer look at the "key hole" shows that there is nothing for the teeth to work on. The lock is simply the solid negative impression of the key. You can twist the lock with a bare hand and open it, so any trouble the characters go through to get the key is pointless. The same goes for the book of the dead.

Correction: Both of these books are books of magic. In this world, magic is real. Imhotep performs magic regularly; his very existence is in itself magic. The keys are required to open the books, not merely because they turn the locks, but because the books are magically enchanted not to open without their keys.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the movie John Hannah uses his own Scottish accent shows though his characters English accent. The most obvious instance is when he says "put your backs into it".


Correction: First, this entry doesn't actually make any sense as a sentence. Second, it's never stated where the character is from originally or has spent the last several years living. It is therefore impossible to claim he should have one accent and not another.

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Corrected entry: When the Magi is set on fire, both he and Johnathan lunge for the key. If you look closely, you can see that it is actually the Magi who picks it up from the angle and condition of the hand/arm that grabs it. Yet, later on, Johnathan mysteriously has it.

Correction: We are told in the beginning that Jonathan is a thief therefore he just pick-pocketed the magi to get it back.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when the Mummy's girlfriend is put on the table next to Rachel Weisz, it is VERY obvious that she is breathing BEFORE he tries to bring her back to life.


Correction: Based on an IMDB entry, this is plain wrong. Until the 'spirit' enters her body, Ankh-Su-Namum is just a prop dummy, not an actress in costume, so there is no breathing, or a pulse, or anything similar. After the spirit enters, she's allowed to be breathing.

Corrected entry: When Benny jumps out the window the window breaks, but later, when the flies come, Jonathan and Rick shut that window, blocking out the flies.

Correction: When Benny jumps through, he only breaks part of the frame on the outside. However, the wooden "doors" on the window on the inside are still intact, allowing for Rick and Jonathan to shut them.

Corrected entry: The Egyptian Book of the Dead was not a long-lost artifact that there was only one copy of. It was written on papyrus and placed in the tombs of most sacred figures.


Correction: Strictly speaking this may be true, but down that road there is no end to the mistakes. For example, reading the book doesn't actually bring back life to the dead, you don't need a key as in the movie, etcetera.

Corrected entry: When Imhotep corners Beni against a wall, Beni starts chanting random prayers hoping one would stop Imhotep. When he does and Imhotep says he can be used and the rewards will be great, he pulls out a handful of gold. Where did the gold come from? He's supposed to be a freshly awoken mummy.

Correction: He's a dead man come back to life with incredible evil powers. Who knows what he can or can't make appear?


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Imhotep's priests first pop up, Jonathan is on Rick's left, and the guy in black is on his right. But in that split-second shot that shows them starting to fire, they are on the opposite sides. [In the director's commentary he does mention this but says it's because they had to cut some scenes out due to time, still a mistake but has a reason.] (01:39:20)

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Evelyn: You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.
Beni: They do?

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Trivia: The warning that is on the chest containing the Canopic jars ('Death shall come on swift wings to whomsoever opens this chest') is a variation of the curse that was allegedly written on the walls of Tutankhamen's tomb: 'Death shall come on swift wings to him that toucheth the Pharaoh's tomb'.

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Question: Anyone know what Beni said to Rick? I'm referring to what he said (I'm assuming Hebrew) before Rick said "What did you say?!" followed by "I'm not gonna tell you" by Beni.

Answer: Beni: As long as I serve him, I am immune. Rick: Immune from what? Beni: Piszkos állat [this is Hungarian for "filthy animal," an insult directed at Rick]. Rick: What did you say? Beni: I don't want to tell you. You'll just hurt me some more.

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