Continuity mistake: In the Madison Square Garden fight scene between MacLeod and Fasil, Fasil's shades fall off after he rolls over a car, and the shot of them on the ground shows him running away in the reflection. McCloud stands over them looking around...and a few seconds later Fasil strikes a junction box, with his shades miraculously back on his face.

Continuity mistake: In the end, when Connor is receiving the prize, you can see a car battery at his feet, that was hooked up to the swordsman to produce the sparks when the swords clashed.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when the Kurgan has been shot by the paramilitary mortal in the alleyway, Kurgan makes his getaway by taking possession of a green Chevelle, with an old woman still inside. As the movie cuts to the car emerging from the alley at high speed, it is no longer a green 1971 Chevelle, but is now a green duster.

Continuity mistake: At the end when the car is being driven by Kurgan, it bashes into the railings on the bridge several times, but by watching in slow-mo you can see that the sparks fly out of the railings about a metre in front of the car.

Continuity mistake: During the fight on the roof, Kurgan's sword is noticeably bent. This is right before they fall though the skylight.

Continuity mistake: When Conor and Heather are making love outside, just before Ramirez appears, she says to him "You can do that to me forever if you'd like, my lord". Conor is then seen from above as he turns his head slightly and looks at her. The angle changes to a sideways shot, and his face is now turned directly upwards to the sky, and his eyes are closed. Back to the first angle, and he is once again looking at Heather with his head turned.


Continuity mistake: When the ex-marine pulls up to see the Kurgan fighting the guy, the year of his Trans-Am changes. The first car is a Trans Am with the shaker scoop, but in the next scene, it becomes a similar looking Formula with front facing scoops.

Continuity mistake: In the final battle, it is impossible for Brenda to have gotten from the roof to the large "final fight" room as portrayed in the film. Brenda is seen on the roof, then shortly after, barging against the wall of the room. Too little time has past for her to have gotten from point A to point B.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Connor lops off the head of his first opponent in the Garden car park, the man's head flies off some distance to the right of the viewer - Connor's left. However, in the next couple of shots, the head can be seen lying on the floor to the left of the body (or alternatively, on Connor's right). It's also a bit closer to the body, but the main issue here is that it switches sides instantaneously.

Continuity mistake: The camera follows Connor from behind as he is driving his car in an attempt to leave the parking lot before the police get there, you can see his hair is quite fluffy and dry. When he gets stopped by the police, his hair is now wet and slicked back.


Continuity mistake: In the first scene in the parking garage, after striking the car with his sword, McLeod's sword is noticeably bent. You can see it shorty after he strikes the car in the close up.

Continuity mistake: When the marine starts shooting about 5 shots rip through the Kurgen's stomach but in the long shot when his arms are outstretched there are no holes or blood, then they reappear for the following shots.

Continuity mistake: When the marine gets out of his trans am he leaves the car lights on, but when he gets picked up by the sword the crowd moves closer and the car lights are off.

Continuity mistake: At the end, the Kurgan knocks down Connor's sword, and we can see it about a metre behind Connor. In the next shot, the sword is gone. He did not pick it up, and had no time to get away from where he dropped it.

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Rachel: Will you listen to me for one moment? You can't hide your feelings from me! I've known you too long.
Connor MacLeod: What feelings?
Rachel: How about loneliness?
Connor MacLeod: I'm not lonely. I've got everything I need right here.
Rachel: Oh no you don't. You refuse to let anyone love you.
Connor MacLeod: Love is for poets.

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Trivia: Whether it's deliberation or happenstance, Brenda Wyatt's first name is a Norse girl name meaning "sword".

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Question: How is the "no fighting on holy ground" rule enforced? I really can't see a guy like the Kurgan, who seems to have no sense of honor to speak of, following the rule willfully, unless there was some severe punishment for breaking the rule.

Answer: What the punishment is isn't shown in this movie, but since even the Kurgan follows it, it must be high. In Highlander 3 we see that fighting on holy ground at least destroys the weapons they are fighting with (although only Macleod's for some reason), it's possible the ultimate penalty is given when an immortal kills another immortal on holy ground. A good guess is the penalty is death.


Answer: The "No Fighting on Holy Ground" is considered a sacred rule. Like being quiet in church, a funeral or any religious service. If any immortal would break this rule he was not be honorable and not subject to any of the other rules. Like fighting one on one and using hired thugs to capture an immortal holding him down to take his head.

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