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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie in the scene where Ludwig is man-handling Jane (Presley) up the stairs of the ballpark, she is screaming but if you look closely in several shots during the struggle it is clear that is a stuffed dummy of some kind.

Correction: This is entirely intentional and is what we with a sense of awareness like to call a 'JOKE'.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when the baseball scene is showing highlights as the song "I Love L.A" plays, you'll notice in one scene when a grand slam happens that 4 players cross second base. This is impossible since only the batter and the man on first should cross second base.

logan crews

Correction: That's the joke! Only one or two players at most should have crossed second plate, but a whole string of players cross one after the other. Bear in mind the footage also includes a player getting his head taken off by a ball, and one being attacked by a tiger.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Victor Ludwigs beeper device was designed simply to temporarily hypnotize the wearer and make them carry out whatever command he had inserted. It was not designed to turn them into full on villains. So the reaction of the Doctor at the Hospital (after being distracted, fighting off frank and fleeing halfway across town in a fully conscious state) is totally ludicrous.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: First off, we were never given a full explanation of what the device can and can't do. second, of course it's ludicrous, have you watched any of the other gags in this type of movie?

ctown28 Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank sets fire to Ludwig's office, just after the sprinklers start, you see a closed blind or shutter covering a window behind a lamp behind Frank. The shot then briefly cuts away. When it cuts back to Frank, the blind is half-open and in the process of automatically closing. (00:44:40)


Correction: I believe that in this scene everything is malfunctioning, including the window shade, and it repeatedly opens and closes. This would explain it being closed in one shot, and closing again in another.

Corrected entry: During the scene when the stadium usher has spoken with Enrico Palazzo and Frank Drebbin enters his dressing room, if you look to the end of the corridor you can see the shadows of two people talking even though no-one should be there. (01:02:05)

Correction: Why do you think nobody should be there? Not everybody leaves the sub levels of a stadium during a game. Also the real head usher comes almost immediately after this to talk to Frank. Isn't it possible the shadow is the real head usher? We also later see umpires down there too.

manthabeat Premium member

Correction: Like all over-the-top inconsistencies with the whole film, this is just one of the jokes - that the 300 pound singer's tux would fit Drebin so well.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: There's a part in the movie where Frank and Jane get tattoos on their arms. But then later at the Queen's party, Jane's arms are completely exposed and there is no tattoo.

Correction: The dating scene between Drebin and Jane contains a LOT of silliness - for instance, they both change their clothes and Jane her hairstyle in almost every scene, and they laugh about the movie 'Platoon' which really has nothing comical about it. Also, when Drebin delivers Jane to her apartment, she says that they had just met yesterday, whereas their type of date would have taken at least half a week. So I guess the 'smaller details' about this part - including the tattooing - ought not to be taken THAT seriously.

Corrected entry: At the onset of the baseball game, the first Mariners batter is announced as "Mariner's lead-off hitter and shortstop, Jay Johnstone." A few minutes later, right before Frank Drebin starts purposely calling every pitch a ball, the Mariner batter at the plate is announced as "Shortstop, Armando Pershoni"

Correction: When Frank intentionally calls balls, he is delaying the seventh inning stretch. Plenty of baseball is played that we don't see from the beginning until this point. The shortstop could have been changed or positions switched.

Corrected entry: An air bag is shown to have deployed in Drebin's car after hitting some garbage cans. Air bags didn't become available in the Ford Crown Victoria until 1990 but the movie came out in 1988. Such a minor impact wouldn't have deployed the air bags anyway even if the car did actually have them.

Correction: Police cars sometimes have more safety features added to them that are not yet available on showroom model cars. Airbags obviously existed in 1988 and there is no reason that one could not be installed as it obviously was.


Corrected entry: When Frank is trying not to get the third out to the seventh inning stretch, and he throws up a bunch of balls to confuse the catcher, when you see a shot of the balls in the air, you see five balls, but he only throws up four, and you only see four drop.


Correction: Frank throws up four balls, you see five in the air ... because the actual fly ball is ALSO in the air.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: When Frank drives to the pier he hits a fisherman into the water with his car but in the next shot the fisherman is back on the pier. (00:16:00)

Correction: Not so. If you look carefully before Franks car hits the bollard, there are TWO fishermen in shot, one gets knocked into the water, the other is unaffected, and the fisherman who we see in the next shot is the unaffected one.


Correction: Frank is seen wiping his jacket with a handkerchief. It's entirely plausible he wiped the snot off.

Cubs Fan Premium member

Correction: When Jane gets hypnotized and walks towards Drebin, Dredin, Ed and a couple of people stand at the edge of the balcony from where Ludwig takes his last fall; one of the people is a camera man with his piece running. As they become aware of the threat, the camera man is seen edging around Frank and Jane - and then the big screen shows the scenes between the two in public. Obviously it's said camera man's work.

Correction: She isn't wearing a shirt - it's a blue strapless dress. She pulls it off, and she's wearing a strapless bra underneath.

Correction: There is no indication that the DC-10 is supposed to be Franks plane. It is just a shot of any plane landing at LAX.

Corrected entry: In the film, the Angels' game is played in Dodger Stadium, which is not where the Angels play their home games at the time of the film.

Correction: One of the announcers mentions that they are at "The Big A", which is the nickname for Anaheim Stadium, the Angels' home field. Dodger Stadium was merely "cast" as Anaheim Stadium for the movie.

Corrected entry: The Angels score a grand slam home run, but it is not reflected on the scoreboard. There should be at least a "4" shown in one of the innings, but there isn't.

Correction: There is nothing evidenced to say it was a grand slam. Yes we see a few runners round the bases, but it could be also be a 2 or 3-run homer.

We see four runners. That's a grand slam.


Correction: The scene is done as a joke. Yes, you see 4 players, but they are all seen rounding 2nd, which means 3 of them had to be on 1st.


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Continuity mistake: When Frank is fishing the pen out of the fish tank and the fish gets attached to his nose, there is visible blood. When the camera cuts back to Frank, the blood is gone. (00:20:35)

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Ed: Frank, they're not here for you. Weird Al Yankovic is on the plane.

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Trivia: There is a trailer to this movie with an additional gag. After Ludwig has demonstrated his image of an ideal assassin to Papshmir, he sits down with the revolver used in the demonstration which had turned out to be empty. In the trailer shot (in a closeup of Montalban) the gun unexpectantly goes off.

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Chosen answer: "I'm Into Something Good." It's the second song listed in the music credits, and if you don't read all the credits you miss a good part of the gags in the movie.

"I'm Into Something Good" is played during the scenes where Frank is going out with Jane. The song the person is asking about is this song. Https://

Answer: The opening song during the credits is the theme song from the 1982 TV series "Police Squad!" The Naked Gun movies are based on the short lived TV series.


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