Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Continuity mistake: When the movie beings, the Boy Scouts at the end of the row dismount the horses, then the angle changes and they dismount the horses again.

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Revealing mistake: When Marcus Brody is knocked out in the library, he is dragged away by two of the assailants. You can see the unconscious Brody give his right hand to the assailant.

Continuity mistake: When the brotherhood member aims his gun at Elsa whilst she is driving in the boat, Elsa ducks downwards to avoid the shot, but in the next angle, she is sitting upright.

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Other mistake: During the airplane chase Indy is seen firing his revolver at the German planes, after he crash-lands he pulls his revolver and breaks open the action to check if he's got any ammo left. He doesn't, but the issue is that a revolver doesn't eject spent shell casings, and there aren't any empty casings in his revolver, despite him firing his gun earlier and having no chance to empty the casings since.

Other mistake: After getting on aboard the dirigible, Henry is holding a German newspaper when addressing Indy. But he'd have a hard time reading it as it's upside down.

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Continuity mistake: Henry tells Indy "let it go" and Indy takes his left arm to where his father is. Half a second later his arm is away and he repeats the previous movement.

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Continuity mistake: When the grail falls down the cliff and Elsa and Indy try to grab it, the ground it lies on is either yellow or brown. This changes back and forth and has nothing to do with lighting.

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Visible crew/equipment: At the beach, right before Dr. Jones scares the birds there's a zoom-in close-up of his face and a crew member approaching is reflected on his glasses.

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Revealing mistake: The seagulls on the beach (when Dr. Jones scares them with his umbrella) are blatantly fake. They don't move an inch. This was also confirmed by producer Robert Watts in this making-of video (minute 2'30").

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Continuity mistake: While being chased by the plane, Dr. Jones faces backwards and cries "This is intolerable!", then faces forward and ducks. From the immediate wide angle he is still facing backwards.

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Continuity mistake: During the escape from the Nazis the Jones boys pass through a boathouse and Indy sets a small boat loose with the engine running to distract them. When he releases the boat the motor (and boat) is turning to the starboard side (which would turn the boat straight back into the bank), but when the Nazis arrive, the boat is running perfectly straight down the river.

Factual error: When Indy and his father rotate into the control room, the eagle on the uniform of the woman who raises the alarm is on the wrong side, left instead of right.

Continuity mistake: When Indy and his father take the car from the old man, you can see that viewed from behind Henry is the driver and Indy is next to him. In the next shot, they have changed positions and Indy is now driving the car.

Audio problem: Just after young Indy escapes the bandits on the train, he finds the magic cart and says "Magic" to himself, but a close look will show his mouth doesn't move with the line.

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Continuity mistake: After Indy and Elsa exit the catacombs through a sewer and start to run away, a woman in pink turns her head to watch them leave and then turns around to see Kazim's men run after the couple. A frame later, from a new angle, the woman's head is turned 45° facing downwards.

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Continuity mistake: Indy stops his sidecar at a crossroad, meters ahead of a house. When the angle changes he is now several meters behind.

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Trivia: Hitler was played by the actor Michael Sheard, this was the third time he had played Hitler for film and TV. Ironically, Sheard's wife was half-Jewish.

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Question: It seems that going after the grail diary in Berlin was just a plot point. Henry obviously knew about the trials in the cave by heart. The search for the holy grail has been a hobby of his for 40 years or so. Am I right?

Answer: Henry says, in response to Indy asking if he remembered the details of the trials: "I wrote them down in my diary so that I wouldn't have to remember." So, obviously he did NOT know them by heart. Also, as the other answer says, they didn't want the diary to either be in the Nazis' possession or be burned.

Answer: Neither Henry or Indiana would want the diary to remain in German hands. The Nazis wanted the Grail to exploit its power. As Elsa was a German scientist, she'd already gleaned enough knowledge from Henry and Indy to utilize the information contained within the diary. The diary also contained considerable data about the Grail and its history that Henry had researched over the years and would not have memorized and wanted to retain. He would also want to pass it on to Indy.

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