Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Corrected entry: After the musical number finishes at the start in Club Obi-wan Indy appears to be walking downstairs into maybe a basement cabaret area. At the end of the scene however they appear to jump from a fourth or fifth floor window. Then when they drive off, the club entrance is at street level.

Correction: Just because he walks downstairs doesn't indicate anything, as we do not have a floor plan of the building it is quite feasible for the cabaret to be located on the fourth floor. All this seems trivial due to the fact that the cabaret dance we have just seen in the opening scene could not have taken place in that building or the fourth floor due to the sheer scale of it.

Corrected entry: In the mine scene, Willie and Short Round are in the mine car. In order for Indy to get himself in the mine, he swings his whip and attaches it to the roof of the tunnel, then uses it to swing himself into the mine car, you can then see him release it as he lands in the mine car, the whip then swings away to the left of screen, and the mine car roars off in the opposite direction. However Indy uses the whip twice later after losing it in the mine tunnel, once on the bridge to whip a sword from a bad guy's hand and again later, he pulls out his whip, swings it and wraps it around Willie's waist to stop her from leaving, just before the end of the movie after returning the sacred stone.

John D 619

Correction: Indy uses the zip wire that the bucket was attached to earlier to get into the mine car, not his whip - he used it earlier to swing from one gantry to the other.

Corrected entry: Short Round's age has been given as somewhere between nine and twelve. But in the campfire scene, Indy says that Short Round was orphaned at the age of four when the Japanese bombed Shanghai, which happened in 1932. The movie is set in 1935, making Short Round seven. But this seems highly unlikely, as the character seems to be at least nine or ten.

Correction: The movies explicitly states his age. If the film says he was four in '32, then he's seven in the movie, regardless of what any other source says. Outside sources making claims do not count as movie mistakes.


Corrected entry: After the mine cart chase, the three heroes see the water quickly approaching. They run further down the tunnel and make a right. The next shot, they come out of a passageway and look right, only to see the water coming from their left. Now, since two rights is essentially a U-turn, the three are looking back in the direction they came from; the water should be coming from the right as opposed to their respective left. (01:40:45)

Correction: You're assuming that the tunnel they look into when they look right is the same space they just left, but these are tunnels. This tunnel may go off in a completely different direction which may not even connect to the flooded tunnels form this direction.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the camp scene, in the shot of Indy and Shorty playing a game of cards, right after Willie drops the bat and runs off screaming, Shorty drops one of the cards from his hand but never bother to pick it up. (00:32:35)

Correction: So? This is neither a movie mistake nor a character mistake. It's just a decision Short Round made; or rather, didn't make.


Corrected entry: When Indy is being forced to drink the blood, the maharaja uses a voodoo doll. Indy spits out the blood and punches someone while Shorty knocks the voodoo doll out of the guy's hand. Indy then punches the priest. When you get an overhead view of the fight, one of the Thuggee guards crushes the doll with his foot. Surely Indy must have felt something?.

Correction: There is nothing in the movie to suggest that anybody other than the maharaja can make use of the voodoo doll. Since the maharaja isn't the one who stepped on the doll, one would not reasonably expect Indy to feel anything.

Corrected entry: When Short Round is forced into breaking rocks, he starts hitting the chain of his leg shackles. After Indy puts Willy in the cage to be dropped, Shorty is seen dropping his shackles to the ground, chain intact but anklets opened.

Correction: True, Shorty was hitting the chains, but he hadn't yet worked through them before the shot cut. He went for the anklets instead, hacking them open instead of the middle of the chain.

Corrected entry: The depiction of the Thugs is not historically accurate. The Thugs were not members of a cult or ever organised in the way shown in the film. Thugs spent most of the year in their villages and then banded together for strangling and robbing expeditions during "the season". A thug viewed himself as a member of a trade much like a plumber or electrician would do today.

Correction: Well considering a few characters got "brainwashed" by drinking that blood, who's to say all the thugs didn't go through that as well? But most importantly, this wasn't a historical drama but an action/adventure movie. Expecting realism is kinda pointless.

Corrected entry: When Indy and the gang jump from the plane, the plane crashes into the side of the mountain and explodes. However, the fuel tanks are empty since the pilot dumped the fuel; there's no gas left on the plane to explode.

Correction: The tanks are full of petrol fumes, which are highly explosive. Unless aircraft tanks are properly emptied by the ground crew, they always have petrol fumes in them.

Corrected entry: In the beginning at the restaurant the waiter who is actually Indy's friend gets shot. You see blood appearing on his clothes but there is no sign of a bullet coming through. (00:07:20)

Correction: The bullet passed through his black jacket so we can't see the hole. The only blood we can see is oozing out from under his jacket on to his white shirt which is why it appears so slowly.


Corrected entry: When Indy runs onto the bridge he has the sword in one hand and the whip in the other but when he threatens to dump the stones into the river he doesn't have the whip but you never see him put it away.

Correction: When he is running away from the rest of the army his whip was still out and dragging on the ground, so it most likely got caught on something and he did not have time to stop and undoe it since about 300 men were hot on his heels.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy and Willie are waiting in their rooms for each other, Indy is attacked by a Thugee. During the fight, you can see Short Round sleeping in the background. If you watch him, you can see him getting up for a second before the camera changes to Willie screaming disappointed because Indy didn't visit her. However, when we see the fight again, Short Round is shown asleep, he moves his hat to see the fight, ignores it at first but then gets up becoming aware of the situation. That means, Short Round wakes up twice.

Correction: As this submission suggests, Shorty ignores everything at first. Wouldn't this suggest the very first time he "woke up", he ignored it too and went back to sleep. Then when he "woke up" the second time, he became more and more aware of the situation.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the British army arrives, they start shooting at the Thugees. They never re-aim their guns after the first shot they take, but miraculously, they get a hit almost every time. (01:48:55)

Correction: They could have re-aimed between shots, there are some shots where we can't see them.

Corrected entry: When Mola Ram forces Willie and Shorty onto the bridge, Willie is in front of Shorty. When Indy is thinking about cutting the bridge, Shorty is in front of Willie. (01:44:25)

Correction: They're off screen long enough to have switched places - Willie probably put Shorty in front of her to protect him.

Corrected entry: The "vampire bats" are actually flying foxes which thrive in the South Pacific. Vampire bats are from South America. Also when Willie is running around screaming because of the animals, she confronts a Baboon. Baboons come from Africa, not India. (00:30:45 - 00:32:40)

Correction: The "vampire bats" aren't really vampire bats, but neither are they flying foxes. They are fruit bats: vampire bats are actually quite small. (This was mentioned on the "Making the Trilogy" section of the Bonus Materials disc.)

Corrected entry: In the dinner scene with the gross food, the emperor kid sits down. While Indy is talking to the man sitting across from him, the emperor is gone. But he reappears again talking about a legend.

Correction: He never disappears. He is sitting at the end of the table the whole time but just doesn't talk.

Corrected entry: In the first scene in the restaurant, Indy cuts down the gong and runs behind it to avoid getting shot. He grabs Willie and the pair run towards a window, behind the gong. If you look closely you can see that just before they reach the window both Indy and Willie turn left and run up some stairs, but in the next shot, both are seen to jump out the smashed window.

Correction: There is only one person who runs up the stairs (it appears to be a waiter) and it is definitely not Indy or Willie.

Corrected entry: When Indiana changes his clothes in the plane leaving China, he hangs his whip by where he is sleeping. When Indiana, Willie, and Shortround jump off the plane with the raft, the whip is still there. When they are walking to the village after the fall, Indiana has the whip with him again.

Correction: It is true that the whip is still there when Willie shows Indy that no one is flying the plane, but you don't see the whip after that. Just before they jump, Indy tells Shorty to grab their stuff, so he could have easily grabbed it at that point.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Willie (Kate Capshaw) asks Indiana where he found Shortround, Indiana says he caught him picking his pocket after both his parents were killed when the Japanese bombed Shanghai. This movie was set in 1935 and the Japanese didn't bomb Shanghai until 1937.

Correction: The Japanese bombed Shanghai in 1932. See

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the scene where Indy and his companions are dining with the Prince and his entourage, the food is inaccurate. Eyeballs and monkey's brains are only considered great delecacies in certain Arab countries and parts of remote Africa.

Correction: The "food" used in the dining scene was not to show India's delecacies, but as a joke. Since the movie was so dark, the filmmakers thought it would be funny to have the worst food imaginable for them to eat.

Continuity mistake: When Indy tries to grab the antidote vial from the table, in the closeup just as the vial falls off the table the camera follows the vial as it lands in the empty area to the left of Lao Che's chair where Kao Kan's chair should be, but it's not, and the rug's edge with wood floor beside Lao Che's chair though it shouldn't be. Then Indy hits Kao Kan who is again seated closely to Lao Che's left, as he should be, and when Kao Kan falls backward we see the rug edge is nowhere near Lao Che's chair, also as it should be. (00:08:20)

Super Grover

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Suggested correction: Actually it appears the vial falls to the left of Kao Ken's chair, not Lao Che's. It appears after Indy pierces the other guy with the shishkebab, Kao Ken, off camera, takes the vial and puts on his left side. Indy jumps on the table and after missing the vial he slides further and then elbows Kao Ken who is on the right side now. The vial is still on the left side of Kao Ken's chair when it's kicked onto the wooden floor.


You're very much mistaken. Lao Che is wearing an embroidered dinner jacket and has a pinky ring on his left pinky, and Kao Kan's left hand is bandaged in gauze. After Indy skewers Chen, in the closeup of Indy's hand just as it knocks the vial off the table, it's Lao Che's hand (note the pinky ring, etc) that we see on the table next to Nurhachi's urn, the stack of money, and the vial. That is not Kao Kan's hand/arm, remember his left hand is bandaged. And as this closeup continues to pan down it follows the vial as it lands on the floor in the empty space where Kao Kan's chair should be, but it isn't.

Super Grover

Yep, you're right I see it. There are 2 shots of Indy trying to grab the vial off the table and the second one is followed through with the vial falling off it and that one is wrong. Alright.

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Trivia: After the fight in the nightclub, when Indy and Willie make their escape, the name of the club is visible as they drive away - Club Obi Wan - a reference to Star Wars, also by George Lucas.

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Question: When the man was hanged on the fan, what exactly happened? It seems like he was cut by the fan, but then there's no blood or anything. How exactly did he die? And why did the fan suddenly stop when he hit it?


Chosen answer: His neck was snapped by the whip getting caught in the fan. There isn't always blood with a hanging. Since the fan wasn't designed to hold a man's weight, the motor in it would have stopped or given out.

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