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Corrected entry: In the closing scene during the press conference, the 777 is parked on the tracks in the background with what appears to be the same cars it was hauling, indicating this is shortly after the incident ended. Connie is arriving in a rush and it appears as if she has not met Colvin and Barnes before, reinforcing that image. Yet Ned is now wearing a suit and tie, while Colvin and Barnes are still in the same clothes. On the other hand, Colvin's leg is now in a cast indicating he has had time for at least an emergency room visit.


Correction: So what? Doesn't take long to put on a suit and tie, and Colson would undoubtedly have been rushed to a hospital as a matter of priority, so he could quite conceivably have made it back for the press conference within a few hours. Likewise Connie would initially have been busy dealing with the aftermath of what happened, making her only arriving on the scene at this point entirely reasonable. There are no indications that would suggest that this could not be happening within a few hours of the end of the incident.


Corrected entry: When the train hits the horse trailer, a horse clears the tracks a split second before the train plows through the trailer. When the accident is shown in the news broadcast, the horse is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: No, if you look close to the bottom left you can see a little bit of horse running.

Corrected entry: When the guys in the white van are chasing the train, they come to a train signal on the side of the tracks that tears off the door. This signal is dinging the same way a railroad crossing would ding, though in real life, track-side signals don't ding.


Correction: They do in many parts of the world, including America.


Corrected entry: A couple of scenes show boom gates activating as the train crosses. Boom gates are activated well before the train crosses.

Correction: When you see the gate half way down that is correct. Those gate are probably rated for 60 MPH, the train was going 80.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie Darcy walks in to her house after say bye to friends when she does on her T.V. is a family guy episode that episode is called peter and the 3 kings that episode First Aired: May 10, 2009 and the movie is set in 2001 and also how had a flat screen back then. (00:02:40)


Correction: I believe the movie is set in 2009. As Frank Barnes walks to his loco' at the start of the movie, he states his birth year and age, this tallies with 2009.

Plot hole: Had one or more locomotives coupled onto the real runaway's front engine, or even just been pushed by it, anyone aboard the "rescue" engine could have just walked to the unoccupied ones and shut them down - no copters or fireballs required.

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Suggested correction: Not necessarily. Some engines may not have a rear cab access (like Frank/Will's engine had). And even if the rescue engine did have a rear cab access 777's engine only had a side access stair which at the speed it was going is more difficult to climb over from the engine in front of it.

Actually 777's catwalk goes across the front, from side stair to side stair, but someone would have to leap over a rail or a chain to get onto it from the other engine. Why would there be stairs on the right side unless there was a catwalk to get to the door on the left side?

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Will: This is Will Colson, the conductor speaking; just to let you know we're gonna gonna run this bitch down.

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Trivia: This was Tony Scott's final feature film before his death in 2012.

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Question: In the scene where 777 is curving on the viaduct, is that the crew, with the video equipment and stuff?


Chosen answer: Yes, for the news crew they used the filming crew.


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