The Dark Knight Rises

Other mistake: During the fight later in the movie, when Batman stops Bane's henchmen from executing Blake, during a shot of Catwoman crouching, one of the henchmen behind her on the left of the screen just falls backwards, seemingly without being harmed in any way. If you look at the fight closely, it seems that it could have been intended for him to be the victim of an accidental gunshot to the leg that ended up not being followed through in post production.

Other mistake: After Batman returns to his cave, Alfred shows him the recording of the surveillance camera. From the angle of the surveillance camera, you can see that Bane shoots an armed guard that stands inside the metal detector. Yet in the original scene at the stock exchange there is no audible alarm from the metal detector that should've been triggered by the armed guard. In both recordings you can see that the green light ("ready" & "no alarm") is on all the time. (00:42:10 - 00:56:30)


Other mistake: During the scene where Catwoman steals Bruce Wayne's Lamborghini Aventador, the traffic lights are red, however traffic proceeds through the light as if it were green, along with Catwoman.

Other mistake: The cops charge Bane's army, who are armed with automatic weapons, and yet only a few of them fall as they run towards each other. The cops would have been mostly cut down before they got anywhere near Bane's troops.

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