The Jackal

Character mistake: At the meeting of the MVD and FBI where they are discussing Terek's hiding place, she mentions that he's in the town of Porvoo and that it is 60 kilometers west Helsinki. Porvoo is actually 50 kilometers northeast of Helsinki. (00:12:45)

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Character mistake: As Declan and his spotter see the Jackal's van, the spotter states that the range is it's at is 762 meters. But in the shots showing the van and their position, it is much closer than that. It's possible they meant 76.2 meters, a much more reasonable number. (01:43:05)

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Character mistake: At the docks, The Jackal draws his pistol on Declan to kill him, but Koslova returns fire to save Declan. The Jackal's pistol is silenced, however Koslova's is not. And they engage in a fire fight and foot chase on a dock crowded with people. Koslova appears to be using a Beretta 9mm pistol, which is loud in it's own right. Yet as they exchange shots, not a single civilian near by reacts to the fire fight or panics whatsoever. She even runs past a few and pushing them out of the way waving her gun around, and they merely treat it like an annoyance. There was plenty of people around to hear the loud gunshots of Koslova's pistol and could see the Jackal firing with his as well. (01:12:20)

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Character mistake: Jackal begins to unload his weapon at Lemont and his car. And as the camera pans to a reaction face of Lemont, it quickly cuts to his chest where you see a large burst of blood suddenly happen as one of the shells nails him in the chest. The very next shot is of him tumbling backwards and now there is no hole in his chest. (01:01:10)

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Character mistake: Sophie finishes making fake passports and IDs for the Jackal, and states that she had to use ethyl acetone, and that it's naughty stuff that causes liver cancer. This is wrong, as Ethyl acetone is non toxic and a popular solvent because of this. (00:15:25)

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Character mistake: In the Chicago-Mackinac race, the Jackal is trying to blend in with the other boats. But he has an American flag visible on his boat. When in the race, the boats only use fleet pennants. Other flags indicate "Not in the race." So the coast guard that waved at the Jackal would have realised this. (01:07:40)

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, the Jackal tries to kill the first lady in Washington. This is where the hospital opening takes place. When he flees into the subway station, the name it has is indeed of a station in Washington (Capitol Heights), the subway-cars however are from the Montreal subway system (which ride around on rubber tyres). (01:45:10 - 01:47:55)

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Terek Murad: Here's what I can do! [Kills a man with an ax to the head.] I loved this man like a brother... He was a dear friend and partner to me. So I took no joy in that! But just think... If I could do this to one I love, what could I do to someone I hate? So the American F.B.I declares war on us? Then war it is. (00:09:20)

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Trivia: The scene in which the Jackal kills Douglas was re-shot at Bruce Willis' request. He wanted to show that Douglas was killed because he knew too much about the Jackal's identity, instead of simply because he was gay. (01:32:00)

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Question: Why did the Jackal tell Koslova how she is going to die?

Answer: He's sadistic, and it's a way to torment her during her final moments.


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