The Karate Kid Part II

Other mistake: During the scene of the Bone Dance in the castle, Daniel shouts out "Behind you!" to the Japanese girl as Chozen grabs her. As he does so, the shot goes wide and you can see Daniel and Mr. Miyagi rise up and begin to run forward. The shot then returns to just Chozen and the girl, and when the shot goes wide again, Daniel and Mr. Miyagi are again just getting up and running forward.

Continuity mistake: During the "fight to the death" Daniel successfully lands both a roundhouse kick and then a spinning back kick, but when the angle changes, he is still set up for the roundhouse kick (which he wouldn't have had time to throw again) and the spinning back kick is blocked.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel is striking Chozen during their fight at the end it's right left right left. Yet at one point during a shot of Daniel's back he strikes Chozen twice with his open left hand when it should've been left right like the rest of the time.


Continuity mistake: When Chozen moves at Mr. Myagi with the spear, when Mr. Myagi grabs the spear the first time, he places it between the 2 pieces of wood, but then when Chozen picks it up to attack him a second time, the spear is to the left of the 2 pieces of wood, in the ground.

Revealing mistake: In the fighting scene when Chozen has Daniel choking on the spear, before Myagi appears, the first person was standing on the deck to the left and throwing plants through the hut, but then Myagi comes and all of a sudden, he comes at him from the right. Somehow he made it from the left of Myagi to the right of him without anyone seeing him.

Other mistake: On the flight to Okinawa, Daniel is reading a map, looking for "Tomi Village". Mr Miyagi tells him to find Naha and go south. Daniel replies, "I keep hitting Kadena Airbase". Kadena Air Base is NORTH of Naha.

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Suggested correction: And then Daniel calls himself stupid for holding the map upside down. Not wrong at all.

Obviously Daniel would have had to have failed geography to hold the map upside down. All of Asia would have been east of Okinawa, and Japan itself would have been south of Okinawa. Also, if he didn't realise that he was reading all of the city names upside down, he may have already suffered irreparable and irreversible brain damage in his last tournament.

Revealing mistake: When Daniel and Kumiko are kissing and the storm is coming in, all a sudden the wind starts blowing hard. They act like they it was sudden. As a storm chaser for 28 years and weatherman, there is no way they would not have seen the storm coming even in the 80s. They would have known for days and also, it wouldn't go from calm to total destruction in a few seconds. Especially with a typhoon. They would have had days to prepare.


Factual error: There is no Bon-festival in Okinawa. Okinawa has a traditional festival called Eisa festival.

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Suggested correction: There is an Obon festival. It's very different than what's shown in the movie, and is Japanese versus Okinawan, but that's not an 'error'.

Sato: Miyagi, I wait long time for this. No tricks tonight, or tomorrow, everything gone. Their homes. Their church. everything! gone.

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Trivia: When Daniel and Miyagi are picked up at the airport by Chosen, the radio is switched a few times before landing on a specific station. The song the radio is playing is the same song played at the country club in Karate Kid I where Johnny kisses Ali.

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Question: Why does Sato's nephew Chozen take an immediate dislike to Daniel?

Answer: Miyagi and Sato were once close friends who became bitter enemies when they loved the same woman; Chozen's instant dislike of Daniel is simply because Daniel is the student of his uncle's enemy.


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