The Mummy

Corrected entry: The base of the statue of Anubis is inscribed with the cartouche of the Pharaoh Ptolemy V whose reign began in 205 b.c. - 1000 years after the time of Seti I when the statue was supposed to have been carved.

Correction: Study Egyptian history for the answer. Egyptian leaders were forever defacing the monuments of their ancestors, erasing the names of the real builders and adding their own instead. For this reason we don't know much of the history behind many Egyptian monuments, including the Great Pyramid itself.

Corrected entry: Ancient Egyptian is a lost language. Linguists just assigned sounds to the hieroglyphics. No one should be able to understand Imhotep's native language, only when he speaks Hebrew. While those who are under his spell wouldn't need to know Egyptian and would do the Mummy's will no matter what, Evie *can* understand Imhotep, yet she is not one of his minions. (01:05:05)

Correction: Imhotep has some fairly impressive powers so it doesn't seem too far fetched for those around him to be able to understand him. Given that he has selected Evie as his sacrifice, it's not clear what control he may be exerting over her.


Corrected entry: When engulfed in the sandstorm, you see close-ups of the characters in the plane, however, the background is just blue, with a tiny bit of sand flying around. It was obviously done so it would be easier to see the characters, but still a mistake.

Correction: Just like being in a snowstorm, it's not easy to see the individual components be they sand or snow from close-up. It's only from a distance that the overall quantity starts to obscure vision. A more simple example would be that even the dirtiest of glasses do not prevent the wearer from seeing even though everyone else can see how dirty they are.


Corrected entry: When Rick and Jonathan (along with Adbetpai) go to see Winston, they are traveling in their car. In the scene before, they escape through the sewer system. They crashed the car earlier and left it on the other side of town. How did they fix it without the zombies getting them?

Correction: They went back later when the zombies had gone. Once The Mummy had gone, the zombies were no longer under his power and returned to their ordinary lives.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When Rick opens up his kit-roll on the riverboat prior to the whole shooting-match going up in flames, it contains a lot of heavy-looking weaponry. Yet, when he jumps off the boat into the river, the bag floats. Yes, bags were often lined with cork. However, you can see clearly that no such thing exists with Rick's kit-roll, it is simply a canvas strip with some leather braces to hold the guns in, and as such should sink like a stone.

Correction: Actually Rick puts the bag around his head and arm, so when he jumps out it is really floating while attached to his back.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Imhotep gets mummified alive. In one shot, all of his nose is covered up. In the next shot, if you look carefully, you can notice that his nostrils are uncovered. (00:05:55)

Correction: The first shot is when the embalmers first cover his nose with bandages. The next shot is a little while later, as they lower him into his casket. It is both possible and believable that in between these shots they cut holes in the bandage for him to breathe, seeing how they wanted him to be tormented and buried alive. Not much point if he suffocates before the casket lid is put on.


Corrected entry: When Evie discovers Imhotep's body she says he is 'juicy', and thus comes to the conclusion that he was mummified alive. I'm sure that there were more Egyptians buried after Imhotep and would die at the same time he does, because he would only survive a few days after mummification. Therefore he would not still be 'juicy', but dry and brittle.

Correction: In fact in a sealed, buried coffin full of ravenous, carnivorous insects he would survive for a matter of minutes, not days, but that is irrelevant. Imhotep was not really mummified; he was tortured and buried alive. Mummification involved the removal of the viscera and brains and the drying out of the body to the point of desiccation - or total absence of water in the tissues. This is what stops the body putrefying or, as Evie puts it - becoming 'juicy'. Since Imhotep was not mummified his body has decayed in a relatively straightforward manner which Evie recognises.

Corrected entry: When the fat guy (along with the others) descends into the mummy preparation area he is no longer wearing his fez (tarboosh) and dirty coat.

Correction: He probably took it off before going down.

Corrected entry: In this film, Evie in particular is seen reading Hieroglyphics from left to right, like normal English, but it was actually written from right to left, similar to Hebrew I believe.

David Mercier

Correction: Hieroglyphs were written left to right, right to left, and sometimes even vertically.

Corrected entry: Imhotep's eyes are brown. The American he attacks after his resurrection has blue eyes. So when Imhotep takes the American's eyes, why aren't his own blue now, even BEFORE he fully re-generates his body?


Correction: Imhotep doesn't use the eyes he takes as his own. Consuming the eyes allows him to regenerate his own eyes.


Correction: The Magi claim that they stopped Imhotep during the process, though they do not clarify how. Presumably it was some sort of magic.


Corrected entry: Evie and Jonathan are supposed to be siblings, yet Jonathan speaks with a Scottish accent and Evie doesn't. They don't appear to have been raised apart, so how come they don't have the same accent?

Correction: People can lose accents if they really try. It's quite likely that Evie and Jonathan both had a Scottish accent originally - Evie, wanting to impress the scholars and so on, would have worked hard on speaking 'properly', while Jonathan, who really wouldn't care, wouldn't have bothered trying to lose his natural accent.

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Corrected entry: Ancient Egyptians did not have literal "books" like this movie's so-called Book of the Dead. In fact, the Book of the Dead was written on papyrus sheets/scrolls.


Correction: This is more like trivia than a mistake. After all some leniency has to be applied for movie fantasy sake. We have learned a lot about Ancient Egypt but there is tons that we do not know at all with literally hundreds of years lost completely. We can only speculate and guess that they did not use books or "only" used papyrus but the long years of lost Egyptian history leaves a lot to the imagination of the movie makers, thus the Book of the Dead and Living made the way they were to look in the movie. After all, there are no living mummies floating around Egypt either now are there?


Corrected entry: According to Ardeth, the Egyptians took out Imhotep's vital organs and placed them in five sacred canopic jars. How could he then be moving and moaning when they poured the scarab beetles on him and shut the lid?

Correction: It was Anch Su Namoon who had her organs placed into the canopic jars. Imotep was buried alive.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: The pilot is wearing an unidentifiable cap badge (it's certainly not RAF). He is also wearing his pilot's brevet (wings) on his right breast pocket; the RAF, like most air forces, wear their brevets above their left breast pocket. The RAF presence in Egypt was still very much there in the 1920s: there were several stations, not simply one elderly pilot who had been forgotten about. (01:10:05)

Correction: The pilot is old and drunk. he doesn't know how to dress. and he means he is the only REAL pilot left (old people seem to believe such things). or maybe he doesn't notice the other pilots.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jonathan has read the commands from the golden book and stops the zombies with the shields from killing O'Connell, the zombies then turn towards Imhotep. He orders them to kill O'Connell. The subtitles say "Destroy him." twice, and then the third time the subtitle says "I command you to destroy him", but Imhotep verbally says the same exact command all three times. (01:48:40)


Correction: The third time he says it, he puts more emphasis on some of the words. This could translate to making the command more urgent.

Corrected entry: Through your tongue goes a major blood line, if the tongue is cut you will bleed a lot. The man whose tongue is taken by the mummy is not bleeding at all, which perhaps could be explained by some mummy power. But when Imhotep is being executed they begin by cutting his tongue off and then bandaged him. For one thing the bandage should have been blood-covered but more importantly Imhotep would have suffocated/drowned on his own blood when laid down.

Correction: With regard to the man who has his tongue removed - you've answered your own point. As regards Imhotep - in order to increase and prolong the agony of the dying man, the Egyptians first cut out the tongue and then cauterised the wound with a red hot metal spike. Very unpleasant, and it stopped the victim spoiling the fun by bleeding to death.

Corrected entry: Priests in Egypt had to pluck every hair from their body - yet Imhotep still has eyebrows. (00:01:20)

Correction: I can think of a lot of instances where modern priests stray from the basic tenets of their religions. Should things be so different in ancient Egypt? (After all, Imhotep was sleeping with the Pharaoh's mistress - a woman no other man could touch.)

Corrected entry: If the book of Amun-Ra was made out of gold, then there is no way Jonathan or anyone else could have lifted it. (01:42:35)

Correction: It is very possible that they could have lifted it. They are even shown to struggle when they lift it, thus adding to the realism.

Corrected entry: When Hamunaptra is collapsing in on itself, and they escape from it, you can see rocks as big as mountains coming out of the ground and collapsing onto the city. Rick and company are running like their lives depend on it, yet the camels are sitting there carelessly, not bothered at all, as if things like that were a daily occurrence. (01:54:50)

Correction: Having experience riding camels, I can say they probably wouldn't move unless a rock actually came up and hit them.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jonathan picks up the scarab, it breaks open and the beetle inside starts to crawl under his skin. We see Brendan Fraser tear Jonathan's shirt and cut the beetle out of him. However, in the very next scene, we see Jonathan walking into the temple, his shirt is intact and there is no blood to be seen. (01:37:05 - 01:38:30)

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Evelyn: You were actually at Hamunaptra?
Rick: Yeah, I was there.
Evelyn: You swear?
Rick: Every damn day.

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Trivia: In the scene where Evie wakes up to find a rat on her chest she screams and rolls over and the rat then lands on the female mummy. According to the commentary on the DVD the rat wasn't meant to land on the girl playing the mummy, who was only the make-up lady. As soon as it landed on her she jumped up screaming.


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Chosen answer: The tattoos on his forehead are the Egyptian Hieroglyphs that spell "Underworld", and the ones on his cheeks are the Egyptian Hieroglyphs for the word "truth." All Medjai males get these tattoos as part of the coming-of-age rite, when they turn sixteen, of which the most important is the tattoo on their right wrist (which Rick O'Connell also has) that marks them as "warriors for God." Other tattoos specific to Medjai males are on their arms, forearms, hands, pectorals, shoulder blades and beneath the navel - the tattoos on the nose and chin are no longer used, since the time of Seti I. Medjai females only get the wrist tattoo when they come of age, but are not marked with any of the other symbols that are particular to men. Fun fact: If the Medjai - male and female alike - shows any sign of pain or cries during the tattooing process, it is considered that they have brought shame to their family.

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