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Visible crew/equipment: After Bruce shoots Lemont with the big gun, you can see the crew's reflection in his sunglasses as he's rubbing his ear. (01:01:20)

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Visible crew/equipment: When The Jackal is shopping for a boat, he is looking over the Deja Vu. In the close up of his face as he likes it, you can see some of the camera crew reflected in his sunglasses. (01:03:55)

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Continuity mistake: When the Jackal shoots Lamont, only the lower arm is shot off. Then we cut to the Jackal, who says 'I told you it was off', and when we cut back to Lamont, the arm is cut way up at the shoulder. (01:00:30)

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Preston: Sorry they didn't give you your pardon. You'll get minimum security. It's like a country club. By the way, Director Brown sends his warmest thanks.
Declan Mulqueen: Oh that's nice. Look forward to playing tennis with him. (01:56:40)

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Trivia: The scene in which the Jackal kills Douglas was re-shot at Bruce Willis' request. He wanted to show that Douglas was killed because he knew too much about the Jackal's identity, instead of simply because he was gay. (01:32:00)

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