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Corrected entry: When Miyagi buys his plane ticket for Okinawa he buys only one as he is going on his own and not with Daniel. Just as he is boarding the plane, Daniel stops him, saying he brought a last minute ticket and is going too, if Miyagi wants him to. Now if they brought tickets seperately, and Daniel at the last minute, they would be at different parts of the plane; but not only are they at the same part, they are in seats directly next to each other.

Correction: Daniel probably just asked Mr. Miyagi's seatmate to trade seats with him. Most people will if asked politely, I've done it several times myself.

Grumpy Scot

And there is a good possibility that the flight might not have been full.

Correction: It actually depends. The seat next to Miyagi was probably vacant. Back then you could chose an available seat now you can only choice aisle or window seat.

Corrected entry: Kreese must truly be a great martial artist. At the beginning, he singlehandedly attacks four of his students knocking them all out while holding another one in his other arm and choking him. Quite an amazing feat. Yet only moments later, not only does he unsuccessfully try to punch Miyagi in the face, he fails to notice that Miyagi is standing in front of a car window both times which anyone with his rank should know is a dumb move. Not very plausible.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: You're absolutely right. Attacking Mr. Miyagi the way Kreese did is a bad move, and any rational person would see that. However, Kreese is overconfident in his abilities, has underestimated Mr. Miyagi's abilities, and is acting toward Mr. Miyagi out of anger. After smashing the first car window, he becomes even more angry and that leads to him smashing the second car window. Yes, Kreese's actions were dumb, but they are completely plausible in light of Kreese's overconfidence, his underestimation of Mr. Miyagi, and his acting out of anger which causes him not to think rationally about his behavior.

Corrected entry: When Daniel and Mr. Miyagi first arrive at the village, right next to Kadena Air Base, Mr. Miyagi mentions his father taught him to fish off that coast in 1954, and it was much quieter then. However, Kadena Air Base was used by numerous fighter squadrons to fly missions against North Korea until September 1956. An Air Force base in full operation during wartime would not have been very quiet.

Correction: Mr. Miyagi says 1927, not 1954.

Corrected entry: In the final battle scene between Daniel and Chozen, there is a shot in which Miyagi is shown spinning the drum with two hands. The next shot shows a close up of Miyagi, but he is now spinning the drum with only one hand.

Correction: The time between the shots is more than a few seconds; it's plenty of time for Mr. Miyagi to switch from using two hands to one.

Corrected entry: When Daniel and Mr. Miyagi are picked up at the airport in the car, they are driving and the steering wheel is on the left of the car. In Japan, steering wheels are on the right. And if you look carefully, all of the other cars are also driving on the right hand side of the road instead of the left side of the road.

Correction: They aren't in mainland Japan, they are in Okinawa. Okinawa was under the control of the American military until 1978 and during that time, traffic flowed on the right not the left. While it changed in 1978, there were still many cars that had left-side drivers.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Being that Chozen was born and raised in Okinawa, he would have known about the drum technique Daniel was using against him (Mr Miyagi told Daniel that he had asked his father to teach Sato, who taught Chozen), and would not have lost to it.

Correction: Not necessarily true. My grandfather taught me and many children in my neighborhood karate when we were growing up, but he showed me special moves and techniques that he didn't teach to my friends; they were exclusive to our bloodline and not for "outsiders".

Corrected entry: When Miyagi returns home and Chozen orders his friends to attack, a few shots later Miyagi catches Daniel when Chozen throws him in Miyagi's direction, and Miyagi helps Daniel to the ground twice. (Slow-mo is required.) (01:17:05)


Correction: If something requires slow motion to view, it is invalidated as per the rules of this site, unless it is something such as a crew member or equipment in frames.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Elizabeth Shue didn't reprise her role as Ali in this film. As a result, Daniel and Myagi are seen leaving the tournament at the beginning without Ali which quite frankly makes no sense whatsoever. There is no known reason why she wouldn't leave with them.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Mr Miyagi tells Daniel to hurry up and not leave the ladies waiting, who have already left and are waiting at a resturant for dinner.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When Daniel and the Japanese girl have finished dancing, Sato's cousin turns up, note where the car is, and the distance between Sato's cousin and Daniel. Their positions change in the following shot. (Slow-mo perhaps required.) (00:55:05)


Correction: First of all, it is Sato's nephew, not cousin. Second if slow-mo may be required, it is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: Towards the end, Sato agrees that the dance can be held in its traditional spot, in the castle. He then turns to the townspeople behind him, and says something to the effect of, "The dance will be held in the castle, now and forever" in English, and everyone cheers. The problem with this scene is most Okinawans do not speak nor understand English.

Correction: In the beginning Chozen tells Mr. Miyagi and Daniel that it helps to speak English in Okinawa and some of the characters speak some English during the movie (admittedly not very well). This can't be considered a mistake as the movie establishes early on that the locals can speak and understand some English.

Also to further this being plausible the village is next to an American air base which would be speaking English.

Corrected entry: Okinawans drive on the left side of the road. The movie showed them driving on the right.

Correction: The movie actually shows Okinawans driving on the left side of the road. Daniel even comments about this to Kumiko when they go into town.

Other mistake: When Chozen is buying vegetables from the villagers, one of the weights from the scale is knocked onto the ground. Daniel picks it up and realises that its not a real weight and breaks it in half. If Chozen wanted to cheat the villagers when he weighed their vegetables, he would need weights that were heavier than normal, not lighter plastic ones. Lighter weights would mean that Chozen would need to add far more of the light weights to make any amount of vegetables balance out, therefore he would be paying more for the vegetables than they are worth.

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Chozen: You insult my honor again, I'll kill you.

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Trivia: During one fight, Chozen manages to hit Mr. Miyagi across the back with the handle of a spear. This is the only time in the original series of films when someone managed a successful strike on Miyagi during any fight he was in.


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Question: Why does Sato's nephew Chozen take an immediate dislike to Daniel?

Answer: Miyagi and Sato were once close friends who became bitter enemies when they loved the same woman; Chozen's instant dislike of Daniel is simply because Daniel is the student of his uncle's enemy.


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