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Corrected entry: When the Kurgan stands up after being shot down by the marine there are bullet holes and blood on his white T shirt but no visible wounds underneath, more noticeable when he takes the power from the lighting.

Correction: The immortals have a healing factor, though its effectiveness varies depending on their power and the extensiveness of the injury. Their only weakness is decapitation, hence he still retains the scar on his neck. But given the Kurgan's immense power, one can safely assume he's reached a point where he can more-or-less shrug off being shot in the chest/abdomen after having a few moments to heal.

Correction: The scene is supposed to be in Scotland and being from there I can tell you that the weather can change that fast.


Corrected entry: In the scene where MacLeod goes to Brenda's for dinner, she hides her pistol in the middle drawer of the little cabinet, but he finds it by opening the top drawer.

Correction: MacLeod does open the top drawer first (on-screen), but then he opens the middle drawer (off-screen but his hand movement makes this clear).

Corrected entry: After the cops visit the marine in hospital they get a hot dog outside, look in the background and a passer by/extra (old man with a light coloured jacket) is looking directly at the camera, he even leans up against the lamp post without breaking eye contact with the camera.

Correction: So? He is not interacting with the camera, just an extra looking in the direction of the camera. Doesn't reveal anything, not a mistake at all.


Corrected entry: When the marine is driving around all four headlights are on, but when he pulls up in the darkened alley only two headlights are on.

Correction: He just switched to two headlights when he went into the alley. Could have done it at any time.


No need for him to drive down a well lit street with all the headlights on but when he turns into a darkened ally he turns two off, this is stupidly or a continuity mistake.

Why he does it is totally irrelevant. Its not a continuity mistake when the sequence of actions is consequential. He turns the headlights down, period.


Corrected entry: In the climactic fight scene on the rooftop, the amount of water which pours from the overturned water tower is not nearly enough to flood the roof to the depth shown. The water level also alternates in depth, going from waist deep to knee deep and then back to waist deep again. At one point its deep enough for both actors to fully submerge themselves and the next it's only up to their knees.

Correction: In subsequent shots there is a large severed pipe in the background shooting water some 10 feet or more into the air throughout the scene, which accounts for the additional water. As they are on a roof, protrusions such as ducting, vents or skylights would account for the different depths at different points.


Corrected entry: The lead female's name is Brenda, but when Connor looks at the book her character wrote, the back cover says that her first name is "Elizabeth." It's at the very bottom-left of the screen.

Correction: Many authors use pseudonyms when publishing. Also, it's entirely possible she uses her middle name regularly, but her first name on her books.

Corrected entry: In the initial fight scene in the stadium car park, MacLeod's opponent is seen doing back flips all over the place, but what does he do with his sword when he's doing all that gym-foolery? He's not holding it in his hands and if he shoved it inside his clothing, it would impale him whilst he's bent double.

Correction: In at least one of these scenes, the character is seen retrieving his sword after the flip. He does a back flip off the hood of a car and is seen picking up the sword from the hood.

Corrected entry: Just after Kurgan kills Kastagir and he gets shot by the gun nut, a group of people gather at the end of the alley to see what's happening. Yet, in a later shot showing Kurgan and the end of the alley, only the gun nut's car is there, no crowds of people at all.

Correction: There is enough time for people to disappear between the shots. Besides, they just watched a big guy decapitate a man, get shot, get hit by lightning, get back up, and walk toward them with a sword, it's not too hard to believe they would run away.

Corrected entry: When the bad guy spears his sword through the windshield, around the middle of the movie. You can tell they did it in at least three shots. The first time you see the hole in the windshield it is a medium sized hole. Then, when he gets out it is a much larger hole. Finally, when he is standing in front of the car, the hole is incredably tiny.

Correction: This is pretty vague and he might be talking about when Kurgan chops the roof off the car, but he didn't touch the glass and no one "spears" a windshield.

Corrected entry: The Highland scenes are set in 1536, and earlier Nash tells Brenda he was born in 1518 which would make him 18. However, when he is being run out of the village, Nash tells his cousin that "we've been kinsman for 20 years."

Correction: When you're being banished by everyone that you hold dear, being precise is hardly going to bother you. With the years given, Connor could easily be close to nineteen, depending on his date of birth and the date in question - twenty years is close enough.

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Corrected entry: A metal detector would not be able to find tiny shards of metal in a support column, because of the steel rods embedded in the concrete.

Correction: The metal inside concrete is Rebar. Different from steel. and embedded deep enough not to interfere.

Corrected entry: It is stated that the metal in MacLeod's sword was folded over 200 times. While not impossible (if time consuming), it would probably be one of the softest swords ever. Katanas were folded to remove bubbles and to even out the carbon composition of the blade. Repeated folding beyond a few dozen times will actually burn out the carbon, thus weakening the blade. No recorded katana has ever had more than two dozen folds.

Correction: When Ramirez shows the sword to McCloud, he states it was made for him by a "genius" sword maker. Presumably, this sword maker used special techniques to make the blade stronger through the folding process.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the police station where Nash is being questioned, the cop asks Nash if he knows anything about Fazil's death "two nights ago". Nash immediately replies that he must have been depressed about the lousy wrestling "last night".

Correction: Lt. Moran never says, "2 nights ago." and Connor never says, "Last night."

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Garfield: You talk funny Nash. Where you from?
Nash: Lots of different places.

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Trivia: I was an extra on the Highlander Scottish battle scenes and since Scottish weather isn't the most hospitable, all the extras got very drunk on whisky to keep warm. When you see the Scottish charge insanely, it's because we were all drunk, which led to us picking out the wrong weapons and kilts for the next days filming because no one could remember who had what.

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Question: How is the "no fighting on holy ground" rule enforced? I really can't see a guy like the Kurgan, who seems to have no sense of honor to speak of, following the rule willfully, unless there was some severe punishment for breaking the rule.

Answer: What the punishment is isn't shown in this movie, but since even the Kurgan follows it, it must be high. In Highlander 3 we see that fighting on holy ground at least destroys the weapons they are fighting with (although only Macleod's for some reason), it's possible the ultimate penalty is given when an immortal kills another immortal on holy ground. A good guess is the penalty is death.


Answer: The "No Fighting on Holy Ground" is considered a sacred rule. Like being quiet in church, a funeral or any religious service. If any immortal would break this rule he was not be honorable and not subject to any of the other rules. Like fighting one on one and using hired thugs to capture an immortal holding him down to take his head.

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