Over the Hedge

Continuity mistake: When Verne gets hit by the bike and hockey stick and goes through the hedge, there's no tire track on his shell while flipping through it until he shows R.J. the bike track.

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Continuity mistake: During the huge raid on Gladys' house, the animals use Tiger's collar to activate the pet door and get in. Later, Stella goes through the pet door, which opens despite the fact that she doesn't have the collar.

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Continuity mistake: The first time Vern goes through the hedge, he enters into the backyard of a house, but when he returns via the hockey stick, the hedge borders the street, not the back yard.

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Trivia: Tiger the cat was originally going to be a tabby, but when the writers found out that the actor providing the voice for him was of the Persian nationality, they made Tiger a Persian.

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Trivia: Wait until after the credits to see the critters robbing a vending machine.

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Trivia: Hammy names the hedge Steve. That is the name of the man who voices Hammy, Steve Carrell.

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