Corrected entry: Splinter's ear does not ever reveal his injury incurred from his first encounter with The Shredder where the top half of his left ear was cut off.

Correction: This movie seems to take place in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) universe. This is evident by the presences of Kari. Splinter's ear was injured in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie universe.

Corrected entry: In the scene at April's apartment after Raphael is wounded, Donny pulls the blade out of Raph's shell and hands it to April. When she examines it, she says that the general became immortal through the stars of Kikan and his generals were turned to stone and that he lived for eternities in regret to revive his brotherhood. The stone should not have spoken of the myth since the general was frozen in stone for 3000 years.

Correction: If you mean that April was reading this off of the weapon, she wasn't. It's a "myth" she's familiar with and was simply telling everyone the story. If that's not what you mean, then this entry makes no sense.

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Corrected entry: Leo was captured as the 13th monster with 4 foot soldiers present. They heard the generals talking about how Winters won't know the difference. Winters should have been informed about Leo from Karai as she stated the foot work for Winters. Karai seems to know the turtles history and the foot report to her.

Correction: She and the turtles are enemies. The generals were able to subdue a capture a turtle, all the better for her and the Foot Clan.

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Corrected entry: While examining the weapon in Raph's shell, Donny says it's made of obsidian. Obsidian is a glass-like rock and definitely doesn't look like the gray stone the weapon was made of.

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Correction: Yes it does. A simple Google Image Search yields several pictures of obsidian samples that look exactly like that shuriken in terms of color and texture.

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Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, Winter's warriors state that there is only one monster left to collect. After this, the audience later follows Raphael as he battles with the supposed final monster (the little red one in the cafe)just before he fights Leonardo. After that fight, the warriors take Leo as the last monster instead of capturing the little one. However, when all of the monsters are shown in the capsules (including Leo), the small monster is there. Then at the end of the final battle, the real final monster comes running in and is many times larger than the one Raphael fought.

Correction: Agilus states the 13th must not be found when he returns to the other 3 generals after making his report to Winters that there are 2 monsters remaing. Little red was 12 big one at end is 13.

Corrected entry: In the older TMNT movies, when the shredder gets crushed in the garbage truck his helmet gets destroyed. In the second movie, when he comes back, he gets a new helmet and it has sharp ridged edges. In this movie they have shredder's helmet on a shelf in one scene, but it is the one from the first movie that got destroyed, not the one from the second movie which was only submerged into water along with the shredder.

Correction: In the "revised" TMNT continuity, Shredder died in the original movie. His helmet was likely repaired to make a more suitable trophy.

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Corrected entry: When the warriors realised that the lord wanted to return himself and them to mortality, why didn't they just release the 12 already captured monsters instead of relying on him not to capture the 13th himself? They couldn't have been worried about being attacked because they are immortal.

Adam Bentley

Correction: But it'd still be a hassle keeping thirteen monsters under control, as opposed to one. Just because the warriors can't die doesn't mean they have nothing better to do than keep monsters from wreaking havoc on their world once they've taken it over. (That was their overall plan, after all.)

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