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Corrected entry: When Hammy has drunk the drink with extra caffeine, time seems to stop, and he places a gnome right under the Exterminator's foot. But when time resumes again, the Exterminator's foot is on the ground and the gnome is a couple of feet behind him.

Correction: This is because Hammy does not put it directly under his foot. In fact, you can see the laser beam and the gnome is on the other side of the beam from Dwayne's foot in a couple of shots and the gnome stays behind that line when his foot comes down.


Corrected entry: Several times during the film, RJ is seen going to sleep in a tree at night, which is inaccurate; raccoons are nocturnal.


Correction: Raccoons don't carry backpacks, walk upright or plan elaborate schemes either. RJ is shown in several scenes going about his business nocturnally. He is an opportunist and sleeps when he is able.


Corrected entry: When the bear reaches through the roof of the Verminator truck, he says "You're dead RK". The raccoon's name is RJ.

Correction: Not true - Nick Nolte's voice is gravelly so you misheard it. He uses the correct character name.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when the Verminator truck slams into the house, from the outside it lands right side up, but from the inside it has landed upside down. (01:09:00)


Correction: The van is spiralling even as it lands on the house so it would've continued its spiral and landed upside down.


Corrected entry: In the "Rosebud" scene where Ozzie does his big performance there is one shot where Ozzie's got his paws on his throat, pretending to choke. You can hear the squeaking noises that the humans hear (since they can't understand animal language) but Ozzie's mouth doesn't move.

Correction: It's possible for animals to squeak without moving their mouth. I have some pets who can do that.


Corrected entry: Why is that RJ and friends sometimes get over the hedge and come out onto a street in front of Gladdy's and sometimes into Gladdy's patio?

Correction: It's a really long hedge, and you can't be sure they always go over the same part of it. They could easily go over it in slightly different places, ending up in different areas.


Corrected entry: During the foraging scene with the music playing, when they play cards, the middle porcupine kid is talking but no sound is heard.

Correction: He could be talking under his breath or whispering, and we just can't hear it due to the music.


Corrected entry: When Tiger the cat first meets Stella the skunk he comments on her powerful scent. However, when he finds out she is a skunk he says it's no problem as he is unable to smell anything.

Correction: He probably didn't want Stella to think he was a freak because he couldn't smell, so he lied. Later, when he found she was a skunk, he told her his secret so she would still like him.


Corrected entry: In the scene where RJ shows everyone the trash cans and they all start eating, Verne picks up a diaper and is about to eat it, RJ stops him. Yet throughout the entire movie, you never once see any infants or children for that matter, in or around Gladys' property.

Correction: Even Gladys must have relatives or friends over sometimes, and if a visitor brought a baby, it would maybe at some point require a change of diaper.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, RJ says 'Vincent, you were right. With Spuddies, enough just isn't enough.' During that shot, you can not see RJ wearing Verne's shell at all. All you can see is his neck. After Hammy has fixed the Depelter Turbo, you see a shot with Vincent biting RJ. He is wearing the shell and it covers his neck.

Correction: RJ was trying to trick Vincent, so he couldn't let Vincent see he was wearing the shell. He probably kept the shell hidden until the last second when Vincent tried to bite him.


Corrected entry: In the shot where Ozzie gets up after playing dead for the first time in the movie, his tail sweeps across the grass yet the grass doesn't bend as Ozzie's tail goes over it.

Correction: Yes it does.


Corrected entry: You would assume that animals that are smart enough to take a cooler off the top of a car and drive the exterminator's truck would be smart enough to walk down the hedge to the next house that doesn't have any security setup in the backyard.

Correction: Obsessive compulsive disorder- not just for people. Besides, that would be a character mistake.


Corrected entry: Tortoises cannot fully remove there shell, as there spine is attached to the carapace (top of shell). Verne seems to have no problem doing this in the movie.

Correction: Um. This is a cartoon. So Vern can remove his shell just as a Racoon can pull a wagon full of goodies.


Corrected entry: Stella the skunk is woke from hibernation by Verne,then she 'clears the room'. In reality, skunks do not hibernate.

Correction: It is agreed that skunks do not hibernate, however they do go into torpor much like bears. Torpor is a sleep like state. As it is never mentioned that the skunk was hibernating this does not qualify as a mistake.


Continuity mistake: During the huge raid on Gladys' house, the animals use Tiger's collar to activate the pet door and get in. Later, Stella goes through the pet door, which opens despite the fact that she doesn't have the collar.

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RJ: Please, Vincent! I'm just a desperate guy trying to feed his family.
Vincent: You don't have a family, RJ.
RJ: I meant a family of one.

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Trivia: Wait until after the credits to see the critters robbing a vending machine.

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