TMNT (2007)

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Max Winters, wants to break the millenial curse over him and his kin. His siblings twig more more eternal life, so try to stop him from undoing their hex by substituting Leo for the thirteenth monster (used to undo the doomed immortality). Our heros rescues him and join forces with the footclan to foil them and send the true thirteenth monster along with the other twelve back into their own reality along with Winter's brothers and sister. On doing this Winters crumbles to dust.

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During the fight between Raph and Leo, Raph breaks Leo's swords. Later when Raph gives the broken swords to Splinter they are broken much closer to the hilt then before.



There are several newscasts throughout the film. During any one of these newscasts, take a look at the news stories on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. Almost all of them are somehow relevant to the movie's plot.