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Corrected entry: When our heroes open Impotep's sarcophagus, Evie translates something carved into the inside of the lid ('He has left us a message') For someone trapped inside a coffin while alive he carves quite neatly doesn't he? (00:56:30)


Correction: Given the fact that according to the script he was buried alive and slowly eaten by scarabs over a period of years, he sure had all the time he needed to figure out a way to neatly carve a handful of letters, didn't he?

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Corrected entry: When Evie is in the library putting the books back she leans over to put a book on the opposite shelf, the ladder moves and she drops the book. Although the book was not that heavy it still would have made a noise but the sound is barely audible.

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Correction: That's because the creaking of the ladder and Evie's gasps were too loud for us to hear the book, in terms of editing/audio.

Corrected entry: When the sandstorm covers the plane with sand, all the characters have their eyes covered with goggles, but their ears and noses are not covered. Seems they are able to hear and breathe just fine with all that sand going into their nostrils, ears and mouths after they crash land in the desert. You can see Rick is able to talk to Ardeth and Jonathan while they are traveling inside the sand storm.


Correction: It was be human instinct to close ones mouth if caught in a sandstorm. I assume that these characters would do the same. I have never heard of someone going deaf or have their noses completely blocked by sand. Unless you see otherwise (shown on screen) we can easily presume that they are not affected by the mystical sandstorm.


Corrected entry: Imhotep needs his physical organs that are contained within the Canopic jars the Americans have. This means Imhotep must have existed in the Old Kingdom, as the ancient Egyptians eventually discovered a method of preserving the organs within the body of the deceased. This led to Canopic jars becoming purely symbolic, sometime near the birth of the New Kingdom.

Correction: Imhotep was buried alive, they didn't remove his organs (although they did cut off his tongue) he needs to collect the jars because of the curse on the chest. Or possibly they had Anaksunamun's organs in which would still make you correct in the Old Kingdom statement.

Corrected entry: Evie's shoes change styles during the final scenes of the movie; she has open-toe sandals when she is tossed out of the sand storm and when she is first seen chained to the table, but then she's wearing closed-toe heels when fighting with the female mummy and running from the collapsing city.

Correction: Evie always has the closed toe shoes, she gets sand on them which makes it appear as if she has sandals.

Corrected entry: When John Hannah is attacked by the beatle, Brendan Fraser saves him by cutting his shoulder and removing the creature. However, moments later, Hannah is wearing a black bandage in his hand and in his chest, and NOT where he was cut by his friend. (01:37:00)

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Correction: The bandage was not from where the bug was removed - its the wound from where the bug entered.

Corrected entry: When Evy is describing mummifacation to Rick, she mentions that they removed the heart. This is not true. The Egyptians believed that the heart was the thinking organ, and should remain in the body to help the soul reach the underworld. She could have been talking about the Hom-Dai, but she also mentions that the brain is removed from the nostrils, which Imhotep did NOT suffer. (00:45:25)

Correction: She's right. The Egyptians did remove the heart. They mummified it seperately and put it back in the chest cavity of the mummy. Evie seems to omit this detail, but that's not a film mistake.

Corrected entry: The fingernail marks shown on the inside of the coffin look to be somewhat deep. Now I'm not sure what that coffin was made out of, but it appeared to be hard and heavy. So it seems that even if Imhotep's fingernails had been as hard and sharp as knives, he'd have had to be running them methodically over and over the exact same spot to make indentations in the lid. Not what you'd expect from someone clawing frantically.


Correction: The wood appears to be coated with tar or resin - perfectly reasonable for a coffin you didn't want to decay in the ground, releasing the beast inside.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the fight sequence on the boat, when the Americans join the battle, the Medi with the hook attacks Johnathan. One American turns and unloads his revolver into the Medi (at least eight shots), plus all the firing he was doing earlier without reloading his gun. That's way too many shots to be in a single revolver.

Correction: A revolver is not, nor has it ever been, limited to 6 shots, many revolvers throughout history have been capable of firing 8 rounds, and sometimes more.


Corrected entry: On the second day, in the scene with the sarcophagus, when Jonathan uses the key to open the tomb he turns the key to the left to unlock it. However, at the beginning of the movie, when they were putting Imhotep in his tomb, the Medji turned the key to the left to lock it. Furthermore, when Evie opens the Book of the Dead, she turns the key to the right to unlock it.

Correction: It could be a very simple locking mechanism in which a turn in either direction will cause it to lock or unlock. Position one lock, turn either way to unlock, and turn again either way to return to position one.

Corrected entry: When Rick lifts up the sword in the temple when Imhotep is advancing towards him, you hear a metallic sound even though it's on sand.

Correction: A sword being pulled through sand will still make a metallic ringing noise, similar to, but not as loud as, a sword being drawn from a metal scabbard.

Corrected entry: Something concerning the treasure chamber: since it is illuminated by daylight reflected by the mirrors, there should have been a noticeable opening available for the light to stream in, making the chamber more easily detectable. But it is not until close to the end - after several days of searching - that the treasury is found from within the ruins.

Correction: The mirrors were in place so that the people building/filling the chamber thousands of years ago could see. Once they finished building, they sealed the chamber. Thousands of years later, the chamber is re-opened by our heros who re-use the mirrors.

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Corrected entry: During the nighttime fight with the black clad guys, at the ruins, Rick stops them by brandishing a stick of dynamite with a burning fuse. The fuse length is so long that he could have easily been killed and the fuse, safely removed.

Correction: It is explained in the audio commentary that the fight stops not because of the dynamite, but because of an honor between the two men, when Ardeth Bay realizes just how far Rick is willing to go to defend himself and others.

Corrected entry: On the plane, Ardeth was strapped to the right wing and Jonathan was on the left. In the scene where Imhotep has just created the sand cloud, just after Evelyn says, "You'll kill them." You see the plane's left wing dip, and Ardeth Bay and Jonathan have switched wings. You can tell because Ardeth is in black and Jonathan is in white. Yet, when the plane goes down in the next scene, they are back on the correct wings. (01:34:05)

Correction: Wrong. You see the plane in a series of extreme wide shots, and both men are vague shapes silhouetted against the white fuselage of the plane or the sky behind. (This was done so you couldn't see the dummies strapped to the wings.) We also see "back screen" shot of the plane barrel rolling twice, and both men are in their correct positions.

Corrected entry: When Jonathon has a scarab crawling into his arm, Rick rips Jonathon's shirt and we see that the scarab has reached his shoulder. Rick cuts it out of Jonathon's upper arm, but later when we see Jonathon, he has a bandage on his forearm.

Correction: The bandage on Jonathon's forearm is for the wound made by the scarab burrowing into his arm. He has another bandage around his shoulder.

Corrected entry: When Rick and Evelyn are on the boat, and have just come out of the room they have set alight, Evelyn says, 'The map, the map, I've forgotten the map.' Then, in a couple of shots later, we see Rick lean up against a wall, and someone (who I presume is a Med-jai) is shooting at him. Surely, if he was shooting into the wall, the dust wouldn't fly out of the wall, and the wallpaper would bend inwards instead of outwards.

Correction: Rick and Evie are at a corner that turns down a hall that extends away from the camera, and the Med-Jai who is shooting at them is down that hall (firing towards the camera). The bullets are in effect going through two walls - into the wall of that hallway, and punching through the wall next to Rick's head. So the wall would explode outward, towards the camera - in the direction the bullets are travelling.


Corrected entry: After the American who wears glasses has had his eyes and tongue taken by Imhotep, he still is able to articulate words pretty well, which, if his tongue was really gone, would be impossible-try talking without moving your tongue sometime, and see how unintelligible you are. (01:04:25)

Correction: It is not true that one cannot verbalize at all without a tongue. Actually the actor does a pretty good job simulating the effect a missing tongue would have on a person's speech. (Ignoring for the moment the fact that a person who just had their tongue and eyes ripped out wouldn't talk at all but scream pretty much non-stop for the time being).

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Corrected entry: Rick throws a stick of dynamite into a niche in the wall where it explodes. In slow motion it can be seen that there are two explosions, the initial one followed by a much larger one.

Correction: Invalid, as per the rules of the site. If slo-mo is necessary, the mistake doesn't count.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Imhotep's priests first pop up, Jonathan is on Rick's left, and the guy in black is on his right. But in that split-second shot that shows them starting to fire, they are on the opposite sides. [In the director's commentary he does mention this but says it's because they had to cut some scenes out due to time, still a mistake but has a reason.] (01:39:20)

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Evelyn: You were actually at Hamunaptra?
Rick: Yeah, I was there.
Evelyn: You swear?
Rick: Every damn day.

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Trivia: An explanation for why there is no salt acid booby-trap protecting the gold book like there was protecting the black book. In the missing scene some of Imhotep's priests burst through the floor/ground and attack Jonathan and Rick, who get tossed aside. The priests then open the gold book's hiding place and get burned all up by the salt acid. You can even see when Rick grabs the TNT that there is smoke rising from the hole.

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Question: Anyone know what Beni said to Rick? I'm referring to what he said (I'm assuming Hebrew) before Rick said "What did you say?!" followed by "I'm not gonna tell you" by Beni.

Answer: Beni: As long as I serve him, I am immune. Rick: Immune from what? Beni: Piszkos állat [this is Hungarian for "filthy animal," an insult directed at Rick]. Rick: What did you say? Beni: I don't want to tell you. You'll just hurt me some more.

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