Unstoppable (2010)

3 other mistakes - chronological order

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Other mistake: In the scene when Will finally stops the train, his phone beeps letting him know he has a missed call. He looks at his phone and sees the photo he presumably has associated with his wife Darcy. Later on, during the press conference scene, right after the first part of the dialog between Will and Frank about "corporate", there is a shot of Darcy at the press conference. This exact same shot was the photo used in Will's cell-phone earlier on. (01:30:20 - 01:31:40)


Other mistake: When the runaway train is about to hit the rail car, the rear bogey on that rail car is not on the tracks.

Other mistake: When 1206 is tracking close to 777, Barnes asks Hooper how far away 777 is from 1206. Hooper replies "one and a half miles, and gaining." Barnes indicates that 1206 just passed mile marker 57. Shortly after, Hooper states that 777 is at mile marker 61. This would make the distance between the two at minimum 4 miles apart.

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