Corrected entry: Jake and Grace swap between their Avatars & human forms whilst flying,in a helicopter, to the Hallelujah Mountains (Floating Islands).

Correction: In this scene Jake, Grace, and Norm are transporting their avatars to the Hallelujah mountains, which are riding in the back of the helicopter. Their avatars are basically asleep since they are not synced with them.


They should have died from lack of oxygen. This is a huge mistake.

Who and why would have died from lack of oxygen? The cabin was sealed from the outside environment and avatars do not need masks.

Corrected entry: When Jake is transformed at the end, he has no mask, so he couldn't have been breathing for the transformation.

Correction: Neytiri removes his mask when the "transformation" is complete. Clearly seen.


Corrected entry: Jake is right handed when he uses the machine gun and left handed when he is using the bow.


Correction: Jake may simply be ambidextrous. Not a mistake.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The science of Pandora is all wrong. For example, they have regular days and nights there, but Pandora is not a planet, circling a sun, it's a moon, circling a planet. The days and nights would coincide with the rotation around the planet. For an extended period, when the planet was between Pandora and the sun, it would be dark, probably weeks at a time, and the opposite for daylight hours. In addition, because Pandora is a satellite of a gas giant, that means its orbit would be millions of miles in variance. There would be a few weeks of winter as it came several million miles further from the sun in its orbit, and then it would be several weeks of blistering summer as it came closer. The vegetation and ecology of the movie are treating the moon as if it had the same cycles and system as a planet, which is impossible. Even it took Pandora a year or more to orbit its planet, so that seasons were more regular, that means it would be in darkness for months as the planet was between it and the sun. If it rotated in a month, that means that it would be going through all 4 seasons 12 times a year, or however many months there were to a Pandoran year.


Correction: You're making wrong assumptions based partly on Earth's moon and based partly on simple misconceptions. Earth's moon is tidally locked with Earth (meaning that the same side is always facing Earth) but not all moons are necessarily like that. If Pandora is not tidally locked, it would definitely have its own day/night cycle, independent of the planet it orbited. And, yes, it's possible that it would pass in the shadow of the planet, and that would explain why the life there evolved bioluminescence so that they all glow in the dark. And it's entirely possible that we as an audience are simply not on Pandora long enough to enter into that dark season. And thirdly, given the distance that the gas giant is likely orbiting from its star, the distance change because of Pandora's orbit is completely negligable. Likely less than a percent of the total distance. Earth seasons don't happen because the distance with the sun changes. It is because the axis is tilted and different parts of the earth get aimed more or less directly toward or away from the sun.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene after an inspiring speech by Jake, he grabs Neytiri's hand and goes to the bird. When the bird opens its wings, it is really obvious that it has a human leg. The CGI team missed that detail. (02:04:00)


Correction: Please be more specific. The "bird" doesn't have a human leg since it's made entirely of CG.

Corrected entry: In the scene we see Pandora's sky, in the sky we see a gigantic planet and another planet (or kind of a moon) but much smaller (like our moon). In this shot we see a shadow on the big planet (on its right side) which looks like it caused due to the small moon shadowing it, but when looking on the small moon we see that its left half is black (no sun) and right half is white (sun on it). This means that the sun is on the right side of the picture outside the frame. If that is the case there is no way that this moon (or even Pandora itself) will create a shadow on the big planet.

Correction: Pandora is part of the Alpha-Centuri star system. A two-star solar system.


There is only one sun in this system consisting of several gas giants including polyphemus, the blue gas giant that Pandora orbits.

Corrected entry: Why don't the avatars have a GPS chip implanted in them while they are being "grown" on the trip from Earth? They lost Jake when he got separated from the group and the Marines couldn't locate him when they were fighting. You would think that the avatars cost millions if not billions to make -- and they couldn't put a $30 GPS chip in their neck?

Correction: First off, GPS requires a network of satellites around the planet in order to give the GPS a frame of reference to cue off of. But if you meant a simple locator in order to get a bearing and distance from a point of origin, remember that the location there are sections of the planet where the electromagnetic fields are strong enough to cause the naturally forming superconductor unobtanium to create giant floating islands. That amount of local magnetism would greatly hinder any kind of tracking device they may have decided to include. That's exactly why they ended up fighting where they did at the end.

Garlonuss Premium member

Wrong, there are GPS devices that work in a mesh topology (using each other to transmit signals) plus you have the orbital space station as well. Again, a tracker could have been placed to track the body regardless of the location or altitude.

Yes, but either way it requires building enough of a network to make it usable. The humans are all centered in one or two areas and only the remote avatars are regularly sent out and there's only a few of those to begin with. There's no way they get enough locators out there to create an accurate mesh network. Besides, there's still the massive local magnetism.

Garlonuss Premium member

How can they be using "each other" when all avatars are in the same location inside the building and just one gets lost?

Corrected entry: There's no oxygen on Pandora, yet Jake is able to light a fire when he's in the forest. You need oxygen in order to make fire.

Correction: There's plenty of oxygen on Pandora, but it's mixed with a gas that is toxic to humans.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: So just how lethal is Pandora's air? Quaritch is exposed to the elements for almost two minutes and is just fine, yet at the end of the movie, when Jake comes out of his stasis pod, he is instantly suffocating and passes out.

Brad Premium member

Correction: Quarich is able to hold his breath for a long time, as shown in two scenes. It is particularly evident when he runs into the hanger with no face mask. He holds his breath the whole time that he is shooting at Jake's escaping ship. When an aide finally rushes a face mask out to him he takes a huge, deep breath; he had obviously been holding his breath for the whole two minutes. In the end when the cockpit of his armor suit is breached you can see him taking a deep breath before the toxic air pours in. He keeps fighting for several seconds holding his breath until he finally gets a chance to put his face mask on. Jake was not holding his breath when coming out of the stasis pod; the toxic gasses affected him immediately.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Bicycle or motorcycle, when cornering, a person leans into the corner, centrifugal force pushing them into the seat. In the flight scenes, every banking turn the characters stay upright, but magically have no problem staying seated, highlighting the lack of centrifugal force.

Correction: Vehicles in science fiction often have inertial dampeners. These prevent the pilots from being affected by the external forces acting on the vehicle. This is why rapidly accelerating vehicles don't crush their crews with the g-force.

Correction: When flying an aircraft, there is no need to lean into a turn.

Corrected entry: During the final battle, some Na'vi warriors shoot bows through the cockpit windows of several helicopters, killing the pilots. The same arrows also bounce clean off Colonel Quaritch's fighter in the earlier battle.


Correction: There are key differences between the Hometree battle and the battle in the mountains to take into consideration. In the first fight, the arrows are hitting the glass at a rather poor angle and only bounce off the glass or simply chip it as a result. However, the arrows shot at the glass in the mountain battle are at a much more optimal angle of almost 90% and allows for much more force to be transferred to the glass. Finally, the Ikran riders are diving at likely close to terminal velocity when they shoot their bows, unlike the archers from the first fight who are stationary; a key difference in the velocity of the arrows.


Correction: In the mountain battle, they are much closer to the airships, increasing the chance of a direct hit.

Corrected entry: While flying the helicopters, notice that the human pilots are not wearing protective masks in an open cockpit with the cargo doors wide open as the Avatars are either hanging out of, or staining to see past the pilots.


Correction: This has been submitted and corrected three seperate times. The cockpit is sealed off from the outside.

Brad Premium member

Baloney. The movie made several egregious errors involving the use of masks. In several scenes you see them not wearing masks in human form including going into the lab at the floating mountains. Everyone including Trudy should have been dead within minutes.

Corrected entry: When Hometree is felled, it is seen that it takes several seconds for it to fall a small distance as Tsu'tey and the other Na'vi escape with the ikran. However, in the shot of all of Hometree, it falls much more quickly.

Correction: That's the fibrous material in the tree breaking. As more of it breaks, snaps, whatever you want to call it. It loses structural integrity. It would fall slowly at first and faster as less material is still there holding it up. Not to mention that as gravity pulls on it it will increase in speed. Real trees fall the same way.

Corrected entry: To speak to each other when they are out of the range of hearing each other, they have communication devices around their necks and they press it when they want to talk. But quite a few times sometimes they use it and sometimes they don't, eg, when Jake goes out with Sigourney in the helicopter, as Avatars, Jake wanders off and Sigourney speaks to him through the communications device, but later, when they are the same distance apart, she just talks to him normally.


Correction: He's within hearing range, so choosing whether or not to use the radio isn't really a mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Neytiri's mother, Mo'at, has three arms. As Neytiri runs towards Mo'at, Mo'at holds out her arms to hold her. She puts one around her waist, the other around her arm. But then her arm splits so that she now has two arms on her daughter's left arm, one arm on her daughter's waist.


Correction: This is not so. Mo'at only has two arms. In that scene (when Jake comes back on Last Shadow) it is Neytiri's own arm across her middle, not Mo'at's.

Corrected entry: All throughout the movie humans are dying because they can't breathe on the planet. But then at the end of the movie all the humans are being ushered out without any masks or anything (specifically, when Parker looks at the camera you can clearly see he is not wearing a mask) and are breathing fine?


Correction: Don't know what version of this movie you are watching. Every human has a mask on at the end on the retail Blu-Ray disc release.

Corrected entry: During the big bombing of the tree, Michelle Rodriguez refuses to take part and steers the helicopter away, stating that she does not want to be part of that. Even in the distant future, such behaviour would be called insubordination and have her court-martialed. However, she is still able to free Jake and has access to the helicopters in the hangar.


Correction: They are employees of a private company and would not be court martialed. They all work for RDA.

Court-Martial or Suspension with possible Firing, she is still disobeying orders of some sort, in a combat situation (there are security companies powerful enough to constitute private armies, with similar rules, regs and discipline), and would therefore be punished in some form all the same.


Who says she was not punished? Maybe she got reprimanded.

Corrected entry: Grace incorrectly relates Jake's escape to the others: The last thing we see is this Marine's ass disappearing into the brush with this angry thanator coming after him. That was not a thanator; that was a different type of creature altogether. The thanators were the hammerhead-rhino creatures, but the one that chased Jake was a very different sleek black creature.


Correction: The creature that chases Jake is a matter of fact a Thanator. The other "hammerhead-rhino" creature is called Hammerhead Titanothere.

Corrected entry: The great expense of the avatar program is mentioned early in the film, hence wanting to use Jake so as not to waste his brother's avatar. Why then, since Jake has them over a barrel so to speak, doesn't Jake ask the corporation to repair his spine as a condition for joining the program? The Commander promised to get them for him if he spied on the Navi. It just seems that he could have avoided the whole spy/betrayal dilemma.


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. For all we know Jake did ask but was turned down. Either way, getting his legs back was not the motivating factor that made Jake take the job; he clearly states that he was just tired of people telling him what he can't do.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: At the end of the big battle, the survivors are lined up and are leaving Pandora but to where? All the ships from earth will be full and it will take at least 5+ years for empty ships to arrive to evacuate the survivors.

Correction: Simple logic would state that any ship doing the Earth-Pandora run must have sufficient capacity to evacuate the entire human population in the event of a disaster - it would be insane to have a situation where any possibility of rescue would take five years to get there. A significant number of the base's military personnel, likely the vast majority, would have been lost in the battle, so the ship returning to Earth should have more than ample capacity to take all the survivors back with them.

Tailkinker Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Jake first gets into the "syncing" device and he says, "This is cool," Grace's hands are already on his leg. In the next shot she reaches for his legs, where he replies, "Don't, I got this."

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Dr. Grace Augustine: So you just figured you'd come here, to the most hostile environment known to man, with no training of any kind, and see how it went? What was going through your head?
Jake Sully: Maybe I was sick of doctors telling me what I couldn't do.

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Avatar trivia picture

Trivia: In the final battle sequence, Neytiri has a white handprint on her chest as part of her warpaint. It has five fingers, indicating that it is Jake's hand - Avatars have five fingers while Na'vi only have four.

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Question: Does this movie take place in the same universe as ALIENS?

Answer: No. The Alien franchise, which kicks off in the year 2122, depicts a human civilisation in possession of faster-than-light transport and multiple interstellar colonies. The civilisation seen in Avatar, the majority of which is set in 2154, do not appear to have FTL travel, as they take six years to travel to the Alpha Centauri system, a distance of approximately 4.5 light years.

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