The Mummy

Corrected entry: When Evy is telling O'Connell about the curse of the Hom-Dai, she mentions that if a victim of the Hom-Dai ever awakened, he would bring with him the ten plagues of Egypt. Then later in the film, Beni is praying to every God imaginable in an attempt to save himself from Imhotep and ends up saying a prayer in Hebrew, which Imhotep understands to be 'the language of the slaves.' The ten plagues took place during the Exodus, so if the slaves had not been freed during Imhotep's lifetime, how could the Egyptians have foreseen the plagues when they wrote about and performed the Hom-Dai? (00:58:50 - 01:07:50)

Correction: The ten plagues actually occurred before the Exodus. The final one was the slaying of the Egyptian first-born and the Israelites marked their houses and were to leave Egypt that night. The Egyptians experienced all ten plagues while the Israelites were still slaves in Egypt.

Corrected entry: One of the Americans gets his tongue cut off and his eyes cut out. It is impossible to stay alive when someone cuts your eyes out.

Correction: Really, because I have seen many people who have lost eyes in wars or diseases or other reasons and have lived. Simply because his eyes were cut out does not mean he won't live.

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Corrected entry: Where are all the British police and soldiers? Egypt may have been theoretically independent in the 1920s, but it was still dominated by Britain.

Correction: The British soldiers were all over the place. They were wearing white helmets in Cairo. Presumably, after all the people were taken over by Imhotep, the British soldiers either evacuated, were killed, or were among those who were taken over.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Imhotep is reincarnating Anuk-su-Namun, she is positioned with her hands on her chest (like a mummy.) When the spirit re-enters her body, her hands are in the air, shaking. The shot backs-up to take a wide view and show the Mejai. If you look at Anuk-su-Namun, her hands are back on her chest. When the shot goes back to a close of her, her hands are shaking in the air again.

Correction: The special effect of her soul going into her body covered her hands rising in the air and trembling. When she calms down, her hands drape back to her chest. When the soul leaves her, she does the same thing: her hands tremble and she falls dead.

Corrected entry: Even on sand horses can still run a lot faster than camels. The Americans would have won the race to get to the city by a long shot.

Correction: Those horses had traveled a lot more than the camels. They must have been very tired during the race.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rick's team opens the coffin, Evie traces her fingers down the scratches in the lid and notes that they were made by fingernails. However, when Imotep was originally put in the coffin, he was very securely bound in bandages. There is no way he could have made those scratches with his fingernails.

Correction: The scarabs put in with him would have had to have bitten through the bandages to get to him, so once they had got the bandages off him he would have made the scratch marks with his fingernails.

Corrected entry: When Rick and Evelyn are on the boat, and have just come out of the room they have set alight, Evelyn says, 'The map, the map, I've forgotten the map.' Then, in a couple of shots later, we see Rick lean up against a wall, and someone (who I presume is a Med-jai) is shooting at him. Surely, if he was shooting into the wall, the dust wouldn't fly out of the wall, and the wallpaper would bend inwards instead of outwards.

Correction: Rick and Evie are at a corner that turns down a hall that extends away from the camera, and the Med-Jai who is shooting at them is down that hall (firing towards the camera). The bullets are in effect going through two walls - into the wall of that hallway, and punching through the wall next to Rick's head. So the wall would explode outward, towards the camera - in the direction the bullets are travelling.


Corrected entry: Evie loses all her possessions when the boat sinks, but when they first see the mummy alive and Rick is freaking out, he packs all of Evie's things for her including clothes and all her books Where did they come from?


Correction: Eve didn't bring everything she owned in the world with her on the trip into the desert. Once the trio were back in Cairo, where she and Jonathan live, it only makes sense she would have more of her belongings once again.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they go underground, they use mirrors to reflect the sun's light, therefore lighting up the tomb. The mirrors are head height, so walking past one would briefly cut off the light in the rest of the tomb, as the beam of light would not be able to continue, but some how the light does not change.

Correction: The mirrors are larger than a person could completely block off.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film Evie tells us that Imhotep being buried alive with the beetles would have been a slow and horrible death, yet later in the film any death involving the beetles was fast.

Correction: I would guess it's part of the Hohmn-dai (or however its spelled) curse that the beetles would eat Imhotep slowly.

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The coffin only have a few scarab tossed in.they would have bred into a multitude and probably half starved it would be quick to eat anyone down to the bones in no time at all.

Corrected entry: As Jonathan, Rick and guy in black enter the gold room, they engage in a mummy fight with Imotep's priests. During the fight they blast the mummy priests to pieces. During the last scenes in the room of gold, what happened to the pieces of the mummy priests - shouldn't they have been scattered all over the path to the stairs? Someone must've been standing by with a broom...

Correction: Beni's death scene shows the tombs are infested by scarabs. Maybe they ate the leftovers.

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Corrected entry: When the Mummy comes into town and they show his eye, it is blue, but later they are dark brown.

Correction: Maybe the man's eyes he stole were blue and they changed to brown as Imhotep fully assimilated them as his own.

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Corrected entry: When Imhotep is all wrapped up and being placed in his sarcophagus (at the beginning of the movie), we see two holes in his wrappings for the actor inside to breathe.

Correction: The Pharoah's guards wouldn't want Imhotep to suffocate and die before they could finish the curse.

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Corrected entry: In the end, when Evelyn is handcuffed to the table about to be killed, Rick cuts one chain with his sword, then we see him trying to get her loose. A few scenes later, the handcuffs are off her wrists, even though there was never any mention of a key.

Correction: The cuffs could have been secured with a nut and bolt or catch. You couldn't reach them when cuffed, so a key wouldn't be necessary.

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Corrected entry: In the part where Imhotep's priests are chasing the trio in the hall right before they get to the book of Amun-Ra, the guy in black is blasting away with a machine gun. When they reach the room with the statue, Brendan Fraser hands the man in black his shotgun. The machine gun has disappeared.

Correction: Look closely when they run for cover after Rick throws the dynamite. He has the machine gun slung over his shoulder, on his back.

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Corrected entry: Whose organs are in the jars that the Mummy is chasing around? His all seemed to be intact when they stuck him in the sarcophagus, because he was alive, if not particularly happy.

Correction: They were his girlfriend's - he needs them to bring her back to life

Corrected entry: In order to resurrect Ankh-Su-Namun at the end, Imhotep kidnaps Evie. Yet at the beginning he is doing the same ritual, but seems to need no body as a sacrifice. Interestingly, though, as the Magi interrupt his ceremony at the beginning, he does seem about to stab Ankh-Su-Namun with a very large knife, which would make no sense if he's just resurrected her.

Correction: In the beginning, Anck-Su-Namun's organs are fresh, so no sacrifice is needed. He's cutting her to put her organs back inside her. (This is from the Max Allan Collins novel version of the movie.) The reason he needed Evy to resurrect her the second time was because Anck-Su-Namun's organs were destroyed and Evy's organs were fresh and (because she's the woman in the movie besides Anck-Su-Namun) they are the same size.

Corrected entry: In the scene on the boat, when Jonathan reaches for the key on the floor after fighting the guy in black, you can clearly see that it is the guy in black's hand that grabs the key because he has the black tattoo on the back of his hand. And somehow Jonathon ends up with it.

Correction: It is actually a piece of blue fabric sticking from underneath his sleeve. I think the director, in his commentary, said it was a bandage because John Hannah had hurt his hand earlier.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jonathan picks up the scarab, it breaks open and the beetle inside starts to crawl under his skin. We see Brendan Fraser tear Jonathan's shirt and cut the beetle out of him. However, in the very next scene, we see Jonathan walking into the temple, his shirt is intact and there is no blood to be seen. (01:37:05 - 01:38:30)

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Evelyn: You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.
Beni: They do?

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Trivia: An explanation for why there is no salt acid booby-trap protecting the gold book like there was protecting the black book. In the missing scene some of Imhotep's priests burst through the floor/ground and attack Jonathan and Rick, who get tossed aside. The priests then open the gold book's hiding place and get burned all up by the salt acid. You can even see when Rick grabs the TNT that there is smoke rising from the hole.

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