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8.9/10.A well crafted CGI movie that brings the turtles back onto the big screen.The idea of catching all the famous monsters of the world by an immortal warrior with stone generals with both the turtles and Foot makes for a good popcorn time.If anything I would've enjoyed a sequel where director Kevin Munroe was set to revive Shredder and do the turtles most famous storyline "City At War."It would've been great had this one not underperformed.Sometimes I think the viewing public can be so boneheaded as to what they make blockbuster hits.


Continuity mistake: During the fight between Raph and Leo, Raph breaks Leo's swords. Later when Raph gives the broken swords to Splinter they are broken much closer to the hilt then before. (00:56:40 - 01:00:25)


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Raphael: You're still here? Go back to your jungle.
Leonardo: At least his personality is still intact.

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Trivia: There are several newscasts throughout the film. During any one of these newscasts, take a look at the news stories on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. Almost all of them are somehow relevant to the movie's plot.

Brad Premium member

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Chosen answer: Because unlike everyone else, they know EXACTLY where it is! They are their friends, of course they know how to get to the turtles' home easily.

Carl Missouri

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