Over the Hedge
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Verne: You're the devil.

RJ: Now if a human does happen to see you, just lay down, roll over and give your privates a good licking. They love it.

Gladys: I'm sorry Janis, did I just hear them say rabid squirrel?
Janis: Oh, I think they're proabably just over reacting.
Gladys: But what if they're not? What if we a potential pandemic on our hands, vermin running loose, spreading disease and lowering our property values?
Janis: Yeah, I have a casserole in the oven, gotta run.
Gladys: Fine, you worry about your casserole, and I'll worry about the end of suburban peace and tranquility.

Hammy the Squirrel: Scary clown.

Stella: You mean you don't mind the smell?
Tiger: This face was bred for Beauty. I cannot smell a thing.

Stella: So, you got a name?
Tiger: Yes. It is a Persian name, for I am Persian. I was born Prince Tigeriess Mahmood Shabaz.
Stella: Ooh, that's a mouthful. Can I just call you Tiger?

Tiger: Stella? Stella? Where are you going? Stella? steeeellllllaaaaaaa.

RJ: You want this cookie?
Hammy the Squirrel: Oh, yeah, yeah.
RJ: This cookie's junk.
Hammy the Squirrel: But I like the cookie.

Verne: I thought we'd be dead by step two, so this is going great.

RJ: Please, Vincent! I'm just a desperate guy trying to feed his family.
Vincent: You don't have a family, RJ.
RJ: I meant a family of one.

Hammy the Squirrel: I am a crazy, rabid squirrel! I want my cookies.

Continuity mistake: When Verne gets hit by the bike and hockey stick and goes through the hedge, there's no tire track on his shell while flipping through it until he shows R.J. the bike track. (00:15:25 - 00:18:00)

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Trivia: Tiger the cat was originally going to be a tabby, but when the writers found out that the actor providing the voice for him was of the Persian nationality, they made Tiger a Persian.

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