Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Corrected entry: When Willie and Shortie go to watch Indy and the thuggee fighting on the conveyor belt you see Willie pick up a canteen and lean up as though she is going to give it to Indy but in the next shot the canteen is back on the rock and she has to grab it again.

Correction: This does not occur "in the next shot." In the wideshot, as Shorty's rushing toward the camera while watching the Maharaja, we see Willie in the background lifting up the canister, though she does not "lean up as though she is going to give it to Indy." Then it cuts to two shots of Shorty and the Maharaja, and it's not until the third shot where we see the canister on the ground beside Willie, while she waited for the opportune moment to hand it up to Indy. No continuity issue.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Indy's waiter friend gets shot and slumps over the table. He curiously disappears and reappears during the remainder of the the nightclub shootout scene.


Lynette Carrington

Correction: In every shot where we actually see Lao Che's table, the body of Wu Han can indeed be seen.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the lava pit fight scene, after Chatter Lal gets pinned under the wheel used to lower and raise victims into the lava pit, subsequent shots show him on the ground by the wheel (first moving, then still). In later shots, he's gone. This can be seen best in the shot where Short Round runs over to the wheel to get the rucksack for Indiana Jones to put the stones in.


Correction: Chattar Lal does not vanish between shots. The mistake notes that "in later shots, he's gone", though that actually makes sense. We see Chattar Lal moving around on the floor and in a couple of following shots he's lying motionless, though that doesn't mean he's dead. So during the time where he's offscreen we can safely presume that Chattar Lal quickly realises he's been defeated, and thinks that since even Mola Ram has escaped, he decides to hurriedly scurry away like the rat that he is. There was a partially filmed deleted scene which had Chattar Lal getting up and attacking Indy, then falling onto the cage and into the lava below. Despite the obvious question viewers have about Chattar Lal's fate in the movie, there really isn't a continuity problem since he doesn't instantly disappear between shots.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Indy is about to grab the antidote from the table, the bottle lands next to the edge of the rug. In the next angle it has moved further away from the edge.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: The antidote vial does land next to the edge of the rug, but it isn't until eight shots later when we actually see it again in the "next angle", and during that time offscreen it could have easily been kicked.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Indy is fighting with the Thuggee guard, the Thuggee picks Indy up and is about to throw him into one of the mining trucks, you see Willie and Short Round hiding behind a pillar. When she says to Short Round "okay save him" you can see she is wearing a piece of jewellery on her forehead. About a minute later as she says her next line "what's the matter with him?" the piece of jewellery has gone.



Correction: After Willie tells Short Round to save Indy there are eight shots while she's offscreen, which gives Willie plenty of time to remove the head chain and toss it, much the same way Willie removes and tosses her skirt when she climbs into the mine cart.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Lao Che knocks some money off a big stack of bills at the nightclub table. In the next shot, the bills are once again neatly stacked.

Lynette Carrington

Correction: This does not occur "in the next shot" it actually occurs four shots later, and in that time offscreen the bills can simply be placed back on top of the stack of money.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: During the escape scenes from the mine through to the rope bridge, Willie has bare feet, but when hanging on the broken rope bridge against the cliff face above Mola Ram and Jones she is wearing sandals.


Correction: Have another look at the scenes, because Willie is wearing thong sandals, that have very thin soles and straps, the entire time during those scenes. We can see the sandals in the sacrifice scene, when she tosses herself into the mine cart, when the water rushes out of the cave while she and Shorty are standing on the ledge her shoes are soaked, nearly falling off in the closeup, and when she and Shorty are at the bridge.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the first pilot jumps off the plane, Willie is either holding a cushion or not, depending on the angle. This changes back and forth.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: Please rewatch this scene. In every shot where we can actually see Willie's arms she is indeed clutching her rolled up sequin gown (not a cushion). There are two wideshots, with Indy in the foreground, just as each of the men climb over Willie's legs where we cannot even see Willie's arms, since they're blocked from view by Indy's chest. When she realises there are no pilots she tosses the gown.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Willie and Shorty step on mola Ram's hands to make him fall off the bridge, a modern plane is seen on the right side.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: Specifically, was the "modern" plane a propellor-driven craft or a jet airplane?


Corrected entry: In the mine scene, Willie and Short Round are in the mine car. In order for Indy to get himself in the mine, he swings his whip and attaches it to the roof of the tunnel, then uses it to swing himself into the mine car, you can then see him release it as he lands in the mine car, the whip then swings away to the left of screen, and the mine car roars off in the opposite direction. However Indy uses the whip twice later after losing it in the mine tunnel, once on the bridge to whip a sword from a bad guy's hand and again later, he pulls out his whip, swings it and wraps it around Willie's waist to stop her from leaving, just before the end of the movie after returning the sacred stone.

John D 619

Correction: Indy uses the zip wire that the bucket was attached to earlier to get into the mine car, not his whip - he used it earlier to swing from one gantry to the other.

Corrected entry: From the hill next to it, the village is totally empty, with merely a dozen adobe houses in ruins barely standing. Yet the close shots of the place show hundreds of people who've appeared out of nowhere.

Sacha Premium member

Correction: First off, the village was never empty. The people were inside or scattered in places you couldn't see. Second, there are never "hundreds" of people; the submitter is just exaggerating. There might be a couple dozen, but in a poor village like this in an over populated county, that's not unreasonable. There is no mistake.


Corrected entry: Short Round's age has been given as somewhere between nine and twelve. But in the campfire scene, Indy says that Short Round was orphaned at the age of four when the Japanese bombed Shanghai, which happened in 1932. The movie is set in 1935, making Short Round seven. But this seems highly unlikely, as the character seems to be at least nine or ten.

Correction: The movies explicitly states his age. If the film says he was four in '32, then he's seven in the movie, regardless of what any other source says. Outside sources making claims do not count as movie mistakes.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the pilots are jumping out of the plane, snow from a blizzard is seen entering the door. Yet several minutes later when Indiana Jones, Willie and Short Round exit the plane, the clouds from the storm aren't anywhere around, there is only clear, beautiful sky.


Correction: I'm afraid it's not a blizzard, but feathers from chickens (which are cargo). You can see feathers in the shots showing pilots arguing before jump, and in the shot showing Willie waking up.


Corrected entry: The bats flying above Indiana and his party on the way to Pankot Palace aren't giant vampire bats, but fruitbats (which don't even eat meat, they are vegetarian and mostly eat fruits and vegetables).



Correction: Indy was having fun at Willie's expense.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Indy, Willie and Shorty are in the palace having the banquet, one of the waiters bring in the "Snake Surprise". After he cuts open the boa and the smaller snakes come out, the British Captain, who is seated quite close to Indy, brushes away a snake in disgust, while Indy does nothing despite his great fear of snakes.

Correction: He is not afraid of baby snakes, just as many arachnophobes are not afraid of spiders with thin legs for example. Phobias are irrational, that is their meaning. Also, Indy does not want to offend his host, or lose face with the people at the table.


That dish was not served in front of Indy. He is in a conversation with the evil host and doesn't notice it.

Corrected entry: When Indy and Willie are behind the gong and the insane guy is shooting at them, the bullets spark off of the gong. The only way the bullets would spark would be if he was firing tracer rounds. However, even if he was firing tracer rounds, they burn and spark orange, not blue, as seen in the movie.

Correction: Bullets hitting metal cannot make sparks unless they are tracers? Without knowing the composition of both the gong and the bullets it's impossible to make this assumption.

Corrected entry: The description of the ritual as voodoo (by past submitters) as well as the use of a voodoo doll during the ritual (at the point where Indy drinks the blood) is totally incorrect. By this point, it is established that the Thuggee cult is a sub-sect of Hinduism. Besides, the Voodoo religion is indigenous to West Africa, with a small diaspora in the southern U.S., the Caribbean, and the U.K. Unlikely it could make its way to the north India of 1935.

Correction: This is a possible mistake made by submitters to this site, not within the movie, as such, it can not be classified as a movie mistake. Additionally, Nobody in the film mentions using the doll as voodoo. Fetish puppets such as this has appeared in multiple animistic religions throughout history, who's to say this particular Thuggee cult did not find a way to use them? Particularly since most of their rituals and magic are made up for the film, and as such, artistic license is permitted.


Corrected entry: Indiana explains to Willie that Shorty is his adopted son, orphaned by the Japanese bombing of Shanghai in 1932. "The Temple of Doom" takes place in 1935, three years afterwards, yet in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Last Crusade, both of which take place after Temple of Doom, Shorty makes no appearance whatsoever. It makes sense that maybe Indy decided to call a sitter for his latter two adventures, he doesn't even agnowledge his existence once in that entire time.

Correction: Character decision, not a mistake. For all we now, Shorty could be dead or reunited with his family in the years between Temple of Doom and Raiders of the Lost Ark. In either case, it would not be something Indy would want to talk about.


Corrected entry: After the mine cart chase, the three heroes see the water quickly approaching. They run further down the tunnel and make a right. The next shot, they come out of a passageway and look right, only to see the water coming from their left. Now, since two rights is essentially a U-turn, the three are looking back in the direction they came from; the water should be coming from the right as opposed to their respective left.


Correction: You're assuming that the tunnel they look into when they look right is the same space they just left, but these are tunnels. This tunnel may go off in a completely different direction which may not even connect to the flooded tunnels form this direction.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the camp scene, in the shot of Indy and Shorty playing a game of cards, right after Willie drops the bat and runs off screaming, Shorty drops one of the cards from his hand but never bother to pick it up.


Correction: So? This is neither a movie mistake nor a character mistake. It's just a decision Short Round made; or rather, didn't make.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the life raft plunge out of the plane, Willie is the only one who screams. Indy and Shorty are courageously (curiously?) silent. During the next drop off the snowy cliff, it's Indy and Shorty's turn to scream, and Willie remains silent for the entire fall.

00:17:40 - 00:18:25

Correction: While you make a reasonable point, there is no way of knowing where and why a character would chose to scream. Perhaps Willie passed out briefly, and that's why she stops screaming. Also, Indiana could have started screaming because he thought he had it under control then they fall off the cliff.


Corrected entry: After Mola Rom tears a man's heart out, the man is lowered in the molten pit. The man's chest is visible and has no hole or mark where his heart was taken.

Correction: True, but the man also is still alive after getting his heart ripped out of his chest and the heart is beating. Obviously something "supernatural" is going on.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: On the trip to Pankot, they each start out on their own elephant, but during the trip, as the scenes change back and forth between shots, "Shorty" alternates between riding his own elephant and riding with Indiana Jones.

00:29:00 - 00:31:45

Scott Howard

Correction: Not necessarily a mistake. Shorty may have just wanted to ride with Indiana occasionally. His elephant is still there.


Corrected entry: When the credits roll at the end, check out a Thuggee Guard named Pat Roach. He also played a Mechanic in 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' and the character 'Gestapo' in The Last Crusade. Shouldn't they get different actors/extras to play these parts in case someone notices? I sure did.

Correction: If you watch the DVD extras, Spielberg mentions that it was a running joke throughout the three films to have Pat Roach playing a baddie. As well as playing the mechanic in Raiders, he also played one of the Sherpas in Marions bar.

Dr Muppet

Corrected entry: When Indy is being forced to drink the blood, the maharaja uses a voodoo doll. Indy spits out the blood and punches someone while Shorty knocks the voodoo doll out of the guy's hand. Indy then punches the priest. When you get an overhead view of the fight, one of the Thuggee guards crushes the doll with his foot. Surely Indy must have felt something?.

Correction: There is nothing in the movie to suggest that anybody other than the maharaja can make use of the voodoo doll. Since the maharaja isn't the one who stepped on the doll, one would not reasonably expect Indy to feel anything.

Corrected entry: When Short Round is forced into breaking rocks, he starts hitting the chain of his leg shackles. After Indy puts Willy in the cage to be dropped, Shorty is seen dropping his shackles to the ground, chain intact but anklets opened.

Correction: True, Shorty was hitting the chains, but he hadn't yet worked through them before the shot cut. He went for the anklets instead, hacking them open instead of the middle of the chain.

Corrected entry: The depiction of the Thugs is not historically accurate. The Thugs were not members of a cult or ever organised in the way shown in the film. Thugs spent most of the year in their villages and then banded together for strangling and robbing expeditions during "the season". A thug viewed himself as a member of a trade much like a plumber or electrician would do today.

Correction: Well considering a few characters got "brainwashed" by drinking that blood, who's to say all the thugs didn't go through that as well? But most importantly, this wasn't a historical drama but an action/adventure movie. Expecting realism is kinda pointless.

Corrected entry: When Indy and the gang jump from the plane, the plane crashes into the side of the mountain and explodes. However, the fuel tanks are empty since the pilot dumped the fuel; there's no gas left on the plane to explode.

Correction: The tanks are full of petrol fumes, which are highly explosive. Unless aircraft tanks are properly emptied by the ground crew, they always have petrol fumes in them.

Corrected entry: In the beginning at the restaurant the waiter who is actually Indy's friend gets shot. You see blood appearing on his clothes but there is no sign of a bullet coming through.


Correction: The bullet passed through his black jacket so we can't see the hole. The only blood we can see is oozing out from under his jacket on to his white shirt which is why it appears so slowly.


Corrected entry: When Indy runs onto the bridge he has the sword in one hand and the whip in the other but when he threatens to dump the stones into the river he doesn't have the whip but you never see him put it away.

Correction: When he is running away from the rest of the army his whip was still out and dragging on the ground, so it most likely got caught on something and he did not have time to stop and undoe it since about 300 men were hot on his heels.

Corrected entry: During the dance routine at the beginning you see the girls pull out the red handkerchiefs and they are separated but when Willie runs through and grabs them they have joined into one large sheet.

Correction: This is a classic magicians trick, my mother is an belly-dancer and even she knows this trick; so this was probably just one Willies acts, and remember she mentioned earlier that her father was a magician "with a rabbit in his pocket and pigeons up his sleve" so that is where she probably learned it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy and Willie are waiting in their rooms for each other, Indy is attacked by a Thugee. During the fight, you can see Short Round sleeping in the background. If you watch him, you can see him getting up for a second before the camera changes to Willie screaming disappointed because Indy didn't visit her. However, when we see the fight again, Short Round is shown asleep, he moves his hat to see the fight, ignores it at first but then gets up becoming aware of the situation. That means, Short Round wakes up twice.

Correction: As this submission suggests, Shorty ignores everything at first. Wouldn't this suggest the very first time he "woke up", he ignored it too and went back to sleep. Then when he "woke up" the second time, he became more and more aware of the situation.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the British army arrives, they start shooting at the Thugees. They never re-aim their guns after the first shot they take, but miraculously, they get a hit almost every time.


Correction: They could have re-aimed between shots, there are some shots where we can't see them.

Corrected entry: When Mola Ram forces Willie and Shorty onto the bridge, Willie is in front of Shorty. When Indy is thinking about cutting the bridge, Shorty is in front of Willie.


Correction: They're off screen long enough to have switched places - Willie probably put Shorty in front of her to protect him.

Corrected entry: When the first man is lowered into the pit he is on fire well before he hits the molten rock. When the lady is lowered in, she is wearing much more, which should catch alight but she doesn't, and she is almost touching the lava.

01:04:25 - 01:23:35

Correction: The man who was lowered into the pit had a jet of flame shoot from the whirlpool of lava and ignite him. For whatever reasons, geothermal or spiritual, the lava wasn't as active when Willie was lowered in. My theory is that the evil force they were sacrificing to was satisfied by the first guy and just wasn't as eager to claim Willie. Indeed, the voodoo guy didn't take her heart out, so they were really just killing her, not performing the ritual again.

Corrected entry: When Willie and the other guy are lowered into the fire hole, they would die long before they hit the lava because of how hot it would be. If nothing else, they'd have some burning or at least show pain, not fear.

01:04:25 - 01:23:35

Correction: The first guy also had his heart removed from his body and would have been dead minutes before being lowered down. It's obviously some voodoo curse or other form of magic that is protecting them for as long as the priest desires.

Corrected entry: The "vampire bats" are actually flying foxes which thrive in the South Pacific. Vampire bats are from South America. Also when Willie is running around screaming because of the animals, she confronts a Baboon. Baboons come from Africa, not India.

00:30:45 - 00:32:40

Correction: The "vampire bats" aren't really vampire bats, but neither are they flying foxes. They are fruit bats: vampire bats are actually quite small. (This was mentioned on the "Making the Trilogy" section of the Bonus Materials disc.)

Corrected entry: The goddess the Thuggees were worshiping, Kali, was said to have told her followers to strangle anyone who didn't worship her, so why,in the movie, do the Thuggees take unbelievers' hearts and cook them if it's going against their religon?


Correction: The people's whose hearts are ripped out aren't necessarily "non-believers" they are just sacrifices.

Corrected entry: In the dinner scene with the gross food, the emperor kid sits down. While Indy is talking to the man sitting across from him, the emperor is gone. But he reappears again talking about a legend.

Correction: He never disappears. He is sitting at the end of the table the whole time but just doesn't talk.

Corrected entry: In the first scene in the restaurant, Indy cuts down the gong and runs behind it to avoid getting shot. He grabs Willie and the pair run towards a window, behind the gong. If you look closely you can see that just before they reach the window both Indy and Willie turn left and run up some stairs, but in the next shot, both are seen to jump out the smashed window.

Correction: There is only one person who runs up the stairs (it appears to be a waiter) and it is definitely not Indy or Willie.

Corrected entry: When Indiana changes his clothes in the plane leaving China, he hangs his whip by where he is sleeping. When Indiana, Willie, and Shortround jump off the plane with the raft, the whip is still there. When they are walking to the village after the fall, Indiana has the whip with him again.

Correction: It is true that the whip is still there when Willie shows Indy that no one is flying the plane, but you don't see the whip after that. Just before they jump, Indy tells Shorty to grab their stuff, so he could have easily grabbed it at that point.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Willie (Kate Capshaw) asks Indiana where he found Shortround, Indiana says he caught him picking his pocket after both his parents were killed when the Japanese bombed Shanghai. This movie was set in 1935 and the Japanese didn't bomb Shanghai until 1937.

Correction: The Japanese bombed Shanghai in 1932. See

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy and his companions are dining with the Prince and his entourage, the food is inaccurate. Eyeballs and monkey's brains are only considered great delecacies in certain Arab countries and parts of remote Africa.

Correction: The "food" used in the dining scene was not to show India's delecacies, but as a joke. Since the movie was so dark, the filmmakers thought it would be funny to have the worst food imaginable for them to eat.

Corrected entry: The second time the lady is lowered into the pit, she is saved because the chief baddie falls in such a way that he jams the lowering mechanism. When she is pulled up and reaches the top, the baddie's body has disappeared.

R W Hlavac

Correction: Chattar Lal's body hasn't "disappeared". You can see him nearby, rolling on the ground and clutching at his chest in a frantic attempt to breathe.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Willie goes to save Shorty and Indy when they are trapped in the room with the spikes, she is wearing her silk pj's. However, when she is captured by the worshippers, she is wearing the outfit she wore at the dinner they had that night.

Correction: In the actual scene, only Indy and Short Round are captured, Willie is seen disappearing through a hole in the cave wall, at this point we can see that she is wearing the silk pyjamas. Even though the film does not actually show Willie being captured, it's obvious that she is also taken by the Thuggees, and while Indy and Short Round are being held captive in a cage, Willie is being prepared as a sacrifice, and she is in fact given a new dress, specifically for the sacrifice. Its not the same one as the dress used in the dinner, as you can see that there is not a separate skirt, the headdress is different, and much more.


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Indiana Jones: Are you trying to develop a sense of humor or am I going deaf?



When Indy tries to grab the antidote vial from the table, in the closeup just as the vial falls off the table the camera follows the vial as it lands in the empty area to the left of Lao Che's chair where Kao Kan's chair should be, but it's not, and the rug's edge with wood floor beside Lao Che's chair though it shouldn't be. Then Indy hits Kao Kan who is again seated closely to Lao Che's left, as he should be, and when Kao Kan falls backward we see the rug edge is nowhere near Lao Che's chair, also as it should be.



The movie opens with a scene in a night club. After the fight is over, and Indy and Willie make their escape, the name of the club is seen as they drive away - Club Obi Wan - a reference to Star Wars, also by George Lucas.