Continuity mistake: When Jake and Grace are tied up for execution, Jake is on the left and Grace on the right (from the audience's POV). When Mo'at cuts them free, Grace is on the left and Jake is on the right.

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Suggested correction: Jake and Grace are tied by their hands to an overhead beam, which allows for 360° of bodily rotation. When the gunships arrive Jake and Grace are facing them, with Jake to the right and Grace to the left, as we see them on the screen, looking at their front. Shortly after the gunships open fire, we see Neytiri turn away from the gunships and run past Jake and Grace. We see Jake turn 180° to call to Neytiri. When Mo'at approaches Jake and Grace we can see the gunships behind both Jake and Grace. As such both have turned 180° and Jake is now seen on the left with Grace seen on the right.

Continuity mistake: When Jake first gets into the "syncing" device and he says, "This is cool," Grace's hands are already on his leg. In the next shot she reaches for his legs, where he replies, "Don't, I got this."

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Dr. Grace Augustine: So you just figured you'd come here, to the most hostile environment known to man, with no training of any kind, and see how it went? What was going through your head?
Jake Sully: Maybe I was sick of doctors telling me what I couldn't do.

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Trivia: James Cameron wrote the script for Avatar in 1995 but could not begin filming because of technological limitations. Cameron felt he could begin after seeing the technology used to create Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films and returned to the project in 2005.

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Question: Does this movie take place in the same universe as ALIENS?

Answer: No. The Alien franchise, which kicks off in the year 2122, depicts a human civilisation in possession of faster-than-light transport and multiple interstellar colonies. The civilisation seen in Avatar, the majority of which is set in 2154, do not appear to have FTL travel, as they take six years to travel to the Alpha Centauri system, a distance of approximately 4.5 light years.

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