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Continuity mistake: When Frank is fishing the pen out of the fish tank and the fish gets attached to his nose, there is visible blood. When the camera cuts back to Frank, the blood is gone. (00:20:35)

Continuity mistake: As Frank and Jane head back to her apartment, a woman passes them by with her dog. When the camera cuts to Frank several times in the scene, you'll notice that the woman and the dog are in several different places and end up turning the corner twice. (00:42:25)

Continuity mistake: When cutting into the cake with the queen's portrait on it, the waiter slices across the inner corner of the queen's right eye. However, the two pieces of cake served to Jane and Frank both have complete and uncut eyes. (00:54:25 - 00:54:55)

Continuity mistake: When Frank has his speech and says "No matter how silly the idea of having a queen..." you see the mayor turning her head to the right. When it cuts she is looking to her left with a rather shocked face. (00:13:55)


Continuity mistake: When Nordberg stumbles out the door on the ship and about to fall over the rail you see him going out the cabin crouching with his head first. When it cuts to a wider shot from outside you see him walking calmly against the rail before falling over. (00:07:00)


Continuity mistake: When Jane is sucking on Frank's finger, you see Jane holding his finger. When it cuts, she isn't holding his finger. (00:36:40)


Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the guy with the long beard starts to talk you see Frank standing disguised by the table. When it cuts Frank is moving towards the table. (00:01:25)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Frank is in the driving school car chasing the doctor, right after Frank says, "I know a shortcut. Turn left here", we see two brief shots of the doctor's car, one from the inside of the car and the other from the outside as he is turning around a corner. In both shots the rear window is shattered. However, it is only four shots later that Frank shoots at the doctor's car, shattering the then intact rear window. (00:31:45)

The Naked Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, during the big fight, Frank grabs Mikhail Gorbachev and smashes his head through the wall. The guy stays there but at the end of the fight, when Frank is about to jump out of the window, it shows him again. The hole now is bigger and not only consumes his head but all the way to his waist. (00:02:15)

The Naked Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the "I LUV YOU" picture is viewed in Nordberg's hospital room, the photo has a vertical/portrait orientation. When Frank shows the picture to Jane, the photo has a horizontal/landscape orientation. (00:12:50 - 00:38:25)

Continuity mistake: When Frank does his speech at the end, his chest protecter goes from being wrinkled and squished in one shot, to perfect condition in another, and then back to wrinkled again in the next. (01:17:30)

The Naked Gun mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Ludwig picks up his gold box you see him holding the box in different ways between the shots. (00:20:10)


Continuity mistake: When Ludwig demonstrates the hypnosis effect with his secretary, she drops her revolver near the door. When Ludwig picks it up, it's several feet away, near his desk.

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Continuity mistake: In Ludwig's office, when Papshmir is with him, you see a wide shot of Ludwig's desk and you can see a small remote control. When it cuts to Ludwig picking up the remote, another item appears beside the remote. (00:27:55 - 00:28:40)


Factual error: When Frank knocks out the Umpire and begins to change into his clothes, the umpire is wearing white underwear. All umpires wear black in case the seat of their pants rip so the game can continue.

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Ed: Frank, they're not here for you. Weird Al Yankovic is on the plane.

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Trivia: When Frank opens his refrigerator and sees a lot of expired food, one of them is a jar of mayo that expired in 1982, the year that the TV show Police Squad debuted.

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Chosen answer: "I'm Into Something Good." It's the second song listed in the music credits, and if you don't read all the credits you miss a good part of the gags in the movie.

"I'm Into Something Good" is played during the scenes where Frank is going out with Jane. The song the person is asking about is this song. Https://

Answer: The opening song during the credits is the theme song from the 1982 TV series "Police Squad!" The Naked Gun movies are based on the short lived TV series.


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