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Rain Man (1988)

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Charlie (Cruise) and Raymond (Hoffman) eventually make it to Los Angeles. Charlie loses the deal on the cars but he and Raymond scored enough cash for counting cards in Vegas to offset the money he lost on the deals. Dr. Bruner (Molen) follows Charlie to L.A. to tell him that he is the beneficiary for the three million dollars and not Raymond, so whether Charlie wins custody over Raymond or not, he still won't get his share of the fortune. Charlie explains to him that he doesn't want his share of the money anymore and all he wants is to be with his big brother. They speak to a doctor about what to do with Raymond. The doctor asks him whether he wants to go back to Walbrook Mental Hospital or to stay with Charlie. He is unable to decide. Charlie tells him that he'll probably be sent back to Walbrook, and Raymond for the first time, realises his emotions and expresses them to Charlie, making a connection with him. Raymond gets put on the train back to Walbrook, hoping to get back before Wapner.

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Plot hole: Raymond's rigidly set routines force him to watch the TV shows "People's Court" and "Jeopardy" at the same times every day. Traveling on the road, however, this would be almost completely impossible, since the two shows aired in syndication. Not all cities aired them at the same times.

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Raymond: 'Course I got Jeopardy! at five o'clock. I watch Jeopardy.
Charlie: Don't start with that, Ray.

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Trivia: Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise spent a lot of time with a man and his autistic brother, whom the man took care of much like the way Charlie has to take care of Raymond. A lot of the things Cruise and Hoffman did in the movie were things they witnessed the two brothers doing. One example of this was when Raymond and Charlie lean their heads against each other's at the end. Had Cruise and Hoffman not seen the brothers do that, it never would have been in the movie.

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Question: Why does Ray freak out when Charlie turns on the hot water in the bathtub?

Answer: When they were children, Ray witnessed Charlie being burned by hot bath water. I think Ray says something about how he was left to look after Charlie while Charlie was in the bath, and Charlie got burned by the hot water. That memory must be very strong for Ray, and not comprehending the passing of time, Ray did not want to see Charlie hurt again.

Mark English

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