Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Factual error: When Indy and his father rotate into the control room, the eagle on the uniform of the woman who raises the alarm is on the wrong side, left instead of right.

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Suggested correction: As it's an SS uniform, the eagle insignia should be on the upper left arm.

Continuity mistake: When Indy kisses Elsa in her room in Venice, you can see there is nothing on Elsa's left shoulder, but when the camera angle changes in the next shot, Indy now has his hand on her shoulder.

Visible crew/equipment: In the catacombs after Indy passes the picture of the Ark Of The Covenant and approaches the next wall with the lighter, (when the screen goes upwards a bit) the shadow of a boom mic can be seen dropping into view at the top of the lighted wall. (00:31:40)

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Continuity mistake: Indy slams a pole against the big X on the floor and produces a hole. When the angle changes the shape of the hole is completely different.

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Continuity mistake: While in the zeppelin, the German officer extends his baton and lowers Dr. Jones's newspaper, wrinkling it. From the opposite angle, the newspaper is still raised and the officer repeats the previous movements, though this time he doesn't wrinkle the newspaper.

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Continuity mistake: Hitler walks surrounded by a huge crowd ahead holding Nazi pennants. When Indy bumps into Hitler, half a second later, the pennants on the left have disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: Dr. Jones hugs his son and walks 20 meters away. When he turns around to address him, he is barely 5 meters away.

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Continuity mistake: When a jeep gets stuck to the tank's cannon, the type of jeep, its position and the damage done changes between the first and second shot (watch how the smashed windows fix themselves, for example).

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Continuity mistake: When Dr. Jones, Sallah and Marcus walk away from the cliff, from a back angle Indy has his jacket on except for the left shoulder uncovered. A frame later, from a front angle, the jacket is covering his shoulder.

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Continuity mistake: In front of the main tribune there's a pile of burning books. First the fire is just atop, a frame later the whole pile is burning.

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Continuity mistake: When Indy jumps on Kazim's boat, Elsa's boat is inches away from Kazim's, but a shot later she has managed to appear somewhere else with no boats around.

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Continuity mistake: When about to walk on air in the temple, Indy says, "No one could jump this". In the close-ups his hands are spread apart, but in the wide angle they are grabbing the diary.

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Revealing mistake: Dr. Jones fires at the jeep from the tank, but the explosion doesn't come out the cannon, nor by the jeep's window next to it; instead the back of the jeep explodes.

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Continuity mistake: The German Nazi suddenly disappears from the tank when it crashes on the ground (as is replaced by an obvious scale model).

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Continuity mistake: When Donovan drinks from the grail his left hand holds the base with extended fingers. A frame later they are bent.

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Continuity mistake: When Indiana's dad blows up the truck beside them during the chase, there's a big explosion. However, in the next shot showing Indiana and Ernst Vogel, the same explosion behind them is smaller.


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Trivia: When Indy asks his father how he knew Elsa was a Nazi, Henry replies, "She talks in her sleep." Sean Connery ad-libbed this line. The cast and crew burst out laughing, which resulted in the scene being re-shot. The ad-libbed line remained in the film.

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Question: Are Indiana Jones and his father immortal at the end of the movie or does the grail's power become null and void when it crosses the seal? The knight said something like "The grail cannot cross the seal, that is the price of immortality." That makes it sound like they are not immortal at the end but I still want to check.


Chosen answer: They're not, no. An individual doesn't become immortal after one drink - it requires them to drink regularly in order to remain alive. So neither Jones has been rendered immortal, merely healed of any wounds that they might have. But your surmise is basically correct - as the Grail cannot leave the shrine, any individual wishing to use it to prolong their life must stay there if they wish to enjoy its effects.

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